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  1. Not to mention if you are using different brand drivers they are not going to sound the same so the tone is going to be off between brands... maybe or may not be noticeable.. but I know in my H.T set up even the difference series of the same brand I can tell a slight difference
  2. Change box change sub if your subs getting stinky and bottoming our you don’t want to add more power
  3. I sucked at my first and only comp lol did a 142 with 4 10’s about 2400 watts on burping and just totally messed up bass boxing didn’t have a clue what I was doing can’t recall what I was doing I think 139 class on that and I don’t think I have pics of that ... but I had fun and that’s all I cared about... someday I’ll make it to another one after I get another build started and finished.. need to find a cheap old term lab some day wish I picked one up when people had them for sale right before the new one came out
  4. Guaranteed it was to user error and that amp
  5. And the amp could of been still clipping at that voltage you set at that 1200 watts... and one sub going is not unheard of due to clipping with the other subs being fine. if that amp is only capable doing say 800 rms of clean power and you set it to 1200 rms then you clip the amp to hell and back ... box could of been an issue also... burnt coil is rarely due to manufacture defect and to user error
  6. Caps are good for daily... go to the damore section and search there for the cap video
  7. 3 4 ohm dvc can only be wired in the right way.. 2.666 ... or. .66 .... the way Erock will not work properly or the way your friend said
  8. bandwidth is mostly box... if I can find the video again of a the sp4 it had almost flat response from about 30hz to about 60hz and thanks joshdashef me too
  9. My traiLblazer is messed up to the point I don’t feel like getting it fixed .... so I need to get rid of it then find another project vehicle..
  10. Sp4 not musical really? ..... first I’ve heard about this everyone else who I’ve talked to who ran them say they are.. not the sq of a q or havoc but still plenty musical... doesn’t matter I have awhile before I get back into building sad
  11. If you do the measuring one and then strapping you need to do both amps to see what one distorts first and put that one as master
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