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  1. Wish I could but my wieners to small you’d be to distracted , I’ll show U my wiener later get some work done I’m a SQ fan wanna see how U squeeze sound out of a standard cab.
  2. Fights over already my wiener barely had time to move. I think I could have tickled both these chicks to quit or at least would try. Drinking and fighting just goes together perfectly.
  3. I’m drinking with friends watching bare knuckle fighting and 2 chicks just stepped in so I understand about rubbing one out.
  4. More interested in the box then the phone charging system , all new cars have a million ports for that, what’s the difference U still need to plug in the wireless charging port. Sorry I’m an asshole I know but that’s what I think still love the build.
  5. Alpine Type R mids can take a lot of power and the magnets are small so they fit anywhere. Might be more then your budget though.
  6. I’ve always been impressed with Sundown and Skar never had issues but would like to own something Deaf bonce they look awesome .
  7. U will notice a difference and your amps won’t be distorting ,making clean music, Your system will love U and last longer. With that setup on stock ALT it would be louder if U ran it at 2ohms. Your destroying your amps, your setup sounds like it’s about 10k at 14volts but I know you’ve never seen that with stock ALT. U should have at least a 350amp ALT and 5-6 batteries. I would run more then 1 ALT though.
  8. Wish I could hear your vehicle or Tonasty’s when there done, never heard an SQ vehicle and I think my basic shit sounds clean but I’m sure yours is awesome. Just hearing ever note and sound the way it’s meant to be heard. I do appreciate what the SQ guys do. Getting everything clean out of the power U give it. To me that’s way harder then running 20k distorted and shaking windows and not being able to hear a word being sang.
  9. U drive a Prius , Y not just keep saving the planet and leave it stock, with an aftermarket amp , your super smart car will see a load change and your super smart start stop system might not work correctly slowly ruining our planet, should have thought about that when saving the earth, by the way I’m drunk and work on a lot of Prius cars and not one has ever wanted to add aftermarket power add on’s that change the point of owning a Prius.
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