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  1. Can anyone help me with my new build? Sub: PSI Platform 3HP 12 ( single) will be running in series so Dual 1 ohm (0.7ohms DC) so im guessing 1.4 ohms in series?? Dimensions available are: L=40" x H= 15" x D= 15" to 18" in the trunk was aiming for 2.5 cu. ft after displacement wanted to tune the port low to 28hz or close to it really want to play songs in the low frequency like decaf music but I am unsure of the port area required Amp: Sundown SFB 3000 really need help with the port as that part is giving me the biggest problem wood being used is Columbian Birch which is the only Birch wood available here on Maui, Hawaii and will be adding some window bracings
  2. Car: 2015 Scion FR-S I got 4 vvx8v3s in a 2.5cu ft after displacement ported box. On a skar rp2000 wanting to move more air so should I just keep this build or should I change it for something else trying to stick with a full skar set up Subs I’m thinking about are the ZVX12V2, VXF12 and the EVL12 only problem is my car is so small that I can only run 1 12 that way the box and the subs specs will match perfectly what would you guys do ?
  3. Listen to Triticum he knows his shit he helped me out on my 4 vvx8v3 build and they hit lower and harder than my 2 bd2 15s. Other than that like what Triticum said you want to find out what Frequency is your subs making that noise once you determine that you can adjust your subsonic filter for me I used the term pro software to ensure my subs perform correctly in the enclosure if you don’t want to spend money on that then you can also download WINisd and Torres box calculator they both work pretty good. Good luck bro
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