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  1. Crunch GP3000d pro guts

    Looks like the Hifonics Brutus BXi6000D. Are you using this on the sub in your signature?
  2. Battery Draw Questions

    If it makes 5000w at 2 ohms and you wire at 1 ohm, it doesn't really do double the power in real life (you aren't even getting the 5000w rms in the first scenario because of impedance rise). But if it did, it would draw more amps to produce that power. It takes power to make power. And efficiency actually decreases as you wire down. Amps are most efficient at something like 4 ohms (some claim 80% efficiency), but it goes down when you lower the ohm load, so it takes even more power to make more watts.
  3. Battery Draw Questions

    This guy has a Northstar NSB90 (old version). Watch how much he is pulling from it and how much the voltage drops. A good guesstimate is you can draw about 100-150 amps from a group 31 AGM with voltage drop to about 11-12 V. If you get 300 amps from the alternator and need 200 more, 2 G31 AGMs should do it but you will have bad voltage drop. It would work probably but it's not ideal. And keep in mind that a 300 A alternator won't give you the full 300 amps, not at idle anyway.
  4. SKAR vs Sundown

    They look kind of the same on paper, both have 2.5 inch coils but the Sundowns have more xmax so should be able to get louder in theory. But versus threads are not allowed here because they generally turn into a shit show.
  5. What budgetish brand to go with?

    If you want budget, definitely take a look at Soundqubed. There might be some fabrication required to fit 8s and that might jack up the price.
  6. General electrical help.

    Sounds pretty good. Only thing I don't like is that amp doesn't have a clip light on the knob. And are you sure other companies don't make alternators for your car?
  7. Poll: Alternator of choice?

    What's wrong with Iraggi? Pm me if you don't wanna say in public. Just curious.
  8. Might be coil rub. If you push on them with your hand do they make a scratchy sound? If so, they are partially blown.
  9. hot sauce

    Nice going! I'm not into spicy food but I tried a tiny crumb of Carolina Reaper and it killed me. I'm only into giving them to others to see their reaction. My dad can eat a whole Carolina Reaper with food but he's got a lot of training. I tried growing them and had little success (only 2 peppers lol). If that's not hot enough for you maybe you should try this: That's 3 times hotter than Carolina Reaper, over 5 million Scoville!
  10. How is the sub handling that amp? Is it the dual 1.4 ohm v1 SP4?
  11. I think you are fine with what you have. Your speakers have a passive crossover which is doing the work of the knob you are missing. Do some reading on how crossovers work and you should understand it better.
  12. Amplifier: Digital Designs M4 Subwoofer: Fi SP4 v1 18 wired to .7 ohm Box: around 6.25 cuft net (not sure, didn't build it myself) 32hz tuning Electrical: 2 x Northstar AGM31M & Singer 270 A alternator (clamped 140 A at idle, not including stock wire) (build log) Clamp result: 37.2 AC amps x 75.8 AC volts = 2819.76 watts (don't know frequency, was done on a song not test tone) Final impedance: 75.8 ÷ 37.2 = 2.037 ohms (rising from .7)
  13. People around here are gonna recommend better stuff than Kicker. You should look at Sundown Audio, Fi, Ascendant Audio, Digital Designs, Psi etc.
  14. That 50, 100, 150 switch is probably your high pass filter (HPF) which cuts down from that frequency, so that no bass goes into the small 6.5 inch speaker that can't handle it anyway.