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  1. I use this stuff pretty happy with it . Started using it last year.
  2. We had a meeting at work and gonna have to start servicing Tesla vehicles now , not to happy about this but will try to charge accordingly .
  3. Very impressed with how it turned out, but why know SMD on that empty battery box from XS, that’s your design put your name on it. LOL , great work you deserve more credit for that design.
  4. I feel for you, me and my wife both agreed we would never get married again because it’s hard . I’m an asshole and she knows it but she’s the boss and can control me pretty good. I need a baby sitter. Your progress is slow but that’s what I like about your build my A D D wouldn’t allow me to take my time . Keep it up and stay positive.
  5. Not on here much but love seeing your updates, stay strong I feel for you , sometimes shit doesn’t work out it’s sad but I’ve told my wife both agreed we would never get married again, we both love each other but marriage is tuff people just stay true to themselves, it’s hard to change and if your loved one doesn’t see it or won’t change themselves it makes life hard. My wife is like a dude I can tell her anything and it’s like a guy responding that’s why I love her. I got lucky but she still doesn’t understand the car audio addiction but she deals with it.
  6. Not shitting on FI but would have went with Sundown, you’d be bumping and happy already.
  7. If I ever go out to dinner with my wife and protesters ruin our dinner I will go to jail . This shit is getting out of control.
  8. Sundown or Skar is the way to go , Skar is always alittle cheaper and still a great product, if money is no issue Sundown or DD, by the way fuck JL don’t waste your money. Way overrated.
  9. Sundown has great customer service and support, should be easy to get ahold of , I’m guessing you didn’t buy them direct.
  10. 12’s will be louder and will get lower , I would only use 8’s if it was a no room issue. 8’s can get loud but 12’s are the way I would go.
  11. Gatley Audio and Down4sound makes really nice boxes.
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