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  1. Jln213

    RE Audio 35.1d

    It's for sure re. I'm talking to David about it right now. If you ever want to sell it or trade I would be interested.
  2. Audio control epicenter adds the missing bass back into the music. It is a very nice pice of equipment that many people have used for decades.
  3. I saw that one. Do you think it's gtg? The last post says the port area is too big. Thanks!
  4. I have a pair of sundown sa 10 classics that I am giving my cousin. I am looking for a box design. I have never built a vented box but I have the tools and skills to build one. I just don't know what dimensions to use for a vented enclosure. I am giving him 5 old kicker zr amps, the subs will be powered by a zr 240 each. I know they will be under powered but they should get about 500 watts a piece. I am looking for either a zr 600 or 1000. But until then we will be using the 240s. The box will be going in the back of a 4 runner so it's nothing crazy design wise. I just need a basic design. I have searched but I have not been able to find any standard box designs. I know there must be some somewhere. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Heya, I am getting ready to put a sub in my wifes 2014 Kia Sorrento. It has the upgraded infinity sound system but I need a little more oomph. I have a few different subs to choose from. I have 1 Sundown x8v3, 1 Sundown SA10 v2 and 4 Sundown SD4 12-2. I am leaning towards the x8 or sa10 But am not opposed to one of the 12s. I just think I want to build a bandpass box so as to protect it. I am going to be taking the 3rd row seat out and think there is plenty of room to mount a box and amp under there.  I will be using one of my old school amps either a mtx 225 ho or maybe one of my crossfire 30hc's. I also have a Audio Control LC2 with bass knob so I can turn it down when we don't want to bump. What do you think is the best option for my application? I would like it to be stealth as well as protected from groceries, strollers, etc. 

    Thanks for any advice from a fellow Eastern Washingtonian. 


  6. Do you know if that alternator will fit a 95 land cruiser? I am having the same issue finding a bigger than 80 amp alternator...
  7. I love the neo quick detach. Such a great idea. And I've watched your videos proving they conduct well. Shocked that it took so long for someone to figure that out. Brilliant idea. I think I am going to get some for my old school build. I just need to figure out for sure how many subs I will be running. I'm still trying to get my hands on 2 more Orion 2ntense dvc 12s.
  8. Heya, I notice you live in eastern wa and know how to design a box. I live in Leavenworth and could use some advice. I have plenty of experience with the actual construction but designing a 4th order is new to me. Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated. I will be using my old school system from the 90s. The subs are 2 orion dvc 12 inch 2ntense. They will be powered by a ppi pc 2100 and an audio control 2xs crossover. 


    here is a link to their specs



    Here is a link to my first post about the install


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