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  1. I'm a fan of American bass subs, and soundqubed also, but a single xfl on 1k will get down, or a pair of xd 12s on 1k will do it too. I only have experience with the hds2.108 (8s) and the hds3 15s . But I'm sure anything in thier hds2 series are great subs.
  2. Shit on our roads in the UP without any subs you can barely keep a phone on my center console at all so I guess I'm just used to f*cked up roads ontop of my subs moving everything in my truck lol. Looks sweet so far tho man, like your work so far.
  3. Wireless charging built in? Gonna be tough to keep a phone inplace with a sub right under it isn't it? Love that hideaway bass knob tho!
  4. That's wicked looking man! ND I got a sheet from the local lumber yard, cost me $135 and they said it was top grade stuff because I told em I didn't want the stuff with alot of filler in it. Atleast they talked a good one, will see when it comes time and I start cutting it I guess.
  5. Whatever that is it looks badass, love that greyed wood look. I'd imagine it's a laminate? I'm about to build another box , have a sheet of Baltic birch and wanna make it with that faded greyed look, still don't know how to tho!
  6. I hooked my buddies jeep up with all infinity reference mids/highs. Has regular components in door and tweeters in sail panel , he wanted a bit more so I got him a set of reference ( maybe kappa don't remember) 3.5" for the stock dash location and used the audio pipe 3 way passive xover on a soundstream 5 channel and I tell you it sounded amazing. Honestly it is about the only setup I've done that with eq on flat I didn't feel it needs any tweaking to make it sound right. The Primus series is a solid choice for any setup, budget or not. I have used them in 2 dozen installs in the past year and a half and they have yet to dissapoint.
  7. I wanted to try the CT s after I cooked my infinity reference but I went with the pioneer pros instead, had to play with placement to keep em from being too harsh but I really like em, think I'm gonna get the cts for my gf truck just cause haven't heard a bad word about em yet.
  8. Man those 5.25s look slick! The 6.5 don't have the infinity logo on em like those do, I would have mounted em from the outside if they did! And just saw the 5.25 only rated at 55rms, the 6.5 is 80rms. Can't imagine the two are that different, wonder why the big gap in rms
  9. Man those xrs are nice, built a box for a single xr in my buddies suburban on my old jbl gto 700 mono and it amazed me how it sounded . Can't imagine a pair of em on some real power. Tuned in to see em in action!
  10. Walled and ported u say? Will be using single amp at first, untill I get a second one or a bigger one. Amp only puts down [email protected] ohm, so basically cutting the power to each sub down to half of what they r getting now ( would be just shy of 300 each vs the 800+ they r Etting now) . Think I'd be getting another amp really quickly. What would u recommend for a port setup? Aero ( single,double, or quad?) ND what size? They really like the 3 cubes they are in now so I'd assume atleast 6 cubes for 8 subs.
  11. Have 4 hds2.108s in a slot port on 3k, decided back seat is gone, so I want to wall b pillar back or maybe b pillar back but lower than rear window, idk a definant plan yet. I haven't went out an measured available space but I'd easily say 12 cubes ( just thinking of my 3cube box stacked 4 times would easily fit), would I get better results with a 4th or 6th or just wall it off and add 4 more 8s ( for the time being 4 maybe 8 more depends on funds ) in a slot? I'm more I'm for ideas at this point but I've given up hope for the rear seat ever being used and always want more bass. Probably gonna add another set of pioneer pro 6.5s and another set of pioneer pro 3.5s too. But have wood sitting and would make wall modular ( sectioned off in 3cube slot port boxes so I could add subs as I could afford em. Never designed a bandpass so not sure what to expect or what 4 8s would even do in one ,or if my 8s will even work in that style enclosure.
  12. No problem, prep the door and they will sound great
  13. Primus in escape. Pioneer pro series in my truck
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