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  1. Steve just received my SMD Triple LED Meter Single Din Kit also got a double too.  I have 2 vm-1 and 3 om-1. Mine appear to be cut wrong, I am guessing based on the ones on your web site.  The corners have been cut out.  I am referring to where you would screw them down.  I am going through the post on the forum right now. I think you said they would fit snug so maybe they are not screwed in but mine are not fitting snug either.  Please help. I want to get these installed correctly.  




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    2. Mikeruss22


      flip around?  what do you mean?


    3. CstrokerV


      in the second pic isnt the face suppose to face the other way

    4. Mikeruss22


      you mount in the rear, wanting to know how to secure them.  I did email the store website. they have just got back with me.  

  2. I have 2 VM-1s and 3 OM-1s I am installing in a Nissan Versa. I was thinking about mounting them into the headliner where the map lights would be. Its flat there and would fit all 5. I am not sure how I would secure them exactly. I also thought about getting the single din kit template, a double and a triple. I am assuming I could mount those flat. Any ideas on best place to mount them would be appreciated. Thanks
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