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  1. Charging for a demo is a dick move, we all do this for the love of it, lots of us put everything we got ( and more) into our builds so we and everyone else can enjoy our addiction. I know it takes cash to put retarded amount of watts and dbs out, but again, charging for a demo is just plain ass wrong in my opinion. I'm sure I'm gonna get thrashed for saying this, I know how much cash it takes and when u pop an amp or sub during a demo it sucks but it ain't the dude in the passengers seats fault or responsibility to pay.
  2. Gonna be a windy ass setup! Can't wait to see sum video of that monster little blazer pounding.
  3. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F182224607049 .5 ohm stable dual built in fans, and dynoed well Q3bgecZvlAA
  4. And they are strappable if u ever wanna upgrade power with a pair of em
  5. Rockville db16 is 215 new on eBay https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F302325201784
  6. Deep budget , a Rockville db16 or one of those wolfram amps. I can vouch for beating the crap out of the Rockville tho, straight abused it for 7 months and sold it and it's been being beat for past 3 months by my buddy. I just picked up a ppi ice 7000.1d for 270 and does close to rated and actually feels and looks like a very good amp, haven't installed it yet waiting on a new trans in my pickup first.
  7. I have used the stinger 6 channel 4000 series on last 30 installs ( I run a small audio install Bay) and have had 0 problems with them. Easy to run cause they are flat, solid connection, and very budget friendly, like $25 for 17'. Have had 0 all noise even if they are run next to power wires ( don't do it unless I just cannot avoid it, so it rarely happens).
  8. I used to make dozens of "whips" when I had slow days back when I was installing almost daily so I'm sure that's where "ol Arthur" got his start but yeah I figured overkill is better than hot wires under the carpet. Going to stay on the hunt for a bigger gauge "speed wire" setup.
  9. So I usually run 14 gauge through my installs, even at lower power setups ( clarification, I use 14 for mids/highs, I use 8-10 on subs). Am I way overkilling it with wire that big? My main idea is that if anything gets an upgrade in the future, the wire will support about any amount of power that's going to get pushed. I've been looking at 9 strand multi wire ( 9 separate wires in one easy bundle) but can only find it in 18gauge. My arthritis kicks my ass bad when I try and tape 4 runs of 14 plus a remote wire ( tape every foot or two). It'd be much easier to run a prebundled setup, but is it gonna hurt my power handling or future expandability?
  10. My blazer had 10 runs of 14 gauge speaker wire from.front to back ( 3 to each door and 2 to each dash corner) for expandability, plan on adding a few extra runs in my truck ( gonna be a carpet out, soundeadening install so I can run whatever wherever). I'm going to eventually get a second set of the same references and some kick pods. I don't like passive xover if possible, but my active doesn't have adjustable slope, only freqs ( has bandpass functions also so I can cut highs and lows out of midbass too). I can find the passive xover settings and replicate it on the active xover, but tweeters.are small and probably easily over powered, Im sure if I dial gain back it'd probably be fine. should I just wait.till I get a second set tho? Is the benefit worth the risk? The amp is a ppi ice1000.4
  11. Have a 4 channel ( [email protected]) and a single pair of miss/highs and an active xover and passive xover ( ones that came with components) . Should I wire it up active or stick to passive xover on 2 channels? Any benefits or downfalls of either setup besides level adjustment of each driver if active?
  12. Yeah I just put it on the test bench and it has Phillips head screws not Allen, but the ice1000.4 has Allen heads lol. I'll be getting different grub screws before install time. And I haven't found any other amps that'll put down almost 4k for $250. I have been on the hunt for quite a while and nothing comes close in this price range. I'll probably end up with dual 0 to single 0 angled adapters anyways since I'll be running dual runs from front to back ( on big 4 also) might as well get it to amp dual also. Mid ND high amp only getting 4 gauge tho.
  13. Only reason it looks small is cause of my massive dick beaters! What don't u like about the power and ground terminals? Slightly angled 0 gauge inputs with set screws? Are you talking about how it hooks to the board or the screw terminals themself? Enlighten me, not justifying or arguing about anything just curious
  14. Not a chance in hell it'll do 7k lol, 1/2 ohm is like 3800 ( if the smd amm-1 is correct , really want to see it on the d'amore Dyno tho) if I remember right right from Dyno video. Amp isn't really that small, it's 21"x8.2"x2.2" and over 20lbs. https://youtu.be/Q3bgecZvlAA Way over kill for what I'm going to do with it but nice to know if I change my setup, I'll have the power to do about any setup i can fit in my truck.
  15. Well the "2k" quantum makes her truck twice as loud as the other amp so a good 800ish watts I'd assume, she's happy so im happier lol
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