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  1. UPGRADE TIME!!! Gonna have to re-upload all the old pics. Something happened to them.
  2. I have the same amp and instead of the S4b I have an SS2a and a B2 MA1000.4. Check out my build log in my signature.
  3. The thicker the wire is, the less resistance you will have. Use 0 gauge if you can fit it. It's more future-proof this way. You might want to upgrade again sometime.
  4. https://www.northstarbattery.com/product/nsb-agm-24f?p=51225 Battery first, then alternator. The bump from 130 to 170 A isn't that much though so I'd upgrade the battery first. You can't go wrong with Northstar and they have exactly the size you're looking for.
  5. Today's episode of Dragon Ball Super was amazing! Awesome new transformation for Goku.

  6. Gotta change some parts of the exhaust. The old one is rusted and has a hole. Parts are Bosal 281-227 and 105-109 plus all the screws and rubber mounts. These are OEM parts, not loud performance exhaust parts.
  7. Stupid entitled kids at the cinema, on their phones, taking flash selfies lighting up the whole room, talking on the phone (on speaker btw), then clapping at the end of the movie like they've actually seen it, when they haven't seen shit. They're just there to take a selfie and say they saw the movie.
  8. There are memes about this song all over the internet, but it's pretty catchy.
  9. Got my doors back from the place that did the flocking the 2nd time (first time it cracked in 2 weeks). Didn't turn out the way I hoped, they kinda made a mess of them, but it is what it is I guess. Before (May 2016) Now
  10. You may be right, but that's how clamp testing is done. Here's a link about clamp testing on DD's website where they say that RMS power is volts x amperes. Clamp Testing No clipping. The amp has a clip light on the gain knob. The SP4 just likes to get hot. I've seen it happen in videos of other people's systems. I can provide links if you want.
  11. Just bought this amazing Olight S1R every day carry flashlight to replace my old Fenix PD10. 900 lumens in your pocket.
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