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  1. So now I can retune my nvx jad, thanks lol. I only used left channel on front mids and then left channel on front highs. Only used the left input RCA also, unplugged the right altogether , guess I figured headunit was putting out linear output. On a good note, tuning by ear my max volume in my hu was 33, and after using my dd1 it's 36 and got to turn my gains up quite a bit more! Made me have to commit to running my second run of power wire to the md8k tho, can't hold volts with gain set properly, so had to turn gain back down till second run is done.
  2. Yep, first time using my dd1 took me about 3 fumbles trying to hold em in place before I put em in amp and tighten it down slightly.
  3. Try these, cheap and do the job, use any size in/out you want too https://www.ebay.com/itm/171420622015 I used two of em look decent and work well.
  4. Man, I didn't see this post here till after I saw the notification for emfs reply video about trolling Steve. Dudes outclassed by a long shot lol. I have been using an oscilloscope for almost 20 years , up till about 3 years ago I have had a nice old school radio shack oscope amd it has treated me well, I got a cheapie since I moved to upper MI and I hardly did more than install aftwarket head units and door speakers I couldn't justify a couple hundred bucks on a new one for that . I used my cheapie on my current setup and have toasted a few sets of tweeters and have adjusted gains down to compensate. Needles to say the cheapies r just that , cheap garbage. I will be saving a few bucks and getting atleast a dd-1 for future use! Would love to have the full setup but will settle with the basic but most important in my opinion dd-1 first.
  5. Those things r screaming, was looking at those before I bought my pioneer pros, I think they have to be very similar speakers , u can hear mine a LONG ways away and they still sound good doing it, my last pro audio setups were crazy loud but not smooth at all...these get real loud and have enuff smoothness that u can listen to em all day too. My main reason for buying the pioneers over everything else was they play down to 70hz unlike the rest that are around 120hz. I know it looks like i recorded it with a potato , but it's clear asf and only 250 watts to each door , through a infinity reference xover ( toasted my reference components ). Saving for a dsp and gonna go active soon.
  6. That thing is just sexy ASF! Still waiting on vids tho, gotta be pretty brutal inside. Phenominal job cramming all that into ur lil blazer and making it look great!
  7. Gonna be a windy ass setup! Can't wait to see sum video of that monster little blazer pounding.
  8. Man thats going to be ridiculous, just sold my blazer, wish i had the chance to go that far with mine. One 12 sounded retarded, cannot imagine a setup like ur on your way to having. Keep up the awesome work man!
  9. Oh shit, just saw the edited cubes id say the 12 for sure, too small for a 15 imo
  10. One if the ct sounds strato 18s would be awesome! Right power range and about right cubes, still depends on what you want out of a sub tho. Without a real strong mids/highs setup the 18 isnt gonna sound that good id imagine.
  11. melted voice coils by dj billy e... gotta love the old stuff once in a while, don't mind the potato I recorded this with though. everytiime I play something longer than 2-3 minutes everyone in my "town" starts calling me and bitching so "demos" are quick and to the point. I live in a "village" with a population of about 150 so everyone in town can hear me when I leave work about a mile away lol
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