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  1. Best freestyle I’ve heard in a long time
  2. Need to see pics of the box , sometimes airflow internally forces one sub to unload because all the pressure inside pushes more on that sub, but u said u also didn’t have them turned up so maybe not, If this was the first time they were fired they will be warrantied . Could have been a bad sub . Still would like to see pics and have your box specs.
  3. With 2 dual 4 ohm subs your options are 1ohm or 4ohms , so run them at 4ohms that should be perfect for that amp at 4ohms.
  4. Is the weather any different, when it’s cold I charge 15.1-15.3 and when it’s hot 14.6-14.9 . It’s all normal.
  5. Has anyone heard these in person, been looking at these for awhile and want to know if they can sound like a normal low quality sub at least in the 35-40hz range on music. I’m running 2 DD shallow mount 10’s and for the price not really worth it. They can’t hit lows on normal music I listen to , they are loud and punchy great for rock but for rap they suck. Would like some input before I spend more money and they sound the same . Box is sealed about 1.5 cubes and that’s pretty much the limits. Amp is Skar RP 800.1 but upgrading to a RP 1500.1 next.
  6. Are the subs dual 2 or 4 ohm
  7. NO, if u didn’t hear me NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. If your on on Budget Rockford Fosgate Prime series.
  8. The more I read this thread the more I respect Steve for his choices he made. He had a instint decision to make and made the right choice. So many people including me probably would have done something dumb and would have had to pay for that. It’s hard to feel something for someone who is breaking in your car and then in a second knowing U got a family and a good life to just take a breath and come with the right choice and U clearly did that . I respect U a lot for the love U showed the dog U took in and the adult choices U made in this split decision choice U had today. It sucks U had to do that but U are the better person and good things always come to good people.
  9. Your a better person then me , I got no patience and a bad Polish temper to the point I sold all my guns awhile back cause would have done something stupid. I might have ended up in jail with him. Your a good man and I’m sure he learned not to come back.
  10. 1ohm would be the best load and 2 SA’s is a perfect fit
  11. 1 cube U can do U series 10 ported , that will destroy any 8 on the list.
  12. Skar vvx or Sundown X8 pretty much same sub , I like them both . I’d do the Sundown.
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