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  1. I can tell you theres a big open market that's very short on supply of........ Enclosures. Theres really no affordable and reputable custom enclosure shops, online or offline. Yeah theres prefab sites like ground shaker and atrend, and maybe 1 or 2 places that make custom boxes. But they are overpriced, and also seem to be the "underside" of most websites, meaning it's not a priority for them. Honestly custom enclosures on ebay is the only massive all-over-the-internet enclosure builder. And his profile is sketchy on ebay, it doesnt load and says its non existent. I've tried contacting him several times through multiple areas and hes a straight ghost. I would say theres a pretty open market to capitalize in in the whole custom enclusre building. Infact what I think would really be huge...is loaded enclosures. Yeah shipping would be a B, maybe ship them separate. But.....skar audio was EXTREMLY attractive to me because it has loaded enclosures. And that's really the only legit company that does that and I've always thought it was a very good idea. You would crush it if you could take mainstream subs, pair them with a custom enclosure, and find a way to ship it to people.
  2. Yeah I watched it but I thought it was kind of unclear , Wish I could have asked him some questions. When he said pick any hz you want he kind of lost me . That doesn’t make sense to me if your tuning . But thanks 

  3. If singer and mechmen wont build one for you then that's because their manufacture wont build the housing for them. And if the 2 biggest names cant find a manufacturer then I doubt anybody else can. Sounds like a shatty deal. Youd probably want to ask a machinist to custom make you some type of housing that you could then have some alternator company build the rest of it for you... but this is all theoretical thinking and might not even be possible
  4. Be a dirtbag order a new one and return it with the broken one Goodluck with your problem
  5. For real this kinda sucks because I have to cut my bass down drastically whenever I'm getting close to a parking spot for my car. Not many people like stealing. But alot of people like stealing from that punk kid with loud bass
  6. Yeah buddy, you getting it from their yard sale? $259 for a u18 I'm picking up one or two myself
  7. Simple answers please, no comparing. Just what would you pick.... poll option wouldnt work. For a single sundiwn u18 Sundown audio sfb 2000.d Sundown audio 3000.d Taramps smart 3k My mind is pretty much made up, just curious to see what other people would pick
  8. Oh and here's a funny. I sold a sub the other day and had my 1000bdcp hooked up to demo it. The dude made a comment about it being very small kind of in a "that's gotta be a shitty amp" type of way. I mean he said it curiously but I just found it pretty funny when I told him it's a $700 amp
  9. My crown jewel is my RF 1000bdcp. Imho it's the perfect daily amplifier for people running stock systems. So I'm going to give it to my gf :). Only thing I seriously dislike about them (as far as the 1000bdcp goes) is their terminals. Absolute trash, at least for my taste. Yes its sleek and clean looking but if your the type that's constantly changing stuff..they are extremly annoying and also I've noticed the power and ground wires dont stay very secure. I have 3rd party clamps keeping the wires wedged into the terminals... However the the sfb lineup from sundown is looking extremly attractive...... gotta say mad props to 1.21 gigawatts hes helping me nonstop with my build
  10. I searched the U and alot of people where saying it's a sq sub. And the fact that all their higher end subs are at 1500 rms I wasnt sure if it's what I wanted because i really cant tell the difference between subs. Also this zvx was brand new, compared to the bstock U. And if I wanted to get more it would be the same price, which I plan in doing. I felt like if I went with sundown, I would just want to get the X or even better the zv5 and I wasnt about to spend that much money
  11. I was afraid to put the smart 3 in the zvx aswell. Affordablilty if I get more. 2 yr warrenty The good customer service, been in contact with them for awhile. But mainly that return policy
  12. Seems like it for real
  13. It's my box. I paid $260 from a local dealer and I got something thays prefab quality. The 2nd day all the seams where coming undone, there was cracking, and joints are separating causing a massive leak in air. It's not braced or anything it's just solid 1 inch MDF all over and I'm pissed. Port is super short too I've never seen such a short port before. Oh yeah it had Knicks and dings all over it when I picked it up..I was just so excited I through in my vehicle and didnt really pay attention..lesson learned.
  14. This is one little detail that is not so little.. I'm just now finding this out. There seriously needs to be a manual or a instruction book for all this that sums everything up nice and easy.
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