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  1. If you have plans to do another upgrade that is going to cost $600-700 plus box, I would skip this $500+ upgrade for a slight if any noticeable increase. Spend some on sound deadening and have you a big ass nice logo inside your trunk. No need to advertise your car for potential theft.
  2. I would be interested to know how the concert series ends up performing. I have a Soundstream BX-20Z and it does a hell of a job on classic rock, country, and some R&B. Most not all modern rap top 40 music. it actually takes away bass from it. I almost think that the subsonic filter needs to be lower but that is only part of the problem. I did read that the audio control epicenter (concert series) was the best for all around performance including rap.
  3. I have a similar one 958HD it does some quirky stuff at times as well. there is a factory reset behind the removable face if you have too. 1. make sure you have the ground wire connected to a good ground 2. if you are not using all the wire connections/ rca put some tape around them to prevent touching each other or something else. If you are not using the head unit to power the speakers disregard the rest 3. If the unit is heating up when playing and causes this to happen check your speakers for proper resistance. (i have found that they do not like speakers in parallel or lower than a 3.5 ohm load 4. make sure that there is no speaker wires shorting to ground. (i found 1 single strand sticking out a connector one time causing a major issue) only saw it with the flash light after hours of looking for a problem. I heat shrink or tape all connections now.
  4. I looked at them as well, 2 RCA inputs or 4 speaker level inputs, so if you use RCA you get a Left and Right input no fade control (who uses that anymore) you can have 6 RCA outputs to do whatever you want to with. You can run 6 channels of subs, midbass, midrange, or tweeters or any combination you want. each channel does what you program it to do. Also does each channel level control and timing. More than a plenty in the EQ as well. 4v outputs
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