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  1. How should I tune my amp and LC2i using the DD-1? I'm lost on how to tune my LC2i properly, how should i set my Acubass and bass settings along with my bass knob ? AMP-SKAR Rp4500 (Input sensitivity 6V~0.2V) 2 Sundowns U12 D4 wired at 1ohm BOX build to specs at 32,
  2. Being new to car audio, i don't understand what "gain overlap" really means, -10db, -5db, 0db ? What is the best way to tune my system with my DD-1? And what settings should i set all my dials in the amp? This is my first time using this and I don't want to misunderstand steps from the manual. 2sundowns U12 D4 wired at 1ohm Skar rp4500 amp LC2I ACR1 (bass knob) for LC2I
  3. Shoot no...this is my trunk size kinda, how did you go about designing it? I dont know how to do port size, dont wanna take my entire trunk, the trunk depth is 37inchs, aiming for a half thats half
  4. Need help designing a ported or IB box for 2 sundown U12 subwoofers...i dont know the next next step for like porting.
  5. Would it be better to invert the subs ? Im having a lil difficult using a program to build box to specs with trunk measurements,i dont wanna take up the entire trunk, Its its 37inches from seat to trunk, i prolly only wanna take up half.
  6. If the specs says 2ft^3 for a ported box on the website, would you need to have 4ft^3 if you have 2 U12s ?
  7. What northstar battery do you reccomend? Keep, replace or add to the battery i have as of now?
  8. How would you go about measuring the trunk properly?, not home rn to measure but this is a pic online of the same car
  9. I was planning in getting a Xs power or northstar, i heard better performance reviews, but a second battery with a stock 180a alt is fine?
  10. I Need help making a box for my 2 subs like dimensions, there sundown u12s, trying to fit in a E92 trunk, i dont know which would be good, Subs facing the seat or the trunk, a port thru the rear deck. Or an IB box, I want it to sound good its a daily driver. * I dont own these pics, i found online for ideas* This is a google doc bcus the images to big. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NEmvZlMC7SNPa3QPdswVw3oEYjpLKqSzchoqMTMDHl0/edit?usp=drivesdk
  11. I have no idea how to set up my system, well i do but im a bit worried about frying something, theres NO company that makes a HO alt for my car and the only 2 that can (Js alt, apex) has not connected me back for an invoice, its been a while...Can i add a second battery for my stock alternator? If so which is best recommended for my system? ●The battery in my car atm is a "Duralast Platinum Battery H8-AGM Group Size 49 900 CCA" , ●Car: Bmw 328xi 2008 E92 Engine 3.0l ●STOCK ALTERNATOR 180A 14V ●Amp skar rp4500.1d ●Subwoofer 2 sundown u12 (1500 watts rms each)
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