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  1. I run 4K total with a 250amp ALT , 6 batteries and 3 runs of cable at .6ohms and drop to mid to high 12’s .
  2. That amp suggests a 450amp fuse so at 1ohm your already to low with your 240 amp ALT . That doesn’t even add mids so if you get another 240amp ALT and about 6 batteries u might handle .5 at like 12-13 volts but u need more power for .5 , why put the hurt on your electrical and at .5 more like 3-4 runs of cable.
  3. Ron36

    Subwoofer trouble

    The only SMD product I own is a hat and my gold membership.
  4. Ron36

    Which subs would you go with?

    Just so I know u said Power Bastards , that’s like running Boss amps . Not legit at all and if any stereo shop says the words capacitors just turn and walk out. DC Alt’s , Ohio generator , Mechman those are real Alternator companies. If the price seems to good it’s usually garbage.
  5. Ron36

    Which subs would you go with?

    Just so u know I run 4K and have a 250amp Alt and 6 batteries, I’d stick with the 2k for starters but still those U series subs are really nice. Start with one amp for both subs and as u grow your electrical and mids get a second sub amp .
  6. Ron36

    Which subs would you go with?

    How about some Sundown SA 12’s . They fit in 1cube sealed or the Alpines should be ok. There is not a lot of love for JL here overrated and overpriced.
  7. If I ever get lazy I’m making U build my next box , I’ve seen your work great quality.
  8. Sounds like he’s do for an upgrade FI, Sundown, AA or anything would be an improvement.
  9. Some Sundown SD’s would work in there.
  10. Nice first box now u just need some real subs for it . Lol
  11. Have Audiofanaticz build U a box , U got a great sub put it in the right box, he can build it for u to exact specs and ship it to u complete or all the wood cut and just needs to be assembled.
  12. Ron36

    Blew the wolf somehow

    There’s your answer my wife could do better ,that solder probably melted when the amp started getting hot.
  13. Ron36

    Blew the wolf somehow

    Are u the guy who posted those picks of all those bad solders on that thing
  14. Ron36

    Mutli mono amps problem

    Can u strap the amps together, they would work with each other then.
  15. Your amp is not even close to a DD amp in quality.