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  1. My Problem is the Tracks aren't reading from my SMD thumb drive that I ordered with my DD1+
  2. I replied on YouTube but I'll say it again here....I've been using this one since Nov to power the Mids from my 10YO Infinity Kappa 60.9CS on my Goldwing! It works great but knew it wasn't hitting rated. Built in Highpass limits freq response to 50Hz ~ 24KHz (I said 90hz on YouTube and I'll have to look for my manual but I'm pretty sure that's what it said) on Taramps website. Great so far and always turns on via Signal sense. Derrick/Anyone with the knowledge. How do amps without gain settings like this one promise a fixed Input sensitivity and still work with High level inputs w
  3. The Chinese Version Did 1870 on the AD1 Soundstream T1 4000DL Not to argue semantics but yes I was not including efficiency
  4. Y'all are Both right.... Stated RMS is 3200 at 1ohm Inputs are 2AWG for whatever dumb reason 4AWG speaker out Fusing suggests close to 2000w(150A) luckily it was free.... Has a 5000 in the model number It sounds decent but will be replacing it soon. I've ran it for a few years without an issue but still don't trust it. MSRP was 259-279 iirc...
  5. Get with Wolfram....they appear to be a solid Company and will probably be help you get the issue tracked down or fix the amp.... That said: I don't know what your Electrical is like, Your Voltage could be dropping too low. Especially if your battery sat for a while during the engine rebuild/COVID19 shit. The Voltage drop could be making the amp work harder.... Just a thought
  6. Iirc 500w is the everyday RMS that you can play music on for extended periods of time... Program power is for short bursts of time.
  7. Just for fun. Guess the Country of Origin, Guess the Stated RMS and Huge Bonus if you can tell me what company or factory it came from. Good luck happy hunting
  8. They sell directly from eBay/Amazon. Mine arrived in like 14hrs. Although I'm in Louisiana as is SAVARD. Speaking specifically about the components* if that wasn't clear. The Hi-Q 8s 2DVC are unavailable til July/Aug
  9. It certainly does....but you just proved my point. SOME companies give peak to peak and some linear. Im really not entirely sure why we are arguing Just like we are often left to wonder if the Xmax was derived by Thiele, DUMAX or Klippel models.
  10. I'm going to assume my logical and respectful response got lost in the interwebs after hitting the submit reply button and just leave this here.... Because I sure didn't make it up and unfortunately not every manufacturer gives the one way excursion figures. Assuming this would be the first thing a noob finds when searching T/S parameters via Google.
  11. Yea that's a good point. It's probably the drama that surrounded the Owner before he passed that got them a bad name. Never used their stuff personally. But I was under the impression CT sounds CS was crappy and their amps tend to like to do smoke shows.... However never seen it, only a friend of a friend of a friend type deal. It is always good to listen and THEN research and test anyway to make your own conclusions.
  12. I dont make a habit of blindly listening to advise from anyone lol. I did my due diligence and am local to them so was able to listen to them. Even underpowered they sounded pretty good. But I don't own them yet. Ive never heard the Hutchinson ETA-8s either but I'm betting they sound pretty good. I picked up a pair of the Savard rap components and they sound damn good for the money. And Xmax is Maximum linear peak (or sometimes peak-to-peak) excursion of the cone. Xmerc Maximum physical excursion of the driver before physic
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