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  1. I know this is a dead thread but I suck at finding needed info on forums... I am wondering if the dc audio 5k can be strapped to a 1 ohm load (.5 ohm each amp) has anyone ran a single 5k at a .5 ohm load? if so was it stable? has anyone tried strapping two 5k's at 1 ohm (.5 ohm each)? if so are they stable at 1 ohm strapped on music? also, whether stable or not does anyone know what the power rating would be strapped 1 ohm @ 14.4v?
  2. Its a start and will get me in the ballpark for now... thank you very much
  3. I realize this is a dead thread however, I am trying to find t/s parameters for a dc audio level 6 18 and the link in this thread is broken. Does anyone have or know where to find good specs?
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