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  1. Robbthechef

    Smoked a planet audio 5000.1 d mono in 2 minutes... Help

    Figured for 100 bucks I couldn't lose. Definitely not crying over it. Lol it was used. Board looks intact and no obvious obvious destruction from 1st glance. Imma redo my ground when the rain stops. Honestly I dont need it at the moment but wasn't gonna pass it up. Just redid my box and broke it in for over a month. I wanna stretch its legs a little.
  2. Robbthechef

    Smoked a planet audio 5000.1 d mono in 2 minutes... Help

    I got it for 100 bucks. Lol i mean how much do you think the 2400 Zeus is throwing at it? Lesson learned for 100 bucks. Lol
  3. Have a 5000 ish watt dvc 4 ohm 15in sub by itself on a hifonics zues 2400.1 d and wanted a little more. Got a planet audio 5000.1 d mono amp and smoked it with what I'm guessing was a bad ground. 1/0 gauge front to rear with big 3 upgrade. Red top battery wired in also. What could be some issues?
  4. Robbthechef

    help identify my subwoofer! lol

    appreciate it yall. just put new 6x8s in all my doors last night too. I threw every bit that amp has at it last night at 35 on my head unit. it absolutely SLAMS LIKE CRAZY! I'll post a video if i get out later. Good looking out!
  5. I got this 15in sub in a tuned 32hz box, 2400.1 D hifonics zues amp and tons of extra 0ga wiring for a trade. its been custom capped and even dude i got it from had no idea. so I'm wanting to check the specs on it so i know what it can do without smoking it. it laughs at the 2400.1 and it has more to offer im sure. i have a hifonics brutus 3016.1 D at my fingers so i wanna find out what i can. any help would be great.
  6. Robbthechef

    Help me identify this subwoofer please! pics in post.

    help me out here! i need to know how many watts to throw at it without destroying it. lol
  7. Anyone able to identify the brand of this subwoofer? Cone cap on it and I have no idea. Guy said it was a 4000w. Another buddy said that he thought he knew but wasn't sure. The 2400.1 d Zues bangs the shit outta it but my question is before I upgrade to a bigger amp I would like to know exactly what its rated at. It bangs in my mountianeer! I'm wanting to get at least 1 more them or 3. Gotta start somewhere aye.