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  1. F.I chose to stop making Subs for other companies like a year ago to focus on their stuff not sure who’s making them for them now
  2. Check the battery leads... other then that I don’t know can always send it in to get overhauled
  3. F.I no longer Make other brands... not even sure whats going on with their Brick and mortar sub brand
  4. its in Kansas there shouldn't be much rust other then surface and i can have my cousin go look at it but the pics of the interior are clean also.... And if its just surface and the engine needs rebuilt its still would be worth it older suburbans around here are usually trash rusted to hell.... vacuum lines are cheap to replace so are fuel lines being a 91 i should be able to rerun wires if need be.. so those aspects are fine .. only thing i would worry about is the engine and trans i mean we could rebuild then both it in time but we rarely have the same days off
  5. Around 1400 to deliver man I have the money but it’s one of those things where I probably shouldnt
  6. Fi delta and omegas suppose to be up there but not 100% sure just what Someone in passing mentioned
  7. Man I want wonder how much it’ll cost to get delivered 1200 miles
  8. No it doesnt Tony already said what that is doing in that guys video its detecting modulation from the amp is what i want to say i remember him saying my next day off ill find his comments and post it here ... what are you talking about... its wrong to try to set an amp that way . ... No if you set an amp right before clipping the 1% thd is usually already there the dd-1 makes it so its slightly before the 1% thd the distortion light is the 1% thd and you turn it slightly down.. so yeah that point i was wrong i meant right before that 1% thd happens... if i still had my dads oscope i would show you that right before clipping 1% thd is already in the wave im pretty sure Tony shows this in one of his videos ..... Me misinformation lol you have given plenty just in that one thread..... Setting gains with the speaker and cap IS WRONG AND MISINFORMING People
  9. No if you are doing high spl then people like to set it at clipping to get as much power as possible for daily you do it by the 1% T.H.D ... I only do 1 to 2 systems a year and the 150 on a dd-1 was well worth if
  10. Read the comments in the video specifically Tony D’Amore ...further more you don’t set amps at clipping you do it at 1% t.h.d which the video didn’t show or pay any attention to where it was and what the speaker did if anything
  11. I’m not he wanted options so I’m giving him options it’s not about you it’s about him if he wants your amp he’s going to buy your amp if not he’s going to buy something else i wouldn’t buy either for those subs but that’s me
  12. It’s sundown you aren’t going to have to worry about quality.... if he’s gonna run lower then 1 ohm then ever then yes your amp would be a better choice since the sfb’s don’t run lower then 1
  13. Sundown sfb-5000 are like $450
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