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  1. alex912005

    Wire size for subwoofer

    The thicker the better.
  2. Don't think that's possible. Your number of coils has to be a multiple of your number of amps. You have 8 coils and 3 amps. If you had 12 coils, or 6 coils it would have worked. Either run only 2 of the 7500s or get another one and run 4, or 4 5500s
  3. alex912005

    Looking for song title.

    So where can I get that version? Can you send me a link?
  4. alex912005

    Looking for song title.

    What is the second song?
  5. Example: "All cars are louder with a door open, with a window open or even 2 open. I think it's because when it's all sealed up with everything closed, the subwoofers are somewhat under pressure, limiting their movement. When you open a door, suddenly the subs are under less pressure and can move more, making them a little louder. There's also that thing called "the hot seat", when the car is all sealed up on the passenger side with the door open on the driver's side. This way the passenger (victim) feels a lot higher dBs than the driver, making him jump out the car like the seat was hot. There are cars that do 160 dB all sealed up on the dash, but if you open a door and meter in the kick, the score goes up 3 dBs or more, the equivalent of double the RMS. There's also this EXO video where JP's girlfriend broke Scott Bowman's golden rule, which is to never open the door at max volume, because the sudden change in pressure could make the subwoofers bottom out or unload, which would damage them." Quote from this topic: https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/211237-1482-db-at-26hz-help/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-3201948
  6. I platinumed it on PS4. Good game. I've also played Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls made by the same company (lead by David Cage). Also piewdiepie is currently doing a Let's Play on this game. He was forced by the fans. But don't watch it if you don't want spoilers.
  7. Not necessarily. The alternator does charge the battery because that's why it's in the car. The battery's job is to provide enough power to start the car, and the alternator's job is to provide power to the vehicle when the engine is on, and also charge the battery so that you can start your engine next time. So it does somewhat charge the battery, but a charger can do it too. You can buy a small Ctek charger like this one: CTEK MXS 5.0 Also alternators don't make max power if there isn't a huge draw.
  8. alex912005

    Battery Wire Overheating?

    Just get some 2/0 welding cable. It's dirt cheap. Problem solved.
  9. You can delete album art in iTunes. Or you can use any ID3 tag editor like this one: https://www.mp3tag.de/en/ I love album art though, wouldn't wanna get rid of it.
  10. 14.4 V is what you need in a best case scenario. But your stock alternator might drop to 13.8 for fuel economy reasons, that's normal. When you're playing music you don't wanna drop under 12 V. Though some people use amps in these conditions successfully. But it's not recommended.
  11. alex912005

    Power bank size

    2 group 31s in the trunk should do it. Either go wit XS Power and buy d3100 batts or Northstar AGM31. (difference is Northstar is Made in USA)
  12. It's small, probably around 50 Ah or so, but get your setup going and try it. You won't know if you need a bigger one until you try.
  13. You probably don't need it. That amp is not going to produce 1000 watts after impedance rise anyway, more like 300-500 watts.