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  1. U can feel it in ur chest, kinda uncomfortable just sitting there with it up...he's happy asf
  2. Taramps 800x4 powering 2 5.25 pold db in rear factory pods, 4 ds18 zt6 pros, 2 in fairing, 2 in crash bar pods. Subs coming soon once we figure out where and what. https://youtu.be/rLZtm3JKMzo
  3. Oh yeah,I converted my buddy to nothing but custom built boxes , he's been buying prefab boxes till he heard my 4 8s , he was so blown away he begged me to sell em.he still beats em nd no one can believe they r 8s ...u can hear him coming from a LONG way away , he's got them in his 98 yukon on the same 3k I had em on. He just bought my 15s and wants a box built for those in his LeSabre. Next will be sound deadening cause the 15s gonna kill his trunk, they have destroyed my truck dash actually broke and floats free now bc of em.
  4. Yeah that's nuts, but shows ya how over priced they sell stuff for since they r willing to just give a set away basically. Amazon probably paying something crazy like $20 a woofer or something bc they buying in bulk. I have a rp800.1 in my girls yukon and it seems solid so I'm not really biased about their amps. My sister has a complete skar setupin her 370z nismo, the mids nd highs sound horrible, they bottom out badly even in the 100hz range and a single 12 she now has had upgraded to the evl and it sounds ok. A decent shop installed and designed everything , I feel port area is too small but she likes it and has been banging it for like 18 months with minimal issues so they make sum good stuff, kinda seems hit or miss tho. She's in Florida and I'm in upper mi or I'd have don't an install that would have blown her mind, last time we met up, she was completely blown away by my sq 8s lol.
  5. Unfortunately every time one cooked , it was an install for a customer so I had to replace sub out of pocket bc they weren't going to wait on replacement from skar. I even broke the 3rd one in on 75watts for 8hrs on a 40hz tone, no dice , was junk two days later , seems they don't keep the coil cool enough .
  6. Been eyeing the savard hiq 18s , could fit 4 of those in a b pillar too, 1500rms but what I've read they good for 2k each, after rise I'd be in a safe place for 4 of em, and they want about 4 cubes each, leaves room for alot of port area too.
  7. Funny u say that, my 4 hds2.108s on 3k cracked my window, just watched the crack grow and grow lol. Was tuned at 30hz with a TON of port area, got videos on utube , and yeah I've been trying to make a decision , oviously like displacement, cone area is king! I love ab subs, been eyeing the xr 15s and the titan 15s (they have 4" vc) and the xfls too...I'd like 4 hd 15s but gonna put me out if budget . My 3 tnts floated shirts and stuff with one window down and port in passenger, this box has almost 3.5 cubes of port area, a kid can almost crawl in it. Triticums port calculator has definitely proven true for me with both the 4 8s and the 3 15s. Will have to check into a few u mentioned, bandpass puts me into an area where I don't have alot of experience , but I been building ported enclosures for almost 20 years,I got an idea or two on how to build em.
  8. Man I love my 8k, been beating it for over a year now and it's solid asf, just gotta be able to feed the beast. Now I gotta figure out a pair of 18s that'll take 8k and then learn more about designing 4th and 6th orders, or find someone who knows their shit to design one for me I'll be all good. As a fall back I guess a b pillar 4 15 wall would be smallest is go.
  9. Yeah on a side note I'm scared to spend my money on skar, was looking at the evl 18s but I've cooked 3 different ix series skar subs on rated power and amp tuned with dd1 and set with cc1 so Idk if I'd spend hard earned cash on skar yet.
  10. My electric is solid, 2 300a alta, 8 agm cells, dual runs of 3/0 welding cable, holds my md8k pretty solid, think I'm going to add more agms tho if I have room in the rear. In the beginning I wanted to go b pillar with 4 15s,was gonna just buy a 4th tnt ( I had the 1500rms version) and wall it,ab dropped the line so that prompted a sub change. I get to keep my bad ass slot port box with the mural my gf painted on it so it'll be garage sub soon too!
  11. I'm on board with a 6th order and two 18s for sure. Dude I sold my setup to came back today and realized he wasn't thinking when he bought my stuff , I never asked him what he planned on putting it all in either since he has multiple cars, but he wanted to put em in a buick LeSabre lol. Needles to say I sold him the subs themself for $600 and threw in a prefab dual 15 box that'll fit his trunk. He's gonna pony up sum cash for an amp that'll run a pair of those subs and he s gonna want me to build him a proper enclosure. Dropped my budget a bit, but I don't have to buy an amp now, the md8k 2ohm is solid and I've had it since new so. Still will have about 1000-1500 for subs.
  12. So I sold my md8k and 3 ab tns in custom box for $1500 yesterday, now I need a new setup that outdoes what I just sold. I'll have rite about $2000 for subs and an amp. I'll have rite about 24 cubes ( current is 12 and it's half as tall as cab so figure I'll have double) . I'll probably stay with taramps to power , either md or bass series . Any ideas? Want windy and low, thinking 3-4 18s or 4 15s. Shoot me sum ideas plz! And not brand hating but sum brand s that are tried and true. I only have experience with a few brands and I've stick with em for years.
  13. I know that's what I should do but it sucks! I think I may split the box into 2 chambers with semi shared port so I can atleast run two of each model. They r pretty close in specs too but I'm not sure which spec is the most important to make them play nice and don't wanna kill sum or all subs bc I wasn't looking at the right spec. Worse case I'll be running 3 in enuff airspace for 4 15s and have to dial the gain back so I don't kill em. Thanks for the Input! So now which model to go with? The hawks,titans, xrs, and xfls r what I'm eyeing. I've had xr and xfls so I know they r solid asf. Reading good things about both the hawks and titans tho.
  14. So I've had 3 ab tnt 15s ( 1500 watt rms version not the 800rms ones) for over a year now, I love em too! Long story short , I'm putting a new cab on my truck frame and want to go with a b pillar wall with 4 15s. Unfortunately ab dropped the tnts I have. I believe it was replaced with the titan line. The titans have quite different t/s specs than the tnts. The xfls r closer and the hawks are close also. I think ultimately I'd like to end up with 4 better subs. Would I be ok to add say an xfl to the 3 tnts and then as I get funds add a new xfl as I can afford em? Or would I be better to just plug off (or not cut )the 4th hole till I have 4 matching subs? I'm already severely overpowering these tnts and adding another 4 cubes to thier box would probably do em in. So basically I'm asking this, is there one t/s parameter I should be looking at that makes different subs "compatible"? I know it's not recommended but I'm at the point I have to make a decision of what's going to happen in the new cab bc I'll be building the box inside the cab this time and that determines what's going to happen to which interior parts as it goes together. Already ordered 100sqft of sound deadening too, gonna make this one solid! Thoughts on 4th or 6th order with what I have already? Like I said I'm already way over powered as it is.
  15. Ur not loosing voltage , it's because at idle the alt outs out less than at cruising speed ( around 2k rpm), every alt has an idle rating and a higher ROM rating . Its normal, I'd suggest charging the batteries overnight on 5a or so bc if they were run low when the alt wasn't working u could be less than 100* voltage. Jut my two cents tho.
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