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  1. CstrokerV

    Skar ZVX 8 ..Opinions???

    price Realistically if a company here in America copies a patent they get into trouble if they don’t change the part they copied... no one in this thread dogged Skar for any petty reason so don’t know what you Are talking about. Still would spend the extra money on sundown then skar
  2. great work. makes me want to do a build even more but no project car at the moment...
  3. CstrokerV

    Skar ZVX 8 ..Opinions???

    i see i wasn't sure hence the question mark.... and you mentioned part of the reason why i would run and recommend sundown over skar
  4. CstrokerV

    Skar ZVX 8 ..Opinions???

    said i was trolling and i still would go sundown over skar for personal reasons and other reasons but to each their own.. and soundqube subs are based off dd not american bass aren't they? would make sense since you know the relationship between the two ?
  5. Not lately need a project vehicle but as soon as I do I will
  6. CstrokerV

    Skar ZVX 8 ..Opinions???

    Sundowns lol more trolling then anything
  7. CstrokerV

    Skar ZVX 8 ..Opinions???

    Go with the originals not the copies lol
  8. eehhh ive seen alot of douchebag comments from Sean.... you can't blame f.i for stopping making oem for others.. and you cant blame them for ssa and xfire not having stock when they should have had a stock built up. and franks comment wish there was more details it just seems hes talking shit with out any substance my opinion though
  9. CstrokerV

    Budget 18 suggestions ?

    2 dc level 3s maybe
  10. not sure about about that... not sure how many watts you are running cant remember but the fi alpha 10s are 160 if you wanted to try FI they are 750 watts
  11. CstrokerV

    Strapped Amps Wiring Correction?

    The amps I have they are 2400 a piece but when I strap them it says it will only be 4500.. not sure how yours work though as soon as I’m able to start a build I’ll strap till I get a cc-1 then I’ll match with that..
  12. Oh yeah looks like it well go to Walmart and try the extractor there if they still have them
  13. Take the hose back off seebif you can’t grab it with a channel lock or something I have that extractor from seen on tv adds not sure if I was using it wrong or what but it didn’t work