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  1. Where r u located dude? I'm way the fuck up in the UP, Id build ya a box no problems , pretty good results in the few dozen I've built, have had alot of help from this forum and have had some serious performing boxes because I research alot before i build em too tho. Hell I could design u a box, and u could have home Depot or where ever cut it out and all is have to do is glue and screw it basically if u wanted
  2. U know he wants a box now not like a year later right? Lmao I'm just fukin with ya about not finishing ur girls box.
  3. Shit $300 I'll build ya one lol, u pay shipping! I ain't the best but haven't built a shitty one yet!
  4. Find a copy of Torres and have sub specs in hand and adjust measurements as necessary to make it work, that's if u wanna learn HOW to do it yourself, if not PM me and I'll crunch a few numbers and get ya something that will work, you will owe me pics of building/installing/ and playing of ur new shit tho! Gotta have a video of new setup getting down.
  5. Running at either 1 or 4 ohm depends on ur electrical. U got a good alt/battery/wiring go 1 ohm cause it's cheaper to get power at 1 ohm, if u don't have solid electric go for an amp that'll give u power u want at one ohm, wire to 4 and start stiffening up electric and then wire to 1 ohm. Don't wanna wire to 1 ohm and low volt the piss outta ur new amp and hurt either sub or amp or both.
  6. Man ur shit is gonna be LOUD! I couldn't bring myself to get a taramps 4 channel, the 6 leads for 4 channels killed me on it, and no way I could go mono and drive it daily like I do. But man I gotta see what ur up to with that midbass monster!
  7. Fucked up part is she don't like the bass like that, she's got 2 15s on low wattage inher Yukon but they are waaay old skool ( early 90s myx terminators) and they don't do alot. Shes totally happy with it like that, but she was happy to hook me up cause that's what I wanted. Can't get her to stick her head in the window so I can get a hairtrick video tho!
  8. I built my box for my 8s with port on driver side and I tried port up and forward on both sides and it was the loudest (by ear atleast) with port on passenger facing forward, that's why I put this one on that side. And shit that box is in there so tight, it'll only come out in pieces, u actually put a bar jack between b pillars and stretched cab apart to get it in!
  9. Any updates on Chuck's box??? I got mine in and fired up, figured you would have beat me to it! Definantly looking forward to seeing another awesome box from u man.
  10. @bmwking I about wore my lil 1 gallon shop vac out, still gonna take it to the car wash and do it again. Still have to rebuild my dash , had it out to repair HVAC box and figured I'd run wiring deep behind everything before I put it back in. Got Amps mounted down ( temp mounts till I figure out what I wanna do), seats in, and center console in. You motivated me to get on it, I knew I was slackin , but u kinda called me on it , appreciate it bro! Don't mind my janky ass power wire draped across the floor. It'll be gone soon , have sum cool wire holders I'm going to mount to inside of my frame and pop through the floor and then to distribution blocks and to amps, second run will go directly to the 8k when I get sum more cash to get another 35' and lugs. Wire is short now cause I was going back to work at lunch and all cut out, I checked fuse it was good, check remote relay, it was good, started checking power wire and found where the insulation got nicked and the UP salt/sand did it's work! Wire swoll up to about 4 times original size and there was about 8 strands actually still feeding power and the taramps cooked those. That is now a good reason to NEVER get cca wire! I have shca cca 14 gauge for mids and highs , that'll be replaced soon with ofc 14 gauge. Making progress tho and excited to get it finished. Have alot to do on my truck still too, have cab corners,inner/outer rockers to put in, new doors, cam, mpfi, and a 0411 ecm swap and a tune, have a rcx 4/6 lift on the way too, and gotta get my 35s on my other 20s, cause it looks stupid as all get up right now with 5.5" lift and stock sized tires!
  11. Appreciate it man, LONG time coming and ALOT of work, still ALOT to go lol.
  12. The one for the taramps amp, has the same 3 lights on the amp but on a small mountable box like 2"x2".
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