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  1. with that space i would go 18's.. if that 2000 watt amp is 2000rms and a quality amp two dc lvl3 18s or 1 F.I Q 18
  2. What space you using just behind back seat ?
  3. $350 is too much for a 3000 watt amp? its only $175 more than that skar... and you have the amp to upgrade later
  4. Uh a moonroof is a sunroof but metal instead of glass are you talking about a panoramic sunroof? Bin any case you are probably gonna pop the seals if you do see if you can’t find Stronger sealant when you re seal them maybe
  5. What the space you want to run? F.I ssd 18 wouldnt be bad small set up lol
  6. Just keep the gain down and then it will let you upgrade later to two 1500 watt subs or one 3000... ... heard the lower end amps are junk but no experience with them....
  7. Look for an repeatable amp that does around 1000 rms at 2 ohms and build a new box see if you are happier for now then save some money ... look at the sundown sfb-3000
  8. if You keep that amp you could get a sub that matches that amp better at 1ohm and build a better box... Not sure what the specs of that amp is though
  9. 1. depends 2. depends on what im doing a few hours to a few days 3. hell yeah ... stupid ass car companies that put shit through the radio.. 4. not really thats dependent on the car manufacturer my opinion of course 5. yeah need tools at hand..... don't really get this question 6. website to make custom T harnesses not sure about more side note that new kicker keloc is a nice
  10. i always run my stuff at what id expect at 12v tis why i look for amps that have 12v ratings and can be ok dipping below that and usually run my stuff car off so me personally i would do the batts if it was one or the other
  11. why would you even think 100 to 125 hz would be a good lpf point for a sub? i usually don't set higher then 80 and never had really any problem with the sound at that frequency with any size i have used And i usually port 33 to 34 hz ... Are you sure you are setting everything right And what doesnt sound right?
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