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  1. I love the neo quick detach. Such a great idea. And I've watched your videos proving they conduct well. Shocked that it took so long for someone to figure that out. Brilliant idea. I think I am going to get some for my old school build. I just need to figure out for sure how many subs I will be running. I'm still trying to get my hands on 2 more Orion 2ntense dvc 12s.
  2. Anyone else think it's a good idea? I just wanna see some cool builds and new ones, monthly.
  3. I did end up buying the eqx. The guy I bought it from turned out to be local to me. He was a custom installer at car toys for 12 years. He offered to help me with the install and the tuning. So I'm set there. Still want plans for a 4th order box for 2 of the 12s tho.
  4. I am doing an all old school build with 3 ppi powerclass amps. 1 pc250, 1 pc2100 1 pc450. The first Gen of the power class, the Grey ones. I also have an audio control 2xs from the mid 90s that I have used with great success on my 2 orion 2ntense dvc 12s powered by the pc250. I am using old q series mb quart components. I bought a 3rd 2ntense 12 that I plan on doing a custom fiberglass box in the rear quarter panel for. And building a 4th order bandpass that I can remove for when we go camping. The rig is mainly used for camping and exploring. I decided to put all my old school gear in it as I haven't had a system since 2006. But I want to make it as low profile as possible but also be able to compete in the old school spl challenge. My question is.. How do you guys think I should set this up? Since my subs are dvc 4 ohms and the ppis don't really like bridged lower than 4 ohms I am trying to figure out my layout. I do also have an old school punch 100dsm and a punch 400x4 transana. All period correct stuff. But I love how the ppis sound. I am thinking about picking up an audio control eqx as well. That way I at least have equal voltage to all the amps. My head unit is a copper chassis rfx 9400. It does put out 5 volts but I think I want the eq. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. He just got it and I live on the other side of the mountains from him. I plan on seeing it as soon as the state is off Quarantine.. But he says he can feel it in his heart. And it has a nice jl amp with all top shelf jl components.
  6. My friend just bought this and asked me if I could get any information on the era of the system. Thanks in advance!
  7. I had to drive 320 miles for the pair but for 100 bucks total I think it was worth it.
  8. Hence my 1500 watt comment.
  9. You really don't need to be that close to recommended specs to make your speakers pound. Buy a 1500 watt amp and turn it down. Buy whatever is in your price range. It's really not that important. I run old school stuff only. But I'm running 2 500 watt rms subs off 1 50x2 amp... It pounds.
  10. Love that art series. You definitely fixed the ridiculous emf fields you must've had.. I wouldn't have been able to spend any time in that rig without going insane.
  11. No offense at all but is there a reason you didn't just go with a regular 1500? That 14 bolt semi float is a wheelers dream axle.
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