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  1. Wish I would have seen these earlier and heard them. .25 cubes per sub sealed, I could have done 3-4 of them . What’s the mounting depth couldn’t find it on there site.
  2. The Sundown’s can take more power but they are very similar, I would always choose Sundown over Skar even tho I’m a big fan of each.
  3. Electricity travels to the lowest resistance first , there’s no way to equal that out .
  4. Mine have all ran hot but as long as they don’t shut off just let them ride.
  5. Box alittle big for a SA maybe go with the X12
  6. Not trying to hit 140’s just bass in a box that’s 4.5 inches deep. Not easy.
  7. This is what the waste of money DD shallow sub looks like, It looks tuff but it sucks for 350 each unless you just listen to rock music.
  8. So I ran outside quick and here’s the subs and amp.
  9. Yes sorry about being late , I can post pics tomorrow they hit way harder then the DD subs I’m very impressed so far. Worth the money. Sundown has never let me down.
  10. It’s always good to find a good company U can trust and rely on. Just ordered rims from a company and called them to let them know my day off next week and they just shipped my rims earlier then the email said to get there on my day off . Can’t buy that good business ethic. Just makes more customers.
  11. Great truck might be cheaper to find a built motor and trans combo with a pro charger on it . If U don’t want that U need a bottom end rebuild plus maybe sleeves and it can be ongoing, I would just beef up that motor it’s got a lot of options for a daily and parts for days , super chargers and turbos are tuff on any daily driver. I want pics that’s a badass truck.
  12. Just bought some Sundown SD-3 10’s in Sundown yard sale gonna beat the shit out of them and I’ll let you know how they do. $55 bucks each had to get em.
  13. I run 2 DD shallow 10’s , Sound great on rock music can’t really hang with rap but I didn’t have a choice, Also ran 1 Skar audio SD-10 and think that sounds better then the DD’s. Gonna replace both DD’s with Skar shallow mounts next. Wish I would’ve known this sooner the DD’s were $300 each and the Skars are like $60 each. Don’t know if the Skars will handle my 1200 watts though.
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