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  1. WTF on bringing up this thread and not even relevant to the o.p topic lol.......
  2. So distortion all the time? Or now you can set it because the light lights up ?
  3. Ahh thought get it did read the manual like 5 years ago lol
  4. Sub level needs to be all the way up on alot of head units and if I remember correctly been awhile since i read the manual the negative is on ground not speaker ground
  5. Ahhh if you try adjusting again with it that low put it up some after words But yeah dd-1 is nice I would like to get a dd-1+ But the regular one works fine for me
  6. How low does that high pass go? Set that high pass as low as it will go, what’s your box tuned to
  7. You have the 15’s hooked up to one ohms? … also I’ve seen a few examples of someone having smaller subs going to bigger inside it was louder snide the car and outside of the car it was a lot louder.. try moving box position if you can and the was the subs are pointed if possible…. Do they x’s sound better? I heard some of the stroker 12’s I liked how they sounded and I miss my bubbles dome stroker 15” other then A.A havoc it’s my favorite sub I’ve heard lol anyways and what deck you have? Could be what is effecting your volts
  8. Possibly but you have to take everything in consideration speakers, type of amp, acoustics of area there’s an article about it somewhere on the net can’t remember where or if it was home audio or car it’s been awhile
  9. So the sub rca output is clean until after the amp? Where was the rca output measured at deck or at the end of rcas by amp? Did I see any sub amp does this? I can’t remember.. have you tried a different deck ? See if that solves the problem?
  10. I’d go a different sub if you actually going sq like a sub made for sq like hybrid or si even f.I ssd with the h.t option will be better then that skar but just my opinion
  11. F.I has a few 18’s if you like sealed boxes. The h.c fits in a 3.5 sealed box
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