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  1. Unless you planing on upgrading and the fact you are only keeping the car for 2 years and it stays in the 13’s the alt is pointless I.m.o..
  2. So you only hitting 153 is why you think the box just ain’t working? Lol
  3. Well the 6th order is probably going to be to big unless you do a blow through .... and any properly built box would work
  4. Cjack why would you post on a 6 year old thread ? And not just start your own? And you didn’t even give any needed info on top of that
  5. Why not email fi and ask but they where great subs back then I’d think the Qs would be better then the triple x and the brahmas, wait older brahmas ones or the new ones either way I’d love to have 2 q neo 18’s
  6. Yeah tonasty mine was shit and I got a little love not much but a little lol
  7. I had the issue the same thing he has from the rca metal part hitting some metal
  8. So if you unplug the Rcas from the headunit does it go away? To me it sounds like a grounding issue either the headunit the amp or both also it could be that part of the metal of the rcas contacting something it’s not suppose To.. try wrapping the ends in electrical tape if you can pull the rcas out and run over your interior try that see if it’s still there
  9. That’s where all mine rest after sitting.. I didn’t even charge them before use like the manual says too
  10. Me !!!!!! Only songs I didn’t is when they played below box tune...
  11. Just hook the tweets up real quick see if it does it.... move the cross over see if it does
  12. Lol I apologize when I first commented I thought you where talking about sundown SAs. Need to stop commenting when I’m half asleep lol
  13. With 750 watts you could try the x series I think it is of F.I
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