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  1. Get 2 American Bass HD12s. Seems like the obvious choice. 2 subs have more cone area than 1, so they should be louder. And also, all the heat created by that amp goes into 2 coils instead of one, which should allow longer playtime before they get hot and stinky. Btw, why do you have a battery isolator?
  2. Yes. Because most rap and edm songs have 0 db bass peaks, and if you tune with a -15 db track, you are clipping the shit out of your amplifier.
  3. postimages.org No account needed and you can also automatically resize. Pictures I uploaded 3 years ago still work.
  4. alex912005

    great midbass

    You're gonna have to turn down your subwoofers a lot when your system is being judged for sq to get a flat response curve. Most sq cars have like a single 12 inch sub or something. Sq cars are not made to float stuff at the window.
  5. alex912005

    great midbass

    That's not gonna happen. I have only one sp4 18 and 4 10 inch midbass drivers (2 per door) on a 2 x 600w rms DD SS2a amp, and they're not even close to the sub output.
  6. Alternators don't always make peak power all the time, they only make power if there's demand, if something is drawing the power. With that being said, I've never heard of this company and from the pictures the stator winding looks like on a regular stock alternator, not hairpin style like Mechman and Singer high output alts. How much did you pay for it? I bet it was pretty cheap, like 200$ or something. That Optima is also pretty small. I would go with the biggest AGM you can fit under the hood and see how that works.
  7. alex912005


    You got me. It's a... Pyle (of something lol).
  8. alex912005

    wiring 2 dual voice 4ohm speakers

    First one is voice coils in parallel / subs in parallel and gives you a final impedance of 1 ohm. Second one is the same thing, only you are getting the positive from a different place, but since they are all connected to each other it's the same as no. 1. Third one is the same thing again, only with 2 runs of positive and negative (which you don't need). Your options are these: 1. voice coils in parallel / subs in parallel -> 1 ohm (parallel is positive to positive and negative to negative; series is positive to negative and the other positive to the other negative) 2. voice coils wired in series / subs wired in parallel -> 4 ohm 3. this would be everything wired in series which would give you a 16 ohm final impedance. You don't need that.
  9. alex912005

    Digital Design SW 6.5 recones

    Someone that knows about DD told me they don't sell recones to the end user, only to dealers. But if you have a cracked metal frame, I'm pretty sure a recone can't fix that. You might have to buy a whole new one.
  10. alex912005

    Replacement voice coil

    Email Sundown Audio. They should have recone kits. Or PSI Audio can do a custom recone for your SA12, but I would get the original from Sundown.
  11. alex912005

    2010 Rav4 starter battery

    That's good too. I thought you could only fit a 24f in the front, but if the d3400 fits, go for it.
  12. alex912005

    Alternator or Battery

    The thicker the wire is, the less resistance you will have. Use 0 gauge if you can fit it. It's more future-proof this way. You might want to upgrade again sometime.
  13. alex912005

    B2 MA6000.1 info

    This is a full bridge amplifier? As in "brazilian" full bridge?
  14. alex912005

    Alternator or Battery

    https://www.northstarbattery.com/product/nsb-agm-24f?p=51225 Battery first, then alternator. The bump from 130 to 170 A isn't that much though so I'd upgrade the battery first. You can't go wrong with Northstar and they have exactly the size you're looking for.