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  1. CstrokerV

    sub amp is blasting wide open/freaking out

    you buy an amp known for being a hit or miss since they came out and shocked it failed?
  2. You aren’t going to be able to port that box you currently have and keep enough airspace for those subs. They require 1.8 each and that is after the woofer and port take up
  3. If I ever get my truck and project the cab and bed is getting welded together so I don’t know lol
  4. Lol on his post when these came out the smds where in the works improving on those from what I remember... could be wrong though.. and not sure why this guy doesn’t try to get ahold of F.I they will be able to tell him everything he needs to know about them
  5. And for specs probably find them with google
  6. Still all you have to do is unbolt them from the box check the magnets and the logo on the cone and it would put this dumb shit to rest
  7. A.A and F.I same person... and mr. meade didn’t come out with “his” subs the same person who made these things if they aren’t the A.A smdv1 made the SMDs they where just branded S.M.Ds
  8. since they are Smd V1 Steve may have the specs on them still but im assuming a google search will bring them up also
  9. heres the pic never mind similar motor but not the ones in your pic but still more then likly A.A made since they owner of A.A/F.I owns the right to superguage so yours are more then likely V.1 Smds i mean un screw them and see
  10. heres one article of the crossfires no pics but they did have the same motor still An A.A made sub
  11. its made by Asendant audio He may be wrong bout the being smd and not crossfire i want to say i seen a version of them as crossfire not 100 percent sure though it could of been a different sub or someone just slapping a different logo on it and im too lazy to look for the picture im talking about.. its been awhile since the where released and buy this and you can get parameters for not sure what other info you want
  12. Punchy what do you mean by punchy
  13. CstrokerV

    Sub replacement sugestions

    So what if you are tuned low after you put it in a box a lot changes and you want to figure out the fb of the sub/box... the subs fs is at free air not in a box there’s a few articles or responses on here explaining stuff about this stuff
  14. CstrokerV

    Sub replacement sugestions

    the regular sp4 the Q's neo and ferrite the 3 hz i doubt will make a difference and the are awesome sounding subs .. not sure why you want fs under 30 when it usually dont matter when you put it in the box