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  1. Sounds like a fire starter if we don't know length of wire, correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure 2/0 can handle 600a regardless. I have 450a on each run of my 3/0 each about 15' long nd wire doesn't get warm. Maybe u need a second run if 2/0 to feed whatever you are running that needs 600a of current.
  2. Have experience with the xd also, had 1k to a pair of em in a prefab box, they were ok, probably would have been alot louder in a custom built box.
  3. Can't go wrong with American bass, had an xfl12 I force fed 2k for over a year in similar box and was impressive, xfl is like $200ish, the eliteis supposed to be very similar to the xfl but half the price. Now I see they have a titan and hawk series and spec wise they look pretty decent. I've also had a few soundwubed hds2 series that were good price to performance too.
  4. I'm about to put a new cab on my truck, and was going to add a 4th ab tnt 15, but they aren't available ( I have 3 of the newer model ones that have 1500rms rating) . My box is currently 12 cft gross , I easily have another 8-10 cubes available (b-pillar wall) , how much room do I need to run a 4th or 6th with either 2 or all 3 of my 15s? I'm waaay over powered but can adjust gain down I guess, I just don't have funds at the moment to change up subs, so box would need to be a bit generic so I could upgrade subs a bit down the road to use all the power I have (md8k @2ohms).
  5. So, my cab rusted thru on my 97 chevy extended cab, I knew it was coming, I have already replaced bed and fenders and about EVERYTHING else. I got ahold of a VERY nice 3 door cab with power rear window and super clean interior. Right now I have 3 15s jammed into where rear seat was. I think I want to keep some back seats in new cab. I have really nice buckets out of an audi a6 I think I'm going to build a frame for and use as rear seats. My half ass plan is a long custom center console loaded with as much bass as I can. I really can't go any wider than 13" between seats so I think I'm going to be using 12s. Just rough measurements, I have 6.5 cubes ,may be able to stretch to just over 7 if I use a roller coaster track kinda design and go as high as bottom of rear window in the rear. I got my 3 15s and the box sold for $800 and a new driver door lol. I think I'll be about $800-$900 budget for subs. I have everything else, 8 agm cells under hood, dual 300a alts dual runs of 3/0 temco cable, nvx jad800.4 for front stage and my taramps md8k 2 ohm to power whatever subs I decide on. I'm sure I'm gonna have to turn the md8k down since it's a bit much for my 3 15s , I'm thinking I'll end up with 3 12s but I'm looking for ideas plz! Good thing is I get to strip can, undercoat and sound deaden inside while cab is off which is gonna be nice. Whole truck going to end up a military sand tinted raptor coated so I'll get to do every little part before I even put it on my frame! I've never been so excited to do soon much work! Bad part is I get to have something on my lift for a week or so which slows down the money making but when done right I'll have this truck for a LONG time and it'll stay looking nice.
  6. Hopefully u don't have any issue, I tend to overbuild things that don't need it lol
  7. I'd have made some sort of rear support, that's alot of weight and torque on just two bolts. Maybe you can make something that goes like a strut between case and new mount?
  8. Finally made second alternator mount! Used factory belt and idler even. The left is a aan 300a alternator and in right is stock 120a. Have another aan 300a about to go in when the rest of my welding cable comes in! https://www.instagram.com/p/CMayAl3hV5O/?igshid=xfxzf12m63we
  9. Second alternator where ac compressor goes , simple mount fab, stock belt and idler. Will post pics as soon as youtube uploads a link. Took me about 30 minutes and $5 in metal.
  10. Ended up with 8 reikken rp1000 s, spent $425 for batteries and $35 on bus bar material. I'm about $40-50 over a single northstar h6 agm so not too bad. If these little guys don't work out like I want they will end up as a removable battery bank in the toolbox of my truck.
  11. Little bit of heat from blow dryer or heat gun should soften that stuff up and let tweeter loose. It's a mess tho wear rubber gloves maybe.
  12. Rite now outta my budget and I have ALOT of RC stuff (drones and sc trucks and such) and lipo isn't a nice thing when it decides to let the magic smoke out. I live in the woods and every road is rough asf, and with a lifted truck and 12pl 35s it makes the ride even worse, I cant see any good coming out of lipo. I'm sure it's plenty safe just out of my comfort and price range rite now. I got about $250 for budget at the moment and that'll get me 4 if the batteries I listed above.
  13. Quite a few years and MANY hours into it, stereo costs ALOT more than the truck is worth lol but it's still evolving
  14. So I'm ready to upgrade on the battery front! Right now I have two h6 wet cells under hood. They are getting weak and I'm going to go with agm power finally. In my head a few smaller agm batteries in parallel will stand up better than a single big agm. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong here tho. I been eye balling either the kinetic hc600s or the energie pr1000, both have 18ah and are same physical size. The pr1000 is supposed to be good for 1000watts and the hc600 for 600 watts, which is odd since they are the same size. Anyways, I have room for a total of 8 under my hood, being 4 on each side and I'd only be able to buy 4 at a time so I'd use an isolator to keep wet cells from sucking down the agms when truck is off till I get all 8 agms in. Anyone have any input on this? Am I going about this right? These batteries would be both for cranking and audio too. I have dual runs of 3/0 welding cable and still running a single 300a alternator, still been to busy to drop the second alt in since I have to build a custom bracket, I don't think $300 for a bracket, pulley, and belt is worth it when I can do it myself for about $50.
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