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  1. so I've qot a sundowndown xv2 wired at 1 ohms on a salt 4k. I got an 80a alt and 2 batteries totally 140 a/h. Why are my volts barely ever dropping below 14?? From what I understand my electrical should supply maybe 2k watts. Not 4k. So I figured there would be a dip once I depleted some of my batteries after prolonged use, NOPE. Solid but fluctuating 14v during a 2 hour drive of constant slamming. Is this....okay? Do I possibly have something not tunes right? My electrical should not support this...but yet it is?
  2. Yeah I watched it but I thought it was kind of unclear , Wish I could have asked him some questions. When he said pick any hz you want he kind of lost me . That doesn’t make sense to me if your tuning . But thanks 

  3. Hes been absolutly great to me. Awesome service and awesome interactions. Hes great! It appears that people have an issue with his personality, he seems like a really cool dude to me! He's just not a suite and tie cumster is always right no matter what type of dude. Reminds me alot of a rugged old mechanic who don't take nobodies shit. Most people that have issues with him seem to be the egotistical type and thays usually how the issues arise. Just from what I've seen
  4. It still hasnt came yet, but should be very soon. I'll post back when it does. I just contacted him, I'd do it through his FB page. I just contacted him though and told him what I need and he got it done for me. I gureentee he, or any company, can make you an alternator for any vehicle.
  5. And your good man the information is great! I seriously hope rise is something I dont have to worry about even though I love spl
  6. So I've researched box rise, aka impedance rise. There are numerous people that back up what your saying. I.e putting more then rated power on a woofer. However almost every forum I've read about it unanimously agrees most people shouldnt even worry about Impedence rise. I'm also finding people say if you want to put 3k to a subwoofer, then get a 3k rms subwoofer, not a 1.5k one.
  7. Wut. Sooo a 750 rms sub can take 1500rms.... Cuz sundown? Idk, that really turned a really convincing post into a totally biased direction...
  8. I would like to know people input on this as well. I'm currently eyeing up the zvx 18. Its xmax is quite a bit higher then the evl, idk about the zvx
  9. You've emailed all the companies and asked? Just because they don't list it, doesnt mean they won't make it, goodluck!
  10. Well bro I can tell you I have a new 200A iraggi alt coming sometime this next week. I'll let you know if I notice a difference .
  11. From what I understand it's all about voltage drop? Guess you would be able to play it at higher volumes without voltage drop? So that's my guess. We shall find out together, hopefully.
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