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  1. New testing yesterday. Got a new high on the meter. Got a new windshield lol
  2. I'll have to look into this option. I just don't want to spend more $$ than I already have trying to find a solution. I can get access to the VCDS cable (The software is free). It allows coding for so many things on volkswagen/audi/skoda platform. It does data logs for tuning etc.. It's an all encompassing coding tool. Some items are easy to adjust (on / off) other items require the correct code.... I home mine is easy.....
  3. To follow up on this. I got my new DSP installed and there still is distortion coming through from the stock headunit after about 15 on the volume (The volume goes to 30). This is with the eq flat as well. Anything louder than 15 would go to distortion. Because it's a VW there's a chance I can use VCDS (Their coding interface) to gain access to the head unit and actually flatten the eq vs what the display says. It's been an expensive and frustrating rabbit hole. In the end it works, no distortion on any channel and feel comfortable sending it.
  4. The issue that I have (And you may have similar - i'm in a 2017 VW Golf). Some of the newer stock head units need to see a certain resistance at the speakers when sending the signal. When using high level to DSP this changes. My DSP does not offer enough resistance for the head unit therefore it sends more signal to achieve the volume I'm set at. Then I get all sorts of distortion for my front stage. This occurs in newer BMW cars and the shop I go to has a few work arounds to combat this issue. Most of them involve getting the correct DSP or a DSP amplifier. I do know some of the Audiocontrol DSP's (LCi 2 Pro and LCi 7) work for this as well.
  5. What year and type of vehicle? What DSP? I'm assuming you're running high level to the DSP? I am having issues with this type of set up and I'm just trying to figure out if you're having the same.
  6. 29hz on music. 33hz on sweep. I still have 3-4 db available on my subwoofer volume so I'm going to say 145-146 is the range i'll be in on test tones (Measured on the dash and windows up). Question for the bassheads. I'm noticing a little smell from these Fi Neo's when i'm pushing them just a bit. Safe to assume this is the voice coil glue burning off. It doesn't smell really strong or of anything actually burnt. But for the cost of the subs, I don't want to risk anything..... Any input is appreciated.
  7. The db drive subs are good and are actually priced very well IMO. If I had do it over again (for my previous set up), i would have still done the db drives. My car and set up have changed so I decided to go in a different direction subwoofer wise. If you do a search on this forum you'll see my Golf build log and my Yaris build log. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.
  8. I'm running it from 2 Hertz HP3001 - Master / Slave at 2 ohms (1.4). I upgraded from 2 15's DB Drive WDXG5. Technically I'm downgraded in cone area and spec sheet power handling. They sound great. I find the response to be better than the DB drive. I'm also tuned a little lower (at 32 - was at 34hz). I know the sub parameters are different but I find this sounds better overall to my ear.
  9. I'm currently helping a friend do a build do a build for a crown vic. You're going to be hard pressed to get either into that wheel well / trunk without having the box not be square. You'll need about 9-9.5 cubic ft gross to get to your net of 6.5 cubes per sub and have a decent port area and tuning. I've seen 2 15" builds and their boxes are smaller than what you're doing and most likely not as efficient as they could be. (We are going to do a backseat wall for 2 15's because it was the better option) My 2 cents.
  10. I'd stick with the 4 8's and go with a new box. I'm surprised you're only getting 134 db. I was running 2 8's in a hatchback and I was getting 139's at 38/39 hz. There are also a few guys with 2 8's getting 139/140 at about 32-34 hz in truck builds. One thing to remember. Are you chasing numbers or do you want to be happy with your set up? If you're chasing numbers, it's never ending. Even if you're not chasing numbers you will be always changing things but it may not be as drastic.
  11. Preliminary testing. The gain is set at a safe level until I get it fixed today. Sub volume was -10db so I have lots of headroom. I didn't want to go more until I knew my gain was set properly. Looking forward to posting some more testing numbers.
  12. It drives well. I tuned the car when i first bought it so the car can pull the extra weight. Couldn't find stock springs that were stiffer so I added spacers so they springs don't compress all the way down. It rides a little low on the back but nothing significant.
  13. Everything is now installed and running. I decided to run this at 2 ohm with the master/slave configuration. Will post some testing numbers over the holidays once I fine tune everything.
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