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  1. I’ll take maybe. Just let me know officially. I’d really appreciate it if u can, thanks.
  2. Thanks. Looking on the site and it’s only for remote starters. Im looking more for wiring for like speakers, factory amps, basically all wiring coming off a factory head unit, etc.
  3. Hey guys. So I’m starting to do so some work in my area (central NJ) to make some extra money. I currently work for FedEx as a driver. Doing something I love is turning into more than just a fun hobby. So, I have about 3-4 people who want to get some mobile electronics installed and I need wiring diagrams. As a former MECP advanced installer, I know how directechs works and It’s inaccessible unless you’re a authorized dealer, which unfortunately I’m not. So if there is anybody on here who has access to directechs that can help a fellow member from time to time, I’d really appreciate it! Thank you, Nick
  4. Yea so I got a quote for $3400. They’re on crack cocaine..
  5. Thanks for the info guys. Was just curious about DB because I don't know much about them. With that said, I am getting in contact with a dealer near me through DD because that new Z4 looks f*ckin MEAN
  6. What’s up guys. Just wanted to know if anyone had experience with the DB-SA4. I’m currently running a Fi Sp4 with a DD M3B. I love my setup, especially after some recent changes. So with that said, I’m not looking to replace in the near future but down the line it can be considerable option. I do want to experience something new, (brand/sound etc..) The question I’m curious to get an answer for is; how would this compare to the Sp4 ? And is it worth ~$1000. Appreciate any input. Thanks.
  7. Anyone know about Memphis Audio ?
  8. Just as title states, I am looking for a 5 channel amp to replace the factory amp in my 13’ accord coupe. I’m looking for something around 300-500 watts at 4 ohms and not crazy on price. Also it would be completely ideal if the amp was a mini as well. I did come across a Memphis Audio MXA5.600 on eBay for a solid price but I am really not familiar with Memphis audio and how their quality is.. Appreciate any feedback!
  9. You all convinced me. I’m keeping it lol.
  10. Na i didn't take it that way lol. And I understand where you're coming from. I honestly wanted to experience something new, I have been using only Sundown and Fi subs for years now, don't get me wrong they all have been awesome. Just wanted to try a different brand just for the hell of it.
  11. Welp that shit on my idea haha. Is the sp4 and btl similar ? I'm just curious
  12. After some browsing, I am down to 3 subs. AB xmaxxx crescendo contralto emf banhammer I am leaning towards the ab because I got some more info from a friend of the owner but the other 2 look good too
  13. If you have a multimeter just look up some videos on YouTube. A local shop will most likely overcharge you for something you can easily do yourself
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