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  1. ive experienced headaches with higher tuned box at high volumes for long period of time. but not with the lower ones. those high frequencies hurt man
  2. you can use the dd1 on any set up it doesnt discriminate lol hell i would recommend they use one and set the gains correctly before they start blowing sht and it will probably most likely sound better too. along with having the crossovers correctly
  3. i would set them with a lower overlap say like -5db and see how they react. if you start smelling coil then back it down even more. if not then you can try a higher (or technically lower) overlap like -10db and send it! lol
  4. bruh that box is fkn sick! love the lights. AND the purple lol
  5. if you know what you doing and set the gains correctly and dont clip them like crazy you might be ok. if youre not sure then youll probably blow them lol
  6. what aaron t said. its most likely your electrical. those "caps" arent doing anything to your electrical. if anything its probably hurting it. look up "super caps" thats probably what you want. stock alt might not be enough to support the power youre demanding. is it really 320a? stock? if so then that pretty crazy lol and ya those wires look pretty cheap. especially that ground. ive seen and used stuff that looks like that and its not true 1/0. you need an electrical make over lol and how are you setting your gains? how do you know for a fact youre only "running 2000-2500w max"
  7. i think youre talking about a passive xover. if the set is rated at 100rms and you feed 100rms to the xover its gets split accordingly. im not sure how much to the mid and the tweeter it splits thp im sure its different per xover manufacture. someone smarter can tell you more or correct my comment lol
  8. ive experienced this too. im curious to see what the answer to this is.
  9. @Triticum Agricolam I think it's still broken. Not letting me put in frequency value. Btw I just want to thank you for this very useful tool and everything you do for the community. Hat goes off to you good sir
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