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  1. I haven't looked into their sub parameters to see if they are good. I can only suggest to get someone to design an enclosure for you (or go with a program that can give you data back on how the box will theoretically perform). I have a tough time when people go with general port areas and ratios. Just because it plays doesn't mean it's right or optimal.
  2. That's the word on the street. I've had a smart 3 running off a Kenwood headunit that's 5V pre-out and it didn't have any issues. I'm currently running a Smart 3 bass on similar pre-out voltage with no issues.
  3. The Smart 5 is 1-2 ohm. The Smart 5 Bass is 0.5-2ohm. The bass in the smart series is stable to 0.5 ohm.
  4. I'm looking to run one of these as an alternate set up to what I have for my daily driver. I plan on using my 18" Fi Neo 4.11 (Dual 0.7). Has anyone run this amp consistently at 0.35? I'd like to utilize this amp as much as I can.
  5. I ended up doing a redo on this build. Waiting for the subs to arrive sundown u 10” (tuned 32 hz)
  6. As long as you have the gains at the same voltages that's the key. Most guys will use an oscilloscope DMM to make sure they don't have a clipped signal and then also use it to check the voltage at that point. I don't have any personal experience with Houston Audio Labs and their box designs. I haven't heard anything negative about them but I haven't seen any builds from them in person. If you have the plans and/or dimensions I could reverse calculate what I would deem to be the tuning and volume etc. I also don't know if they factor in for the power that you plan on running to the subs.
  7. The only thing that I can see that could be the issue is how you set your gains. Using the AMM1 ? Since each amp is running each sub independently. How do you know if the gains are matched for each sub. You may not be clipping but the voltage on each sub maybe different. Can we assume box tuning is the same for both boxes? Also did they do the original design for the Skar subs?
  8. Your sub is dual 4 ohm and you can only get down to a 2 ohm or up to 8 ohm. After impedance rise your sub is maybe getting 1000 watts.
  9. Smart Bass line also stable down to 1/2 ohm. Slightly more current draw etc
  10. If you can spare the room, I'd go with big build. It's better to go bigger if you can. I ultimately always end up going bigger after my initial set up and regret having to do a bunch of work again. Basshead problems...
  11. Based on cone area you would get more from the 4-8" (Everything else being equal). Also depends on the music you like and the frequencies you want to hit. If you're looking at
  12. Yet another sacrifice... On music i'd guess I was 143-144 db at 29 hz.
  13. New testing yesterday. Got a new high on the meter. Got a new windshield lol
  14. 29hz on music. 33hz on sweep. I still have 3-4 db available on my subwoofer volume so I'm going to say 145-146 is the range i'll be in on test tones (Measured on the dash and windows up). Question for the bassheads. I'm noticing a little smell from these Fi Neo's when i'm pushing them just a bit. Safe to assume this is the voice coil glue burning off. It doesn't smell really strong or of anything actually burnt. But for the cost of the subs, I don't want to risk anything..... Any input is appreciated.
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