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  1. Lights almost always dim, If u go to a HID or LED conversion headlamp u won’t get dimming . The ballast store the voltage keeping it from dimming.
  2. Build looks good , great mids never heard a type R sub in person I’m guessing if it’s anything like the quality of their mids it’s a great sub.
  3. I’m running 3-10’s , 1 box with 3 chambers was told by Sundown that was the best way for my subs. I would differently do 2 chambers .
  4. Always watch your Vids , good stuff to know for people on a budget.
  5. Got 3 SA-10’s givem 1k each and they love it.
  6. Zv5's

    I’m running about 1k RMS to my mids for my 3k RMS to my subs and it’s about perfect.
  7. New Rittz album tomorrow guys, buy it up

    1. WalledSonic


      White boy goes hawrd

    2. Kyblack76


      I dig Ritz. 

      Anyone bought and heard it yet!? Opinion?

  8. Tomorrow Bitches can't wait
  9. Need recommendation for budget friendly 6.5 comps

    Alpine type R's are great but alittle over your budget but not by a lot. I'm guessing that amp is 100x4 the type R's but would work good but can handle more power.