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  1. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fm90BJLaRg4
  2. Save for another month get 2 Sundown U 12’s , impossible to be disappointed.
  3. Had hail last night shit was like under a dime , had some asshat ring my doorbell to tell me I need a roof , I told him my truck didn’t even get damaged and there are no shingles off I’m pretty sure we’re good , then he was next door knocking.
  4. Always give yourself a day to eat whatever u want or u will go crazy and then when u see weight coming off that cheat day kinda fades away but always start with one.
  5. It was a Cobra and I didn’t look at freeze frame data to see how fast
  6. I worked for ford dealer 15yrs ago got a mustang in once for check engine light, code was max speed reached , laughed cleared it told to slow down.
  7. 10 years ago I was 225 now I’m 155, Got to exercise 5-6 days a week , I eat every 2-3 hours something small and HEALTHY. If your in a line at window it’s not healthy. U have to sweat when u work out no matter if its weights or cardio, It takes time there’s no quick diet it’s a life change . I still drink alcohol but know when to stop, after about 2-3 months dieting u know what’s good and bad for you. Good luck stay positive.
  8. Our system shows a lot of trans replacements like over 50 with that code stored, I would see how dirty the fluid is that normally says a lot , look for metal debris in the fluid but if a gear breaks clean u won’t see much color change. Won’t hurt to try to flush it first that will tell a lot without having to spend to much but also I’ve seen where after a flush it doesn’t move anymore .
  9. I will check right now for common issues I’m at work,
  10. That’s just a generic code for trans fault if u have a scanner go into the trans control module and see what codes it has but probably needs trans don’t see any reflashes for TCM .
  11. A lot of trans issues but more engine issues I see any codes stored or check engine light on. How’s the fluid look maybe drain the fluid look for metal.
  12. Wife cooked her tweeters on her new car , Not gonna have the dealer put some more 5watt tweets back in got her these.