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  1. U need an ALT. .7 ohms is killing your vehicle not only is your amp probably 300 degrees your PCM is too. When resistance drops amps (current) goes up . I ran at .6ohms but had a 250amp ALT and 6 batteries, never dropped below low 13’s. Also your probably getting about 500watts or less at that voltage. So buying a shit amp but running it at 4ohms would sound better then your good amp. Do the right thing or your wasting your time and money. Or run just 2 subs at 1ohm and it will be louder.
  2. This is the crap shoot but mine are fine, If your SA’s have issues they have rebuild kits. But I’m betting they are fine.
  3. 5 months ago , I figured they were so cheep I’d beat the shit out of them and it turns out they love it.
  4. I wish I could hear a SQ vehicle just to see the difference from what I’m running. I think my shit sounds good .
  5. Always wanted to listen to a pair of those 8’s , they look tough , I thought about doing 4 or 5 under a seat sealed. I run a single 10 Skar VD in my beater and it’s been running for 5yrs now and got no complaints .
  6. Rockford Punch 45 on subs and I think a Rockford 35x4 on mids, both great amps . Mid to late 90’s
  7. This is the planet Audio 4K doesn’t even do half rated , 3500 watts might be a lot for that sub but I don’t know those subs.
  8. Box can cause these issues also need more info. Box specs for sub and power running it. I’ve seen a lot of bad boxes cause these issues.
  9. I would just braid the wire together very strong and heat shrink it , I stopped soldering wire years ago unless it’s on a circuit board . Had a class on this awhile back and braided and crimp joints hold better then solder. Solder isn’t flexible and can crack from vibration. Not to mention only about half the people that solder really know how to do it right , U don’t just put a drop of solder on a wire and call it soldered I’ve seen this a ton in car audio.
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