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  1. I’m not man enough for that amp. Love it
  2. If your dropping to 10volts U may need an Alt but more batteries will help also , your watts are fine for the power your gonna use.
  3. 1500 Watts I wouldn’t replace the Alt just do a 2nd battery and watch your voltage.
  4. No info or specs on there site , Do they work in sealed enclosures.
  5. I’ve replaced a lot of front diff’s , I just think with that much power u need solid axles , I could be completely wrong I’m not into horsepower but love seeing this build , I’m not a GM fan but still appreciate nice vehicles and the work it takes to get from start to finish.
  6. Dual XPR82D

    I wouldn’t have guessed that power, Always interesting to see how the shitty lines compete
  7. Not sure the style, I found them by searching voodoo tattoo designs , I’m a fan of color and new age tattoos but still have some black and grey.
  8. I’m a fan of ceramic pads , but if you got 1000lbs more on your vehicle bigger pads and rotors would help, but just by not over heating, got to keep brakes cool that’s the key to longevity.
  9. Thanks ,going back in July and gonna get shading done to connect everything. Tattoos are a crazy addiction.
  10. Got these done today 5hrs way to long for sitting.
  11. 10A.M today going in in for a 4-5 hour tattoo session, got my lunch packed. 😀

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    2. Ron36


      Bandage comes off at 6 then I’ll post some picks , 5hrs is to long my ass was numb 

    3. Ron36
    4. Wishuponasub


      Sweet. Yeah I know what you mean. The job in working now has me sitting in a chair for 12 hours. It sucks.

  12. Stock trans still or at least shift kit , how about front axles , rear diff and axles , drive shaft , I’m so confused on this ,I love the power but don’t understand how you get it to the wheels. I work on Tahoe’s everyday and they can’t handle there 300hp motors without having problems I’m just scared for you. Hope it halls ass and Im completely wrong .Dont want to sound like an ass but I can’t tell you how many front diffs I’ve replaced on stock motors.