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  1. There is Tony. I sent you a message on FB but will forward the email I sent to the email here and we can go from there. I figured something had happened and didn't want to bash anyone or any company. I understand things happens. Email will follow here shortly. Thanks Tony.
  2. Thanks. Was talking to some team members and they said to message on FB. So did that and will see how that goes.
  3. By any chance does anyone have a number or a correct email? I do not want to cause an issue here but would like to get some info or a response. I sent an email to [email protected] on the 5th of April, then forwarded that email to [email protected] on the 14th of April to get a response then forwarded the email again to [email protected] on the 17th of April and am having not luck with any of them. Of course the to 14th to the 17th wasn't the longest time and could have waited a little longer but from the 5th til today still nothing. No bashing. Will stand behind
  4. go into the settings for the 360 and set everything flat and all crossovers to all pass. set gains on amps and then you can change the setting on the 360 to your crossover points and adjust the bands. make sure the HU is also set to flat and crossovers off if possible
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  8. Testing the system getting ready for next weekend and blow a sub. Time to drink now..........
  9. I have not post in here so figured why not. My name is Michael Metsger, from Detroit, joined the Army in 95, currently living in DE and teaching the ROTC program at a college in PA. I'm 38 and still a kid at heart. I have been married for almost 14 years, have a 15 year old son, 5 year old daughter, two dogs, four cats (the wife's really) and do not have the stick figure on my car. I have been a member on here for two years but have only been fairly active the past year. I have enjoyed the car audio scene since 94 and have had a system of some sort in all my vehicles to include whatever the w
  10. Going to open the rear hatch to see it wont open, then getting it open and having to take the lock out to put it together because it didn't like my taste in music apparently. lol
  11. only forum I am a member on and I may spend too much time here from time to time but totally worth it. (I say that because instead of doing some college work I tend to see what's going on here) SMD for the WIN
  12. Just ordered this. Should be able to see where I'm at now and maybe help some people out that are around this area also.
  13. Delaware weather and turning on my rear window wiper to find out it vibrated off. wtf
  14. I have a mechman alt although I dont run it right now. I had an issue with the alt, talked to Brian and got a RA. Sent it back and was fixed, now sitting in my garage. I am not most intelligent person here by any means but for your first post and bashing a vendor on here and a company that does make good alts and does their best with customers I'm not sure how far thats going to get you. Sometimes shit just happens and we deal with it. Yes it sucks to pay to send items back but it tends to be cheaper than buying a new item. Good luck with this post here. Popcorn ready!
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