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Found 11 results

  1. Hey Guys, I sent in my DD1 for repair I believe right around the first week in January 2019.. I got a message back from D'Amore Engineering on January 28th stating that it needed some minor repairs and to go ahead and pay for an "Overhaul" and that would cover it. When I went to pay for the "Overhaul" the only payment option was paypal... PayPal closed my account on me because of too many personal transactions. They said I was too high risk for them..lol whatever that means.. So I cant use or open up another paypal account. I replied to the [email protected] email that contacted me about the repair on January 29. I explained that I could not use paypal for payments and asked if there was any other way I could arrange payment for the repair... I have not received any response and have since emailed them again and again. This is in no way a bash post on D'Amore Engineering.. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and if there's any way that I can get a hold of someone over there at D'Amore... I love their products and have sent stuff in for repair in the past and never had an issue... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, James.
  2. hello I recently purchased a distortion detector and the problem is I have a BMW 3 series and it does not show the volume level, How would I use this properly without knowing the acutally volume level that its at?, it's the navigation headunit type, Plus if I remove the subwoofer speaker wire from the amp, the door speakers still play loud from the Cd tracks is that normal ? becuase in YouTube videos i see online i dont hear any sound while they set their gains. 2 Amps: Mrv500, do I set the LP filter back to 80hrz after its tuned? 2 subwoofers: Pioneer TS-W309D4 12" Champion Series Subwoofer with Dual 4 Voice Coil
  3. I just bought a dd1 distortion detector and I was wondering what track I should play to tune my amp. They have -5db, -10db, and -15db. I currently use a usb with all songs downloaded at -7.5db and want the loudest and cleanest sound I can get out of it. I have 4 skar ddx 15s on a crescendo 4.5k @ 1 ohm. And will using a dd1 make my system much louder if tuned right?
  4. just got my dd-1 and im not to sure what track to use when setting up my gains for my subwoofers amp. do i use the -5db or the -10db? also do i need to set my gains with the car off or on?
  5. alright guys i crashed my new zx-6r and have a shit ton of bills to pay now. its all gotta go, and fast. prices are obo. i thought you guys would like to see this I WOULD LIKE TO SELL LOCAL OR CLOSE TO LOCAL. you pay shipping if its not local on the heavy stuff i will mark stuff as sold once it is sold. if you still see it its still for sale. 1. used once dd-1, all amps that are fs have been tuned with this.. $140 shipped obo 2. Hifonics 60.4 SOLD 3. BRAND NEW NEVER USED xp3000. only been out of the box to be put on the charger. has been off for two weeks now and is still resting at 13... after i charge it it floats at 13.1-13.3. never been over charged, used xs charge (sold local so dont ask) 260 plus ship 4. XS D3400. used as a starter batt in my trailblazer for alittle over a year. been charged at least once a week its entire life and still rests at 12.8-13 SOLD pic didnt save, can get one later if needed (see #6 for partial pic of it) 5. Crunch Gp3000d. Hardly been used, and was only used @ 2 ohm and never pushed hard. .5 stable, been proven to do over 3k @1 $340 shipped 6. Pioneer avh-3200dvd - bad ass head unit and i love it to death! works flawlessly. not a single scratch on it. can get pic of it fired up if needed. also comes with wire harness that has been bypassed, warranty, and all booklets/screws. no clue what this is worth so lets start at 280 shipped obo 7. red stinger volt meter SOLD 8. XS power I-Bar SOLD 9. Gold 1/0 terminals (sexy as hell in person) $8 a piece shipped 10. audio pipe fuse holder $8 shipped 11. 300/250 amp fuses $5 shipped since i can hardly walk all of the measurements for the wire are aprox. i counted by the lines on the wire. if a peice was 5' 6" i rounded it to 5' os just keep that in mind. if you absolutely need exact ill get it done! knu 1/0 $2 a foot obo. deal if you buy it all 14' 3' (2) 2' (2)1' rockford rca's 5meters $12 shipped kicker 4 channel rca's 6 meters $20 shipped i have a 12' run of speaker wire. there are 4 strands all taped togeather in the run. so 8 individual wires total. and then just some other 12' runs of speaker wire $ offer? soundquest rca's 5 meters $8 shipped custom jasper-jig hand tooled by yours truly! offer this bitch has alot of hours into it bosh flush bit- 1/2"x1-1/2" now for HIDS!!!!!! ballasts- brand new ddm 55w $18 shipped used ddm 55w $15 shipped used hidextra 25w $15 shipped lights- ill post later, i lost the sheet of paper with all of the exact sizes and temps. i have two used relay harnesses from ddm - $10 each think i got it all, if i forgot anything ill add it. remember shipping for the batts is gunna be huge. prices are obo. i need cash!
