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  1. i didn't mind some of it but eeehhhh couldn't stand a lot of it not even sure if i still have any of it.... think i had upto zip 28 cant remember maybe ill got through some of my files see if i have any of it still
  2. Check the throttle body... mine went bad in my old trailblazer and did that
  3. i was gonna pick up two of the E750 but im gonna run one C.V amp instead with his T300.2 or the 600.2 just waiting for them lol well my plan for now always changing lol ... Anyways here for pictures lol
  4. Merry Xmas hope everyone has a good one and a good new year
  5. Email them and ask if you can’t get some if not Lowe’s and homedepot menards not sure if they will have the same ones as what he uses
  6. Tony Damore has some cheapish amps now full bridge check em out .. if I wasn’t waiting for his t series to come out I’d pick some up
  7. Depends on project how many hours a week and what the freelance charges is what the pay will be. I’m sure they will negotiate.. as where to find them I’m not sure
  8. I’ve heard the strokers they sound nice I haven’t heard anything else by them I’n along time so I don’t know about the new stuff other then the strokers
  9. Hertz subs rock at sq then fi Q and ssd with ht option don’t think they are taken mg orders for them at the moment though ... but you can have alot of output and then turn down the sub when you want not as much output for more of a balance sound
  10. get a good pair of rockford fosgate, stinger or the likes.... Those expensive cables are B.S not gonna have any significant difference between mid priced 40--50 dollar pair pretty sure a couple of videos floating around where they were tested against $200+ pairs of rcas.....
  11. Booo both sites i use for port length isnt working and im to lazy to to Math lol wonder if i still have Win isd or whatever its called lol
  12. Depending on how it bypassed it the dealership might of messed with it... and most places check battery status when you get oil changes just one thing on the list they do with oil changes so if the bypass was making something light up they could have done something to try to fix the issue call them and find out ... did you go look at the alt and all the wires?
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