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  1. Box looks really good U are gonna need a lot of power for those subs.
  2. Ron36

    is my system on par?

    Still want pics or it’s all a dream.
  3. Ran 3 SA-10’s sealed at .6 ohms and 2 SA-10’s at 1ohm and the sealed had alittle more Punch in the chest but the ported was a lot less stress on my electrical, If it was me would do sealed but not the SD series
  4. Looks like that truck has a hemroid.
  5. That’s good to know didn’t understand all the rules or laws just saw a lot of people bitching and I think they have a right to.
  6. Been reading up on this law that went into effect 2019 how do U guys live in California, U can’t have fun and they want everyone to drive a Prius. This is just one video of thousands.
  7. Was it back to working good if so it’s definitely the other ALT but why I don’t know , could be a belt issue or something just getting to hot and burning up the regulator, maybe belt to tight or to loose , is it a direct plug in or is there an aftermarket pigtail on the new ALT. What car a lot of new models have stretch belts and I don’t know if U can get a smaller fit for a smaller pulley.
  8. Buy them and give us feed back of how they are, I’d be interested in hearing about them, they do look nice but I always stick with what I know will sound good. For subs right now I run Sundown, Skar and DD in my cars.
  9. If U still have it put the factory alternator back on and check your charging voltage that will eliminate a lot .
  10. I’d stick with Sundown or any other line U see talked about on here, cheap is for a reason U get what U pay for.
  11. My center support bearing went on my truck a couple years ago Ford wanted 12hundred for a new drive shaft, had our machine shop in town make me a custom shaft and all parts are serviceable for 700. I don’t know who is engineering these new cars but they have never seen snow or salt before . Shitty part was the bearing was fine the rubber bushing deteriorated that holds the bearing in. But that’s life living in the north.
  12. Ron36

    Rockford fosgate t1500

    Could be either the cable or the plug on the amp side, maybe see if u can barrow a buddies cable and see if the noise goes away. If not probably internal amp issue.