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  1. CstrokerV

    Amp suggestions

    what do they mean by clean power? if the amps are set up properly their will be a clean signal to your subs if they mean clean signal at claimed r.m.s then yeah probably want a new amp or amps.. what did they try to sell you? how did they set your gains? how does it sound to you?
  2. have you watched any more of this guys reviews? i watched some but something about him that just bothers me and not sure what it is so i only got through like 3 or 4
  3. Lol must of been emailing him everyday asking him questions or posting stuff on his videos that he can find asnwers to here
  4. run the front rcas to channels 1&2 on the amp run the Sub outs to channel 3&4 dont use the rear outputs run the rears channels on the headunits output so just take out the old speakers and hook the new to the wires that are there or just use old speakers and dont buy new ones for the rear
  5. clean is right lol... I didnt even look at the pic of the bov untill he said something
  6. CstrokerV

    New SP4+ option

    i cant wait untill i have a few extra bucks to buy the ht series they have now for my house lol so in a few years
  7. Lol just noticed not even posted close to the right section
  8. you can make the box smaller if need be by gluing more boards inside it to take up that 1 cubic foot to much.. and i would ask what the box is tuned to also... and being in the bigger box the subs usually wont be able to handle as much power as recommended there is plenty of subjects on this matter
  9. CstrokerV

    No subwoofer break-in my ASS!!

    My dc lvl 3 m1 12’s got low and sounded good just as good as the sundown sa 15 I put in my nephews car.. a.a havocs sound amazing F.I Q’s are suppose to also haven’t heard them yet
  10. CstrokerV

    No subwoofer break-in my ASS!!

    Lol had a big old spew but decided not to even say it. It did make me laugh though... I’ll give you half of what you paid for your Teams since you aren’t going to use them because your other subs are better
  11. CstrokerV

    Need help choosing subs

    Other subs then both of what you said what’s your budget I didn’t see one
  12. CstrokerV

    Blew the wolf somehow

    bad r.c.as, bad deck somewhere from deck to amp somethings creating bad distortion sounds like it
  13. Probably because if J.l is like they use to be still and they find out he’s selling below what they say you can he will won’t be selling them any longer
  14. Never had reactions to poison ivy or sumac that I can recall my brother pulls poison I’ve out with his bare hands and is fine but my mom touches it and she gets it bad
  15. W6 w7 is the only woofers I ever heard of theirs that I liked amps never really looked into thm