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  1. Figured for 100 bucks I couldn't lose. Definitely not crying over it. Lol it was used. Board looks intact and no obvious obvious destruction from 1st glance. Imma redo my ground when the rain stops. Honestly I dont need it at the moment but wasn't gonna pass it up. Just redid my box and broke it in for over a month. I wanna stretch its legs a little.
  2. I got it for 100 bucks. Lol i mean how much do you think the 2400 Zeus is throwing at it? Lesson learned for 100 bucks. Lol
  3. Have a 5000 ish watt dvc 4 ohm 15in sub by itself on a hifonics zues 2400.1 d and wanted a little more. Got a planet audio 5000.1 d mono amp and smoked it with what I'm guessing was a bad ground. 1/0 gauge front to rear with big 3 upgrade. Red top battery wired in also. What could be some issues?
  4. appreciate it yall. just put new 6x8s in all my doors last night too. I threw every bit that amp has at it last night at 35 on my head unit. it absolutely SLAMS LIKE CRAZY! I'll post a video if i get out later. Good looking out!
  5. I got this 15in sub in a tuned 32hz box, 2400.1 D hifonics zues amp and tons of extra 0ga wiring for a trade. its been custom capped and even dude i got it from had no idea. so I'm wanting to check the specs on it so i know what it can do without smoking it. it laughs at the 2400.1 and it has more to offer im sure. i have a hifonics brutus 3016.1 D at my fingers so i wanna find out what i can. any help would be great.
  6. help me out here! i need to know how many watts to throw at it without destroying it. lol
  7. Anyone able to identify the brand of this subwoofer? Cone cap on it and I have no idea. Guy said it was a 4000w. Another buddy said that he thought he knew but wasn't sure. The 2400.1 d Zues bangs the shit outta it but my question is before I upgrade to a bigger amp I would like to know exactly what its rated at. It bangs in my mountianeer! I'm wanting to get at least 1 more them or 3. Gotta start somewhere aye.
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