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  1. They are still on the site just looked.. so not sure where you looked, also buy button is still there.
  2. Why would you set your amp gain to 100% that’s not how you do it all gains at 0 then go down the line
  3. Sounds like a coil problem or a loose spider. Then again maybe it’s a board of the box rattling you have bracing?
  4. First skar is not a better cheaper version of sundown that comment is laughable and all because watts are high and they are heavy and deep doesn’t make them not an entry level sub.. Second Steve does not do other peoples audio installs especially now, he’s a really busy man… he doesn’t really have time to do his own stuff let alone someone else’s.. Give your max dimensions you can use and maybe someone will help you with a box design… list how you set your gains and your xovers and maybe someone can chime in
  5. WTF on bringing up this thread and not even relevant to the o.p topic lol.......
  6. W.t.f how is robot underground talking smack on Scott (F.I) when all you have to do is google him and see he has no room to say anything 

    1. audiofanaticz


      He talks shit on every Company which is nothing new, everyone elses product is junk and made in China, but his no name below boss quality product that is also made in China is the best. His cheap $30 China mids are the best and can be compared to $500 Focals.....

    2. CstrokerV


      Yeah I remember back in the day he wasn’t honoring warranties blaming the person and shoddy workmanship 

  7. unless their is markings not really able to tell it has common basket and motor ... take it out of the box and look for markings maybe more pictures
  8. I just put the files on my computer then xfer the files to my phone and use the phones media player to do the dd-1 over Bluetooth… also can directly dl the files from the website to your phone and do the same thing. Why do it through Spotify ? Actual question lol
  9. Different things can effect impedance rise including things in your car.. think I read box shape also cant remember though… but the isolator can be causing part of the voltage drop… yeah about buying bigger amps I don’t do it at the moment maybe if I ever get a project car again lol
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