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  1. Lol I know I was just being dumb.. I don’t listen to much newer rap unless someone says it has a nice baseline or what not so I can’t really help you lol
  2. The teams why get an already built one that’s ruins half the fun
  3. i like alot of policies hes trying to pass, I dislike him as a human though.. then again most our past presidents did shit that made me not like them as a human
  4. Depends on your brand of wire... some are oversized and rates higher
  5. Ahhhh might hear a difference... it might not be a Huge difference though...
  6. If you are changin because you think you will be louder I wouldn’t bother...
  7. Uhhhh ok? So do 2 12s ported then or one higher powered 15 ported then if you want low end
  8. He hasn’t been on since 2015 so doubt you will get a reply
  9. Dd-1 is to match preamp voltage from deck at 1% thd to the amp... ohm load is irrelevant... use the 0db track for your mids and highs amp and you should be fine with the extra watts for headroom the amp doesn’t produce that on music all the time anyways
  10. 92-96 one of those years walled RF punch. power, something 15’s in a montecarlo.. was first one got me more interested into car audio well audio period then I already was... but the two high powered ones I won’t forget are Boyd’s Jeep and the Canadians can’t remember his name lol truck both at world finals 2011
  11. Lol never mind misread or something think I need to go back to bed
  12. No versus threads allowed... just a f.y.i
  13. Highly doubt there will be a lower cost
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