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  1. Does anybody know the cutout diameter for these? Got 3 of em coming in and I need the measurements! Thanks in advance!
  2. Just had a quick question.. Does anybody know the cutout diameter for these ? Got 3 of em coming in and cannot find any specs regarding the cutout..
  3. Yea I figured that. Kinda have my heart set on going all b2. Been wanting to experience different brands, especially them.
  4. So I love my setup but it's time for a little downgrade, it takes up way too much space and I am changing cars within the next year or so. Looking to get a Lexus IS350 or a Acura TLX A-SPEC. Currently have a 13' Accord coupe EX-L, bought it with 22k miles, had it for 5 years and it's only at 56k so I want to keep it for a little longer.. My current setup is a 12" Sp4 Plus and a Wolfram w4500 which I am in the process of getting rid of and replacing it with a b2 riot 7500 and the 2 subs I am torn between. The b2 amp is on the way and I will NOT be wiring to 1 ohm. I'm going to be wiring it to 3 ohms. I'm looking to get 3 8's. The 2 subs I'm choosing between: 8" B2 Rampage XM 8" Sundown X v.3 I know both can take over rated. Just want some advice/insight on which would be better running at 3ohms, what's more of a sq or spl, etc. I never owned B2 before and I honestly want to experience it because I've read nothing but amazing things about their product. I'm just guessing I can get anywhere from 3500-4000w.. at that impedance? Which would be perfect for my electrical I currently have. The enclosure I am looking to get will be less in all dimensions which I really need because the box, along with the amp. literally takes up my entire trunk. And I don't want it to take my next car's trunk as well. The specs of the riot 7500: Power @ 4 Ω 12.8 V: 2500 w Power @ 4 Ω 14.4 V: 3000 w Power @ 2 Ω 12.8 V: 4500 w Power @ 2 Ω 14.4 V: 5500 w Power @ 1 Ω 12.8 V: 7500 w Power @ 1 Ω 14.4 V: 8500 w Also, just a little side note. The amp is an investment, I am future proofing myself with this amp. If I ever want to go back to monster sub(s) at to 2 ohms or even 1 ohm, I have the power to do so lol. So that's the reasoning for me buying it and also the price.. I paid only $649 for this beast. Even the dimensions of the amp is perfect it's like half the size of the Wolfram.. With all of that said, I'd appreciate any feedback or help. Thank you in advance!
  5. I forgot to mention, I reached out to Mike Singer via email/fb. He read my message on fb and did not respond. Left a long message, my cell # and everything. Aside from what's going on, it's been a solid alt but that type of customer service will persuade me to buy elsewhere when the time comes.. In my eyes, not professional at all. Especially when you offer lifetime warranty on your product.
  6. I have '13 accord coupe ex-l. I'm aware of the annoying eld function.. So I got a singer 240a alt that bypasses the eld function (plug n play) never had an issue with voltage drop til now and I've had the alt for a few years. Now to what the problem is.. I swear this is the weirdest thing I've experienced with car audio; but I'll try to explain the best I can. So, when I cold start in the morning, my volt meter reads 14.4v the entire ride from point a to point b no matter the distance and time traveled; along with my system, the voltage stays consistent.. My commute to work every morning is about 20 miles and around a 30-35 minute drive. This is where it gets strange and I am far and beyond lost. When I start my car for the 2nd time of the day, while it's in park it's at 14.4v. Literally. as soon as I move the shift knob to any gear, it drops right to ~12.4-12.8.. It gets weirder, after about 10-15 mins of driving and my system playing (not at max volume, just got the sub so I am breaking it in properly) the voltage jumps back to 14.4v... I got the alt tested and the tech said it's functioning perfect. What is odd to me is, this all started to happen after I took my car to the dealer for an oil change a little over a month ago. Idk if they reset something or whatnot but I've unplugged/re-plugged the alt, disconnected the battery for ~15 mins to reset, tested my grounds, etc. I honestly do not have a damn clue as to what in the hell is going on.. Also, I did not mind the voltage while I waiting for my sub to be delivered because I presumed since there was no call for any type of current that the alt did not need to charge up to 14.4v. I am not a wiz with electrical, again I just let it be and waited until I installed my system. Now this is happening and I'm concerned, confused, annoyed, and frustrated. If anybody can give me some advice, help, suggestions.. I'd greatly appreciate it because this is driving me insane lol
  7. Just as title states.. Looking for anyone on here who has access to directechs to get the wiring schematics for my 2013 accord coupe ex-l. I'm looking to uninstall the crappy factory amp and upgrade to the 5 channel that's been waiting to be installed for far too many months now. If anyone can send me the directechs info for my car I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!
  8. Omg that's amazing, love it haha. When I have kids I hope they can get into my hobbies, that would be so awesome. And I hope electric cars go obsolete instead lol, (I know that won't happen, just wishful thinking).. But to not be able to have systems in cars in the future would be boring as hell to drive. I drove without a system for almost 3 months and I was losing my damn mind, the boredom is unbearable and driving is just miserable for real lol
  9. Well better than being a drug addict, that's my go to when I hear complaints LOL. Am I wrong ? Car audio is expensive, yes, I agree; but it's harmless. Healthy hobby in my eyes, I'll have systems in my car til I'm deaf lol. That's awesome man, family first always! You're a great father! And don't worry you'll have that system shaking blocks before you know it!
  10. My dude that's insane! I gotta see pics/vids when it's all installed!! And lol your wife is a keeper, I need me one of those. My girl complains with one sub... LOL
  11. What subs u pushing ? And thank you brotha! Appreciate it!
  12. Sp4 plus! Thank you bro, I am in love lol. Gotta break her in
  13. Yes, it's agm. Okay perfect I might just have to install it that way. And I wasn't going to install upside down, I was just stating what xs power wrote on their website's FAQ about mounting. Thanks for the help!
  14. That's awesome bro! And I messaged through fb. It was actually the strangest thing.. As soon as I messaged them I got an email from them with the tracking info lol
  15. Got my tracking number. It's gonna be here Thursday, finally..! Lol
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