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  1. The first thing I thought was ram the door at full speed but until you’re in that position it’s really hard to say. I also have a big truck I don’t know if I could of lived with myself if I drove off and I read the cop was killed. I definitely would have fired my gun at the guy though from a good distance. Does anybody know if they caught him.
  2. U can also try resetting the BCM by cycleing the key from off to on 3 times without starting it . Then I think you’re supposed to lock and unlock the doors I’m not sure might need to google it.
  3. Is the theft light flashing, if not u have a blown fuse check all fuses with test light . If all that stuff isn’t working it’s not getting power has to be a fuse look in the manual all those are probably connected somewhere.
  4. Love the hot glue , my wife made fun of me for buying a dewalt hot glue gun , I glue everything works great and doesn’t destroy anything.
  5. Ron36

    Skar Rp1500.1D output voltage

    Sounds like you got a good amp , Skar puts out good stuff I’ve been a fan for awhile. RP line is China but can handle a lot. I recommend putting a fan on them to keep them cool.
  6. What’s up with those giant spacers on the frt hubs , that’s kicking your wheel out , find shorter ones and if u go up or down on any vehicle u need an alignment, not to say that shop is right on the camber idea u don’t want to chew up tires.
  7. These fuckers are awesome they even adjust to grip the wire and hold it tight.
  8. Ron36

    6.5 preferences

    On Amazon for $180
  9. Ron36

    6.5 preferences

    Run alpine type R 6.5’s components, they love power and have great sound when I first bought them put 85x2 to them and wasn’t impressed, was told they need more so I put 130x2 to them and they opened up and have been impressed ever since .
  10. Probably over 10,got 6 batteries , 4 amps plus big 3, some are on body some on frame.
  11. No such thing as to many grounds , I Ran separate grounds to every battery and every amp they are tied together through the body.
  12. Ron36

    Subwoofer, please read.

    I’ve always plugged them in and let them rip. Never blown a good sub but blown many shitty subs. Good thread.
  13. , Fuse the front on the way to the rear so one run has 2 fuses , also I like running a cable from Alt to rear batteries fuse twice also.