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  1. I'm thinking I may just put the epicenter on a smaller amp I have for some midbass drivers.
  2. I can't remember where I've seen the 2v or less thing at. But if I remember right greater than 2v is hard on the output section of the amp. I'm pretty sure I've seen that in the taramps Facebook group and on here. But I think I could just monitor voltage with my voltmeters on the RCA's and still be good. In the epicenter manual it says it boosts RCA voltage upto 10v. If that's the case I'd be too paranoid to run em that high. Idk. I even thought I could run the epicenter and amp audio supply circuits separate and have toggle switches to limit voltage crossover. It's all theory right now. I won't know for sure until I apply it. Then I can log my findings and report back here to spread the wealth of knowledge.
  3. Show long story short my system got stolen but my insurance company State Farm replaced everything with brand new. I recently acquired an audio control epicenter (concert series). I know the taramps md8000.1 likes the input voltage to be 2 volts or less. Will having the epicenter before the amp overload the amplifiers inputs and give up the ghost? What do you guys think? I'd only really use it on oldies or some rock and roll. So I assumed as long as my input voltage stayed below that 2 volt mark, I'd be okay. I bought some voltmeters to monitor the RCA's voltage going into the amplifier I think with that set up I'd be okay as long as I kept an eye on the voltage and adjusted with bass knob and or epicenter control knob. Thoughts?
  4. looking for an subwoofer T/S param import file.... for a skar 18" ZVXv2 dual 1 ohm VC. the software will allow a subwoofer file import for the T/S parameters for plotting in the software. Anyone got one, or willing to export your own param file for me?
  5. how do i get 18+ access


    1. SnowDrifter


      It's closed right now. But a good place to start would be to read the previous admittance threads to make sure you're not asking any previously answered questions

    2. necromonster


      I did a search for "18+" and got wayyy to many posts about 18in subs. After the 34d page of subwoofer posts I gave up and just asked

    3. SnowDrifter


      It's the first forum section under misc stuff

  6. So i pulled the trigger on a pair of ZVXv2 18's a few weeks ago. With that being said, what are everyone's enclosures they' ve used with these. looking for ideas. i have a recommended enclosure from skar audio. and just want to broaden my options. ill be using a Taramps MD8000.1 with appropriate electrical to push those puppies. so any ideas are welcome!
  7. I want the better of the two series for low lows. <20hz ill be giving them a md8000.1 amp with good electrical
  8. $1000 for subs... dont know what to get?!?!?!

    1. Kyblack76


      For 1? 2? 12 ?

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