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  1. oh it only does it on my phone on my desk top its fine
  2. Sometimes it happens to me but I refresh the page and it works
  3. CstrokerV

    Are these worth $70 and $90 dollars?

    If your amp comes with a knob why bother buying another one?
  4. I always wanted to do an aspire or Yaris or something small like that if I didn’t already have 8 12’s laying around for my project vehicle when I get it . I would look for one
  5. CstrokerV

    JL AUDIO 1000/1 clipping

    How music is recorded... gains, and deck set wrong.and Low voltage are a few things that cause clipping
  6. CstrokerV

    Factory Specs VS "The Math" for Port Area?

    there is plenty of subjects on this on this site pretty sure one is pinned at top in this section
  7. CstrokerV

    wiring voltage drop

    Listen to snafu he knows what he’s talking about go buy his books
  8. lol ive been planing on it but i have no project car at the moment
  9. Get a dc 10k and run it at 2 ohms just in case you want to upgrade later lol
  10. CstrokerV

    XS Power Battery Question

    I’d put them on a charger at least every other day... mines been sitting around I need to throw mine on
  11. CstrokerV

    XS Power Battery Question

    Oh ok ... they want you to charge them when you get them mine where at 12.5 and it charged up to 13.7 so yeah.... they say charge them before installing
  12. CstrokerV

    XS Power Battery Question

    Take it you didn’t read the stuff that came with the battery they say to put it on charger before installing
  13. What do you mean by acoustical bass ... like kick drums and that... and as good do you mean they aren’t as loud as the other types
  14. damn that sucks for you not me im not to worried about actually getting some lol