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  1. Yea i don't feel it's from the box shaking against something but moreso from the box itself.
  2. I'm not sure of the brand of the box I got it as a package deal. I took the cheaper subs that came with it out and i bought 2 skar VD 10s. They are 4 ohm dvc. They are wired to final impedance of 1 ohm running on a rockford fosgate 1200.1 . They seem to be getting the power they need but i have the gain quite low and haven't really been pushing them because of the noise from the box makes me think the one speaker has an issue. But when i put pressure on that side of the box the speaker sounds fine which is why I'm sure it's the box. It's an 08 Ram 1500. The box fits right under the seat. It's
  3. I have a new under the seat box in my Ram 1500. 2 10s hooked up. 500w rms per sub. 1200 watt amp. The box rattles so damn bad. What can i do?
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