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  1. No this is not right section.. the for sale section is labeled for sale their is 2 categories car related and non and a set of rules you need to read
  2. Tony has a few posts in this not sure what section but if I remember right the thd on then is like 3% and there is no proper output filter or something son they cause noise
  3. Oh well.. I’m a long away from installing an Apple iPad in my dash if I ever will...
  4. It’s because of YouTube if you buy the subscription of you tube it will come up on the iPad so I’ve been told
  5. do They have a pole vent if they do how far is anything behind it?
  6. That method does not work Tony already explained why... probably in that guys comments
  7. There’s a few videos about fiberglass enclosures and articles on YouTube and here
  8. I personally would look into different subs not a fan if JL lower end subs .. wouldn’t buy anything less then the w6 if I would go JL ... and I’d go with a porter box even if you have to drop 2 subs I’m assuming with your post you want it to sound like your other car not going to happen with those subs and a sealed box
  9. Wait your box he built and design. For 4 15s only has 45 sq inches of port? I had more then that for 4 12s
  10. For number 2 Besides the sub level 0 is zero volts to the preamps so it has to be up when he’s doing the dd1 unless he’s talking about the bass boost level on the deck which I think he isn’t ..
  11. Set the subwoofer level at max or minimum half way and leave it there you don’t mess with that after and must be set before you test deck also ..if it’s a bass knob throw it away if it’s a gain knob all the way up when you set it
  12. Well wouldn’t replace the lvl4 with skar I’d port one 10 like the F.I ssd 10 over your options you posted... or even seal that 12 if you have the depth
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