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  1. ehall8702

    Quantum audio Qa2000d

    Well the "2k" quantum makes her truck twice as loud as the other amp so a good 800ish watts I'd assume, she's happy so im happier lol
  2. ehall8702

    Ppi black ice7000.1d amp guts

    Got my ppi amps today ( 7000.1d and ice1000.4). I am very impressed with the looks, the build quality, and for a cheap amp ($250 with 3 year warranty) the weight of it. Budget gem it bust did a Dyno on YouTube, and it puts out close to rated power too. Image upload is super small on the forum so I made a quick photo video on YouTube. Guys lemme know what you think about board layout and cap brands please. I got lucky the "warranty void if removed" sticker wasnt covered over the screw well so I could easily pull bottom plate off lol!
  3. I know we r talking about dogs, but my cat loves leaves off my plants, he will actually go nuts when he sees me bringing my plants up to dry, if I don't give him one he will try all night to get in the same room and when he does he will jump up till he snatches one off . He eats some and goes and lays down ND chills. Mellow as fuck. My last dog( Rottweiler)died at 15 , he ate at least a roach daily , went took himself a power nap. He didn't care for smoke but like eating it. Both my animals decided to consume it themselves this, never made them do it so.
  4. Does it to me too, refresh the page and it's all good. Used to piss me off till I figured it out. I thought it was just because I was on my phone tho.
  5. Man thats going to be ridiculous, just sold my blazer, wish i had the chance to go that far with mine. One 12 sounded retarded, cannot imagine a setup like ur on your way to having. Keep up the awesome work man!
  6. ehall8702

    Quantum audio Qa2000d

    Thats good tho cause her old terminators dont take much power but the quantum 800 mono (free also) put out maybe 300 so itll be a good upgrade
  7. ehall8702

    Quantum audio Qa2000d Cant post a pic they all r too big but thats it on amazon
  8. ehall8702

    American bass es1244

    So i got a buddys truck, and redoing his stereo and he gas a pair of 10s under gis rear seat. Im putting in new amps and one of his 10s is toast. He is coming to get his truck this coming weekend ( he lives a state away) and only subs i have i can use in it are my vfl 8s. Hes going to pay to replace them, my question is since i was just going to modify a dual 12 underseat box for a pair of vfls, ( plan was to eventually get 4 vfl 8s in a custom box, the modified prefab was juat temporary till i had soare funds for second set of 8s) should i juat get a set of th es1244s? They handle power and are supposed to get pretty nasty. With the rec airspace i still have enuff room to port the truck box and give em rec tuning and airspace. So basically, whats gonna give better results, shallow 12s ported, 2 vfl 8s ported, or eventually 4 vfl 8s ported? Plenty of power either way i go, will in every case give each almost double the rms.
  9. ehall8702

    Quantum audio Qa2000d

    Just got one of these for free, no i damn sure aint gonna use it for my truck but MAYBE my girls. I cant find any info on this thing except basic ratings, like 1000 on 2 ohms and 2000 on 1 ohm.she has a quantum 800 mono right now so this "should" be an upgrade u would think. Any info or opinions on this amp would be great, thanx
  10. ehall8702

    Connect two amps to my subs. Newbie alert!

    That RF "500" probably.will destroy that no namer 2000watt amp tho. Do ur research on the 2k, look for dyno videos on utube and maybe its worth a shit. That rf if its a mono u cant do anything with it if u dont use it for a sub amp. Those p2 only take like 400 each anyways, even a generic 2k should be close to 8-900 range. Dont know what p2s u have so idk vc config tho, alotta cheap amps dont handle 1ohm ( if p2 is 4 ohm dvc) and dont put out mich at 4 ohms. Give us amp model ( or atleast a brand name or a pic) and model of subs amd u will get a ton of help with whatll work best for what u got. And afyer looking closer to ur diagram it kind of looks like the no namer was setup to run the mids and highs in the car. If its a 2 or 4 channel thats what i would do ( unless you have stock speakers). Its amazing what even 45 watts to each door speaker will change in a car. Your stock headunit maybe puts out 8-10 watts rms a channel and a name brand one is about 18-22 watts rms, which isnt so bad if the unit has a built in hpf, but without internal crossover its basically just distortion at different levels! And if that rf is a monoblock there isnt a "bridged connection" but may have two "+" and two "-" to make it easier to connect multiple woofers or vigger wire to each woofer. If your box only has one input your final impedance is however its wired inside so no matter how u hook it to a monoblock amp itll get the same power.
  11. ehall8702

    PPI ICE7000.1d reliable amp?

    So finally decided on an amp. For 250 and 85 i got the ppi ice7000.d and the ice1000.4, both with 3 year warranties. The 1/2 ohm stability on the ppi was the selling point. Budget gem or bust dyno on YouTube showed it just about doing its rated power also. And they look awesome at the same time. All others in my price range either didnt have 1/0 inputs, cant run 1/2 ohm or i couldnt find a matching mids and highs amp. I want to give my vfl8s ( have 2 now and going to get 2 more)about 800 each amd i either get a 2 ohm or 1/2 ohm final load and 3200 @ 2ohms aint cheap! Also bought a set of infinity reference components, reference 4" and 4x6 adapter plates for rear speakers. And lucked out and found an underseat dual 10 box for $65 that im going to modify and face mount my 2 vfls and port with 3" single per side. My future plans are kick pods and another set of 6 1/2 refernce components and 2 more vfls, a good headunit or tablet setup. I have a cheap 9" single din tablet stereo im going to use a LOC to my eq/line driver which handles fade,sub, and volume. Got my trusty oscilloscope so itll all be setup distortion free too. Not my perfered setup but its the only headunit i have right now tho. Thanks everyone for advice and thoughts countless hours researching and reading to decide but it definantly made me recognize some brands i would have otherwise juat overlooked! Will start a build post when i start, have plans for a hand built custom 4 fuse anl block too. Will take pics and videos of everything, maybe put in on the next SOTM drawing.
  12. Oh shit, just saw the edited cubes id say the 12 for sure, too small for a 15 imo
  13. One if the ct sounds strato 18s would be awesome! Right power range and about right cubes, still depends on what you want out of a sub tho. Without a real strong mids/highs setup the 18 isnt gonna sound that good id imagine.
  14. ehall8702

    PPI ICE7000.1d reliable amp?

    I cant bring myself to buy an amp that makes that kind of power and has 4gauge inputs. Still looking for an amp, would love to find a dual 1/0 input setup but may resort to dual to single adapters. Im so indecisive because i dont want to waste money on something that wont perform. I took a chance on my rockville db16 but dont really care for the look of them. Im leaning towrds a name brand like AB just because it "should" last and not shit out on me. That wolfram looks like a powerhouse but is it gonna last for a year? 2 or 3 years? Who knows right?! May have to buy one amp at a time for each pair of vfls and spend more on a 1600ish rms @1 ohm amp. Still open to suggestions, has to atleast have a single 1/0 input and 8 gauge output tho and still be under $250 ( give or take 10 bucks)
  15. ehall8702

    2 vfl8d4 box tuning

    So just a "c#?t" hair less than 17" (16.96") with 3" port is 34hz. Box has. 86ft3 after sub displacement (. 07) not sure how to really measure an elbow in a pvc port but maybe ill be close enuff for this box to sound ok. Now i have to make a decision on what amp im gonna power these little monsters with. Just got them today and man are these 8s sexy lil things! I cannot wait to hear them. Almost ready to drop them in my old 12 box ( 2.5ft3 @34hz) an let em rip on my test bench amp ( sony xplod 1000 watt, think its like 400ish watts) but its too late to fire up saws!