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  1. Hi guys, long time no see. The Deaf Bonce subs are still going strong. Here are some vids of them in action. Haven't changed anything in a while, though I'm thinking of investing in some Yinlong LTO cells to replace my AGMs.
  2. UPGRADE TIME!!! Gonna have to re-upload all the old pics. Something happened to them.
  3. I platinumed it on PS4. Good game. I've also played Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls made by the same company (lead by David Cage). Also piewdiepie is currently doing a Let's Play on this game. He was forced by the fans. But don't watch it if you don't want spoilers.
  4. This is a full bridge amplifier? As in "brazilian" full bridge?
  5. Today's episode of Dragon Ball Super was amazing! Awesome new transformation for Goku.

  6. Gotta change some parts of the exhaust. The old one is rusted and has a hole. Parts are Bosal 281-227 and 105-109 plus all the screws and rubber mounts. These are OEM parts, not loud performance exhaust parts.
  7. Stupid entitled kids at the cinema, on their phones, taking flash selfies lighting up the whole room, talking on the phone (on speaker btw), then clapping at the end of the movie like they've actually seen it, when they haven't seen shit. They're just there to take a selfie and say they saw the movie.
  8. There are memes about this song all over the internet, but it's pretty catchy.
  9. Got my doors back from the place that did the flocking the 2nd time (first time it cracked in 2 weeks). Didn't turn out the way I hoped, they kinda made a mess of them, but it is what it is I guess. Before (May 2016) Now
  10. Steve Meade is also getting 15.2 V at startup now in his Lexus IS-F according to the new video he posted, thanks to Mike Singer.
  11. I got the same batteries, same cold weather voltage. To be fair, you only get that high voltage at startup, it doesn't stay like that all day. Here is what Northstar says in the user manual about this: Thermal Compensation The optimum level for float charging the NSB automotive and marine batteries is 2.27 volts/cell at +25°C (+77°F) (which is 13.62 v). If the battery temperature increases above this level, a thermal compensation of -4 mV/cell/°C is recommended. Conversely, if the temperature decreases below 25°C, the voltage should be increased by 4
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