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  1. no math isn't right but ehh need to add the phase with the math.. look at Tony Damores video explaining it ... waves looking like that could just be the oscope you did say it was cheap... is the dd1 distortion light on with that setting?
  2. I was gonna see how many Amazon gift cards I could get with my cc and bing rewards to get the 18 down to 500 or so but pretty sure I don’t lol
  3. The new classic strokers pros are around like 1500 for 15 and like 1600 for the 18 main reason I’m not getting one lol… well Amazon has the 18 for 909 and 15 for 1300 but still to much for this build
  4. I watch soundman lol … not sure the box yet need measurements and stuff before I decide what to do
  5. Yeah probably going with a pair of the Vegas but to me the classic strokers and red surrounds is both nostalgia to me
  6. I want the classic pro stroker subwoofer but out of my price range for a nostalgia build looking at the Vegas since they still have the red surround…. Or the regular stroker and just have red accents not sure yet I have company coming for the month of July so not sure when I’ll get started
  7. this is a nostalgia build first subs ever bought always ran them until i got my DCs favorite subs i had was the bubble dome stokers loud and sounded nice. still run the home speakers i bought in 1996 vs100 .. Not sure when im going to do a full build just starting this so I don't have to start it later... not sure what subs I'm going to use, but for now until i decide I'm going to be using my dc lvl3 m1 12"s didn't want to go full bridge or a class d for mids and highs but since i dont know how long im going to run this equipment I went cheapish
  8. seen 2 12"s or 15's cant remember doing 151 not sure the wattage though in a ported box im pretty sure there's a few videos on youtube with them hitting high numbers ... v2 though so not sure about the v1's id say play with them and see how you like them...
  9. What brand? full range? partsexpress you can get tang bang. Morel among others you can get there in singles
  10. if you are doing it by ear and the subs share airspace strap the amps you only have to worry about adjusting things on one amp and subs getting same power
  11. could try robotunderground they use to have a horrible reputation not sure how it is now...
  12. Call F.I they should be able to recone it it is /was made by them
  13. i didn't mind some of it but eeehhhh couldn't stand a lot of it not even sure if i still have any of it.... think i had upto zip 28 cant remember maybe ill got through some of my files see if i have any of it still
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