  6. Little video off my 2 JBL Mkii 12GTI + Hifonics 1700D after set gains with dd1.
  7. This is my Mazda3, my Baby, I love music to death, all kinds and that is my goal to be able to play any music and sound so damn amazing that you feel like you were in the studio mixing it I listen to everything, from Dubstep - Indie - Movie Soundtracks - Everything,except modern country Link to the Normal Build Log for Comments if you wish <---- Clicky Clicky Headunit: Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD (Parking Brake Bypass, Aux 1: Turn-on From Remote, Aux 2: Automatic Amp Turn off on Remote Start and Manually) Axxess Interface Steering Wheel Control Module Speakers: Full Active Setup - No Passive Crossovers Kicker QS65.2 Components (Front Door) Kicker QS65.2 Components (2nd Front Door) Kicker QS65.2 Components (Rear Doors) Kicker QS60.2 Components (Rear window Speakers) Sundown SA-12 (Sub 1) Sundown SA-12 (Sub 2) Total: 2 Subs , 8 Speakers, 8 Tweets Amps: Kicker 10ZX2500.1 2845 RMS (Sub Amp) Kicker 10ZX650.4 (Tweet Amp) Kicker 11ZX650.4 750 RMS (Right Side Mids) Kicker 11ZX650.4 679 RMS (Left Side Mids) Total: 4 Amps Power: Mechman Alternator Candy Red, 220 Amp Max, 120 Idle (Tested Output) Electron Beam 2/0 (2+ runs, 1 - Run) 1/0 Gauge KNU Kolossus Flex OFC Wire (- Wire Run and Alt wires to front battery) 4 Gauge KNU Kolossus Flex (Tweet + Mid Amps Power) XS Power D3400 AGM Battery (Rear) XS Power D3100 AGM Battery (Front) XS Power Intellecharger 12v Charger (Built into the Vehicle) Signal: Kicker KX3 3-Way Crossover (Allows Tweet Crossover Also) Kicker 03KQ30 30-Band Equalizer Kicker XW16300 300 Ft Roll 16 Gauge (Mids and Tweets Wires) Kicker XI26 2 Channel 3 Meter X-Series RCA's (Going to Equalizer) Kicker XI46 4 Channel 6 Meter X-Series RCA's (Going to Crossover From Equalizer) Kicker XI26 2 Channel 6 Meter X-Series RCA's (Going to Tweets Amp) Kicker XI26 2 Channel 6 Meter X-Series RCA's (Going to Right Mid Amp) Kicker XI26 2 Channel 6 Meter X-Series RCA's (Going to Left Mid Amp) Kicker XIYF Y-Splitter X-Series (From Crossover) Kicker XIYF Y-Splitter X-Series (From Crossover) Security: Python 592 (Same as Viper 5902 Except has a Cooler Black Remote) Flash Logic FLCAN Bypass Module (Works Perfect) DEI Shock Sensor DEI Glass Break Sensor DEI Tilt Sensor (Tells me if my car is being jacked up for the rims or towed away ) Mcgaurd Security lug nuts (you will not get my rims off with these, highly recommend this brand) Tools: DD-1 Distortion Detector Upgraded Car Parts AudioTechnix 80 Mil Sound Deadener (75 Sq Ft, 3 Rolls) Second Skin 80 Mil (Thanks Steve) Second Skin Overkill Pro (Thanks Again Steve!) Hawk HPS Brake Pads (All Around) DBA Slotted Rotors with Kangaroo Paw Cooling Technology (All Around) Hankook iPike w409 (Winter Tires) Hankook Ventus v12 evo (Summer Tires) Upgraded Throttle Body Ground (Quicker Reaction) Under Foot well Sound Reactive CCFL Lighting Advanced Timing Mod Throttle Body Bypass Mod Corksport SRI Intake Corksport LED Lighting Kit VCTS Delete Exedy Stage 1 Clutch New OEM Flywheel James Barone Balance Shaft Delete Kit James Barone Racing 88 Durometer Rear Motor Mount James Barone Racing 80 Durometer Passenger Motor Mount TRZ Transmission Mount Coil Spring Specialists Custom Rear Springs (Extra 450lbs) Spin On Oil Filter Conversion Gates Tensioner Gates Greenback Fleetrunner Belt (1/2" Shorter) Redline Transmission Fluid Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil
  8. i put in an audio control lc2 to use my stock radio on my 2017 silverado. my issue is that the dd1 shows distortion before signal detect on 1khz and i can turn it all the way up and it never detects 1khz. Im tapping into my dash speakers for signal since thats where the chimes and bluetooth calls are heard from that way everything still works like stock. i dont have my cd that came with the dd1 im using what i could find on google and youtube either one does the same thing.
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