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  1. CstrokerV

    Cerwin Vega?

    The ones like that but all silver and black surround sounded good they are the replacement right after those
  2. Try peeling it off and see what happens lol
  3. At least you used their “butyl” line and not their Peel and seal line... anyways yeah window vibration is pretty much unavoidable.. haven’t seen anyone do it on windows give it a go and let us know if it helped a little lol
  4. CstrokerV

    Alpine Type X

    It says in the page you posted .55 sealed box doesn’t say anything for ported
  5. Lol awwwwww considering it’s a liability if they gave you the guys contact info I wouldn’t either... and you said you can do shit yourself so make your own mold
  6. CstrokerV

    Re Help!

    then why you come her acting like it was a rush acting like you didn't know what you where doing?.... and i wouldn't do what you did
  7. uhh never mind guess im wrong only texts can be muted and sent to another tab
  8. how long ago the company gone ? might find info online to contact the owner or whatever im sure he still has the crap on it he will probably charge you still though.. i would assume anyways
  9. the 2 that donated thank you very much.. and if anyone shared also thank you very much ill have a post up selling my dc lvl3 12's m1 with m2 soft parts here shortly so look for it lol
  10. Thanks.. don’t know how fast it’s going to progress so just trying to get her there to knock of a bucket list I would assume 3 more in 4 months isn’t good.. was the last to know but it seems she had to go to the hospital today not sure if it was because of this or not have to find out tomorrow.. anyways I appreciate it.
  11. Not asking for donations just shares my sister has m.s and got 3 new lesions in like 4 months so we are trying to send her to Ireland like in spring .I have a 5th of what we need in my Savings account so that will go to this I can’t be selfish with my car funds lol Like I said not asking any of you to donate just shares this is the only community that I’m on and I respect all of you and figured I could get some shares .https://www.gofundme.com/ms-dream-vacation?member=430796
  12. CstrokerV

    hot sauce

    ive been meaning to get some more... a random pepper was growing at my friends wasnt sure what it was though lol...
  13. This post is one of the reason it stopped people complaining and accusing people of cheating when they didn’t win people being bias isn’t cheating it’s human nature