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  1. They are vented and if I remember right, the backs of the subs are like 3 or so inches from port wall. Tuned at 32hz, subsonic at 28 with 48db cutoff . I do play alot of decaf and deep stuff too. Hell even the surrounds get warm after long play time from the excursion lol
  2. Ok, gives me the excuse to get the carbon fiber caps, but what is causing it to happen?
  3. First one of my dustcaps on my 4 hds2.108s dented inward and I figured it got hit, but now a second is dented in and I KNOW it hasn't been hit cause I'm beyond careful about clearences and random things in my truck that could hit em. Subs aren't bottoming out, gains are set with oscilloscope at 40hz. I beat the crap outta my subs and run em hard but never seen a cap get pushed in from playing them. What can be causing this and how do I stop it from happening?
  4. So ended up with a pioneer avh-x491bhs, got it for putting in a friend's new pioneer unit. I like bartering and pioneers have been good to me for years. I like the App one thing, get navigation for free basically and I like the 7" screen with minimal buttons on the bottom. Going to use a lc-1 between head unit and dsp anyways since I prefer volume knobs ( and I can limit how loud my gf cranks my shit cause she won't ever look for a volume knob lol).
  5. Isn't the burr brown deal just a 24 bit dac ( mis quoting from something I read)? Almost all new units have 24 bit now, and does Kenwood use something higher than 24 when u update it?
  6. What am I gonna lose going from 4v preouts to 2.5 or 2v preouts?
  7. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F172158191711 That thing just looks sleek, lotsa screen, minimal buttons. I've had a few excelon units ND those ND jvc arsenal series r hard as hell to mess with settings but in this case I don't need any settings cause if the dsp.
  8. And just for clarification , how does a tablet turn off with the key? I have a Bluetooth adapter that has rca outs, figure I'd put a lc-1 in-between and have volume knob that's easier than tablet volume control, mounting and wiring is easy I just think it's be a PITA to turn tablet off Everytime I shut my key off , I'd never take the tablet out of my truck as I'd have no other use for it.
  9. Finally gonna upgrade my h/u since I finally got my dsp ( expert pro8.2 connect). Really like the features of the Android units but know they have shit sound quality. Question is can I find highest clean output from one of those units and compensate with the dsp? Like all the functions of the cheap unit and the sound quality of the rest of my system? My pioneer is dated but can't afford much more than about $150 right now and can get some entry level jvc,Kenwood , or pioneer double din units but they don't do what the Android units do, navi, mirra screen,internet browser, apps, etc. Should I just stick with what I know is quality shit or think I can skate with a cheaper Android unit? Been thinking about a tablet also but not so sure I wanna go that way since I don't wanna mod my dash much more if possible and don't have a tablet or receiver yet so gonna be out sum bank doing that also.
  10. Update! DO NOT MOUNT THIS AMP ANYWAY BUT FLAT WITH FACE UP!!!! Snapped off one of the mounting flats off and it broke one of the speaker output lugs off right at the board. Luckily I was able to solder the 8 gauge wire that goes from board to the output terminal together and terminal back to the board ( redundant since wire is directly to the output lug but wanted the added strength of lug to board also). I will be revising my amp mounting locations soon. Didn't help I had amps mounted to rear wall of my cab and it had hella flex from the 4 8s so it was bound to happen but the mounting tabs are actually only connected to the end cap plates and not the aluminum outer casing or the bottom plate even, poor design IMHO. Those side plates are only held to the main housing with a few small screws and half of them are threaded into plastic . Amo still worth what I paid for it in my opinion, doesn't have any issues at .5 ohms and doesn't overheat tho, just have to mount it differently.
  11. Ended up ordering the Banda expert px8.2 connect. Was tired of reading and comparing, all the reviews were great and seems to have all the functions I want and some I'd like to check out.
  12. Answered my own question, yes I need a dsp, now which one? Kinda narrowed it down to either pioneer deq-s1000a or expert px8.2 connect......Stetson stx2436 has what I think I want but it's tiny . Pioneer has always been solid equipment but it says 2 way or 3 way network xover, really no info on if it has bandpass filter for my mids but I'd assume it does.
  13. So I have been thinking, do ideally need time alignment and the other things a dsp will do? In my head all I really need is the xover functions, like the bandpass function for the mids and hpf for the tweeters and subsonic and lpf for subs . What will the other functions if the dsp do that will benefit my system?
  14. Can get a refurbed rf 360.1 but idk if that's even what I need, haven't researched it any.
  15. Haven't touched anything nakamichi in YEARS, last time I did it was top of the line stuff, times have changed huh?
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