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  1. Here’s something positive from Skar been running them for over 5yrs No issues whatsoever , my mane question is what’s your electrical like cause no amp will sound good at 10volts, If you want good power Skar SK , Sundown or American Bass VFL I personally can say handle a lot of abuse under 1ohm and are very trusted. U better have at least 1 BIG ALT and 5-6 Batteries or your wasting your time , But 7K of just bass pretty much needs 2 ALT’s.
  2. You just told him to spend $1200 dollars when he’s looking for budget bass, that’s why you don’t see a lot of DD here , would it sound great sure but you think there would be a huge noticeable difference I don’t, I’m not bashing DD I’m running 3 of there SL line 10’s and couldn’t be happier but they were $350 a piece.
  3. Skar puts out great products, been buying them for years just cause one person got there pussy hurt doesn’t mean there product sucks. Are there better brands of corse but if your looking for some good bass there are just fine. DD I think is one of the best in car audio but it’s not affordable for 80% of the people looking for bass.
  4. Fuses are made to blow before the amp blows and possibly burns your car down , use what the manufacturers recommend . Also if your fuse is to high for the wire your using it will burn up and not pop the fuse.
  5. All this for your wife’s car , if she’s like mine doesn’t give a shit about bass , it drives me crazy when I spend a day putting speakers in her car and she says it’s ok.
  6. If your maxed on the gain your clipping, that box looks legit I like it.
  7. That amp is a beast if U can they make an adapter so u can hook your phone to the amp and it bypasses your head unit and RCA cables . Try that and I bet your shit slams , I think it’s your head unit.
  8. Sill don’t see any fuses witch should blow before the amp if it is a voltage issue.
  9. With only dual power and ground inputs I’m guessing that’s 15k RMS so a couple good subs but until I see it on an amp dyno not impressed. The new Sundown Salt 12k has 3 power and ground inputs and I bet puts out more power and can do .25ohms.
  10. What’s your voltage drop , not sure your electrical is good enough and if it dips low enough it will cause your amp to get hot and burn up. I could be 100% wrong but just throwing out some thoughts. Also why isn’t your fuse blowing .
  11. Any long run won’t hurt to fuse both sides close to the power side meaning battery or the positive junction block it’s going to. I’ve never had a complaint for to many fuses for safety. Not worth burning a PCM or your car down. I always fuse twice if it’s a long run.
  12. It also depends on your ohm load on your subs .5 is gonna drain your battery fast but 2ohms probably won’t drop voltage but a couple tenths. If you have better then stock electrical.
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