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  1. Never heard of a monoblock that needed all terminals hooked up to out full power out, they are connected inside, extra terminals are to make it easier to connect to subs, and to OP, answer is easy, ur new box is tuned higher than the old one, happens all the time, just cause Torres or whatever says 32hz sometimes it's really tuned at 35-6ish. Clipping is from higher tune trying to hit lower freqs, up ur subsonic or build another box.
  2. Man I live in the sticks and use my cell so I miss alot of shit cause my phone loads like a heard if turtles in a puddle of peanut butter...will look sum more when I have better service and can read already posted topics.
  3. So I ordered a nvx 12 for a customer, and eBay sent me a nvx 8. Long story short I got a refund and got to keep the 8. Want to try and build a t-line for the 8 to out in my garage/shop. Shop is 1800 sq ft with 25' tall ceilings, hopefully a single 8 in a t-line will be enuff to have sum bass fill for the shop stereo. Sub has low rms, so probably gonna buy a plate amp. Not opposed to a bandpass either if someone thinks it'll have better output. Where do I start to even get a basis to design a t-line? Pic of sun model in pic
  4. So now I can retune my nvx jad, thanks lol. I only used left channel on front mids and then left channel on front highs. Only used the left input RCA also, unplugged the right altogether , guess I figured headunit was putting out linear output. On a good note, tuning by ear my max volume in my hu was 33, and after using my dd1 it's 36 and got to turn my gains up quite a bit more! Made me have to commit to running my second run of power wire to the md8k tho, can't hold volts with gain set properly, so had to turn gain back down till second run is done.
  5. Yep, first time using my dd1 took me about 3 fumbles trying to hold em in place before I put em in amp and tighten it down slightly.
  6. FINALLY gave Mr Meade some of my cash, but I'm sure he knows it's gonna make me cash 10 fold.
  7. Ahh man I thought u was gonna drop sum knowledge on me lol!
  8. I put a pair of massive audio sumo (I think) 6.5s on 500 watts under rear seat of a f250 and they were pretty bad ass for 6.5s. tuned at 38hz and had authority down into mid 30s even.
  9. I had 4 soundqubed hds2.108s on 3k, intent was to put em under my rear seat but couldn't get enuff cubes to port em and I didn't want a sealed setup. Was very close to 3 cubes with small seat lift but ended up putting a temporary box ON my rear seat and was straight amazed at the output. Can't beat a nasty 8" sub for $89 each. Take quite a bit over rated too.
  10. Enlighten me please, how does 2 10s have more cone area than 4 8s? 2x10 is 20 and 4 8s are 32...I know it is generic numbers but makes sense still. I understand xmax and surround play a factor also too. I'm not trying to be a smart ass, I'm genuinely asking since it doesn't add up in my head.
  11. Did u cut an access hole? Lol that's one way to do it for sure. Glad it came out for ya, better than destroying the box.
  12. Can u reach in through the port and take surround off? Damn glue holds stronger than the screws do believe that!
  13. Yeah speaker creates the load,but strapping two amps that are 1 ohm stable can only handle a 2 ohm final load. You wire your amps strapped and show em a .5 ohm load they r gonna shut down. Definantly do sum reading before you wire your setup up or chance ruining all your equipment.
  14. Nah, I've talked to him a few times, dude seems mellow prolly don't hate ya, just clarifying that there is limitations to his calculator that's all.
  15. On a positive side, I've used triticums port calculator on the last 8-10 boxes and have had GREAT results. Single xfl on 2k absolutely ate my lil blazer and my 3 tnt 15s on a md8k ( rms right about 6k) is a monster, tearing my door panels apart. My 4 hds2.108s on 3k cracked my window and my buddies window when I sold that set up to him. Only down side of that box was the two subs that had port wall behind them, the dust aps dented. I havent tried to design something so high powered that his calculator didn't pan out for me, I guess when ur building a 10k setup you already have an idea of what works and what doesn't tho so u really aren't going to use an online calculator for a build,but just to get some reference numbers to use the knowledge you already have and go from there.
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