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  1. I run that same amp on 2 Sundown SD-3 10’s and it’s a perfect combo. Great video I new it did over rated but not that much.
  2. I run 2 Rockford PBR300x2 boosted rail amps on my 6.5 Type R’s , There 125x2 at 4ohms and the Alpines love them, before that I ran a Rockford 75x4 channel and was not impressed with the speakers but when I added more power the speakers woke up and have been some of the best mids I’ve owned.
  3. They don’t recommend sealed that’s why U can’t find anything, the only 8’s I see by Sundown that are for sealed are the E or SD series but if U look at the 10’s U have more options.
  4. Your gonna get 20 different answers, I’m a Skar, Sundown and American Bass fan . Anyone of these on 1500 to 2000 should be good.
  5. We use Blink , very easy to install and use. Would recommend it to anyone.
  6. Your thread is called what’s wrong , Kicker subs and Kenwood amp to start but that’s my opinion and where I’d start.
  7. Sub looks pretty good , I’m a Skar fan to but there subs love big boxes
  8. Love my American Bass amp VFL 120, Ran it at .6 for 4yrs and it just took it. Still working now.
  9. If U already have the amp I would just use it.
  10. I don’t hate Kicker there’s just better options out there then the mainstream stuff and more for your money. They make good stuff it’s all good
  11. I run blink cameras and the solar connector looks similar not 100% sure , that’s the best I can do on a Saturday night while drinking.
  12. DC is a good choice also
  13. I’d save 50 bucks and rock that Skar , and that’s Kickers top of the line.
  14. Skar will destroy the kickers
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