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  1. Sundown has great customer service and support, should be easy to get ahold of , I’m guessing you didn’t buy them direct.
  2. 12’s will be louder and will get lower , I would only use 8’s if it was a no room issue. 8’s can get loud but 12’s are the way I would go.
  3. Gatley Audio and Down4sound makes really nice boxes.
  4. I lost interest when I saw the Planet Audio Amp in the picture.
  5. I’m off tomorrow so drinking and posting, Cheers

  6. Close my thread

    1. SnowDrifter


      Hey your best bet is to tag/PM/report. I don't get notifications for these 

      Thread closed :)

  7. SnowDrifter shutdown my thread it’s mostly bitching and giving me a headache.

  8. Yeah I watched it but I thought it was kind of unclear , Wish I could have asked him some questions. When he said pick any hz you want he kind of lost me . That doesn’t make sense to me if your tuning . But thanks 

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