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  1. That's awesome bro! And I messaged through fb. It was actually the strangest thing.. As soon as I messaged them I got an email from them with the tracking info lol
  2. Got my tracking number. It's gonna be here Thursday, finally..! Lol
  3. I think messaging them on fb is an easier way to get a response. I emailed them a few times these past 2 months and never got a response.. But on fb I got a response the same day even though it was a brief and undetailed answer lol. It is what it is at this point
  4. Just want to know how much sq feet I need to buy for my 13' accord coupe. I'm finally gonna stop being cheap and buy/install it already lol.. (My sp4 plus finally has been shipped after almost 3 months.. thank God..) So, I just need to know if 40 sq ft is enough ? I mean I know it's better to have extra just incase but again it is a coupe. Also, I am looking at the black NVX sound deadener it's $100 on amazon right now for 40 sq ft. Wondering if anybody used it before and if the quality is good. I'd appreciate any help! Thanks.
  5. For real..?? Damn wth.. Hopefully u get an email over the weekend!! Or by Monday at least..
  6. So I take my kimber 1911 statement back. S&W 500 lmao Still one of the best gun videos I've watched on youtube lol..
  7. Got an email on mine too. It's been shipped! I'm excited asl!
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