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  1. Does anybody know the cutout diameter for these? Got 3 of em coming in and I need the measurements! Thanks in advance!
  2. Omg that's amazing, love it haha. When I have kids I hope they can get into my hobbies, that would be so awesome. And I hope electric cars go obsolete instead lol, (I know that won't happen, just wishful thinking).. But to not be able to have systems in cars in the future would be boring as hell to drive. I drove without a system for almost 3 months and I was losing my damn mind, the boredom is unbearable and driving is just miserable for real lol
  3. Well better than being a drug addict, that's my go to when I hear complaints LOL. Am I wrong ? Car audio is expensive, yes, I agree; but it's harmless. Healthy hobby in my eyes, I'll have systems in my car til I'm deaf lol. That's awesome man, family first always! You're a great father! And don't worry you'll have that system shaking blocks before you know it!
  4. My dude that's insane! I gotta see pics/vids when it's all installed!! And lol your wife is a keeper, I need me one of those. My girl complains with one sub... LOL
  5. What subs u pushing ? And thank you brotha! Appreciate it!
  6. Sp4 plus! Thank you bro, I am in love lol. Gotta break her in
  7. That's awesome bro! And I messaged through fb. It was actually the strangest thing.. As soon as I messaged them I got an email from them with the tracking info lol
  8. Got my tracking number. It's gonna be here Thursday, finally..! Lol
  9. I think messaging them on fb is an easier way to get a response. I emailed them a few times these past 2 months and never got a response.. But on fb I got a response the same day even though it was a brief and undetailed answer lol. It is what it is at this point
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