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  1. I understand U liked the sound from the the JBL , U heard it not me but for that price Of that sub U could buy 2 Sundown SA’s or one X Sub and U wouldn’t believe the difference in sound , it would shit on that JBL. Just trying to save U money and be happy , I’ve already made all those mistakes and wasted money.
  2. Just read this and never herd of that JBL sub but for 500 dollars and 700RMS fuck that , same price you could get a real sub , I wouldn’t waste my time.
  3. Happy 4th fellas, Thank You all Military stay safe but have a good time. I know I’m gonna.
  4. I’ve been looking at those 1506’s for awhile now , Love DD but the dealer thinks I won’t notice a difference.
  5. American Bass VFL 120.1 at .6 ohms so around 3k on bass , box was sealed I also built one ported for 2 of the subs pretty much sounded the same. I got a build log somewhere on here for both.
  6. Pick of my old under seat setup 3 Sundown SA-10’s , would definitely go with 10’s . U always go with 10’s over 8’s if U can fit it they just handle lows better and can always take more power. I’ve tried it all and 10’s win every time. I don’t think you can fit those 10’s though but would love to see it and be wrong , those subs are deep 10.5 inches deep.
  7. I love this thread , Your Audio Addiction is back , It’s starts out just wanting a tiny bit more and moves to new box, battery , subs and amp, all of us on this site suffer from this addiction and it’s a great problem to have , your gonna love those SA’s , I’ve ran 3 for years on double the power and never had an issue.
  8. When people claim Toyota makes the best cars , The shit I work on.
  9. DC, DD, Sundown, Skar , Ampere, Crossfire, Deaf Bonce, Incriminator, Cresendo, Rockford Fosgate, B2, Pride, all shit on JL.
  10. No brainer why waste money on trash.
  11. Anyone of the Brands here are better then JL that shit is over priced and overrated. When I shop for new subs JL doesn’t even enter my thoughts.
  12. I’m a DD fan so these can take a lot of abuse.
  13. Why only run 800RMS to the SA 6.5’s pretty sure they will love 1200-1500 clean RMS. I would trust Sundown over Savard any day .
  14. My vote is yes Steve was standing on one of these while it was playing and the sub loved it , just kept slamming. For that reason alone Pride makes the best SPL subs.Fucking Russians.
  15. Clean audio build. I’m sure it sounds good I know U want more but it looks very clean.
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