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  1. The dd should be fine if that’s what you want get it a lot of the frequency response will be in the box
  2. I hate laying my arm across the batt terminals When I’m doing something lol
  3. Are you limited by height ? A 12 ported should fit in a 2.42 cubed box if that’s internal
  4. I want to try them F.I not the x’s but no project vehicle and even if I did I have 6 dc 12’s sitting around lol
  5. Nice wish I could get back into it... seen 2 dc10k for the price of one I was like ooooohhhh I’m gonna get them... then clicked I have a Mazda3 lol and no money I want to spend on a project car
  6. Third time watching this just noticed Rockford amps used for tv tower prop lol
  7. i dont see them anymore either but have no idea why and last pic on this page is white no picture
  8. Uhhh I’d listen to what he says he’s not a run of the mill speaker builder... I’d ask him this same question
  9. I have all the bass needs for a build In my Mazda just not a dsp a highs amp or mids and highs...
  10. see stuff like this wants me to blow my money and start a project lol maybe if i make a budget ill be able too
  11. the T series hes coming out with are ok priced like the t-300.2 is 90X2 for 500 lol ... if you are on f.b look at his page to see it if you haven't seen them yet if ya need to barrow a dd-1 and cc-1 let me know
  12. maybe its been more then 3 years my build log is 6 years old not sure how long i had it lol... i've been wanting to do something i have 6 out of 8 12's left from my last unfinished build.. trying to figure out if i want to put 2 12's in my current car or buy project car but that is money i can put on my mortgage no one will give me 71k lol... and Tony D'amore has some class a/b amps coming out soon that i can afford one so i can at least replace my factory speakers lol... i Don't know what to do lol
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