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  1. hot sauce

    Blah I’ll respond to this thread when I get on a computer ll
  2. Could of bought a pail and the cyclone from menards for like 50 kinda a lot and I haven’t pulled the trigger but I am going to sooner or later
  3. hot sauce

    eating wings with dried carolina reapers mixed with babyrays almost passed out but not as bad as i thought it was going to be need a better mixture i think lol
  4. Pierce Audio?

    this comes uo every few years.. yet again didnt know he was still around
  5. kia soul head unit replacement

    im probably just going to go with a 360 or something along those lines and keep the stock radio
  6. kia soul head unit replacement

    i was saying putting in a single din or that nature not one of those
  7. kia soul head unit replacement

    at least you have options i have 0 for my 17 mazda3
  8. And?......it has its place why you trying to talk shit.. just like you trying to overhype your shit
  9. congress stil has a say in this but who knows what they will do.... its gonna create a clusterfuck and what ive been told its going to fuck over small isp businesses ..... either way if congress allowes it to go through only way to protest it is to try to get a mass quantity of people to cancel their service for 6+ months.. washington and newyork already talking about suing the fcc lol
  10. . there wasnt even any bass in that demo compared to the other videos and there was roof flex in that video not bad but you an see it.
  11. Level 5 12 basket

    why not just send the motors in to dc and have them build the subs for you?
  12. Looking to buy a 15" 12 spoke basket

    why not send the motor to dc and have them build you the sub