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  1. I would rather you get a STI Staccato XL or Staccato R, Nighthawk, Dan Wesson.... If I couldnt have any of these I'd like to get a Detonic Street Master....but I have yet to see one for sale (5" Slide/CombatMaster Grip series)
  2. Update #2 @1point21gigawatts solved the problem. I didnt have enough reserve with the one wet cell under my hood (after he helped me through wiring up the alt the correct way). When the cell is topped off I have zero issues so I will be adding a few cells as soon as I can.
  3. @The car itself does seem to slow down when I turn system up, but I suspected that was from the alternator causing more strain on the engine trying to keep up with the demand. The only real issue (aside from the engine working a bit harder is just the dash cluster itself, nothing else seems top cut or flicker. @1point21gigawatts has been helping me all day with wiring it up and with it wired up as JS and others have said, its still occurring. If I cant get this situated then I will try that.
  4. Update: I got a multimeter and turned the car on and the voltage reads 14.7v-14.8v and everything seems fine while driving. The issue is, when I turned the volume all the way up and have the bass knob all the way up the dash flickers off and on. The stereo and everything else seems okay but the car seems to slow and the dash lights drop off for a second. The voltage doesnt drop below 12.5v. This makes me think that I missed something....
  5. Hey guys, I recently got a new 250a Alt from JS and after installing it...I realized that the pigtail is a 3 pin while the stock is a 2 pin. The car is a 2011 Jetta SE 2.5L L5 and it had a Bosche 140a alt (07K903023c). I couldnt find any information on how to wire it up and I tried contacting them through instagram and email but I havent yet got a response. This is my daily driver and I need the vehicle to run as soon as I can, I would appreciate any help. Right now I went with my gut and stripped the wires from the old plug. The colors dont match with the new plug but there is a l
  6. Would it be possible to make flares for the ports or make a curved panel that rides just over the box to aim the air towards the front in situations like this? It would be pretty easy to get a sheet of 1/4" ABS and have it bolt to the box or even reused the port bolts, use a heatgun and a round pipe/object to roll and round the ABS sheet to curve the sheet so it smooths out in line with the roof. Then sand the edges smooth near the ports so the air doesnt hit a "shelf" on its way out. It may be hard to envision but if it would theoretically work, I could draw up what I mean.
  7. Honestly, I would just go to PSI's site and have them custom build one (they have that option)and just get the baddest options they offer. It takes all the guesswork and headache out and you'll get a premium build quality.
  8. I'd like to see the Pride UFO and the Ground Zero GZPW Plutonium 15Xmax go head to head
  9. Sundown ZV5/NS Series, B2 Audio Rampage, Skar DNR, Incriminator Audio Warden, and Pride UFO
  10. I wish you mentioned this around 2 weeks ago, I would have jumped on that instead of the SKv2-3500 I bought.
  11. We dont have issues like that in my neighborhood (as of right now) fortunately, but I wouldnt do it anywhere else. Moderate size town in center Vermont, very little crime aside from widespread suboxone use and "regular" drunks. We also have Consritutional carry and everyone carries here. People only recently started locking their homes/cars at night. The cops are pretty cool here as well, aside from one that is about to retire. I may remove the "Audio" part of each sticker just to keep a lower profile for noise complaints, I have yet to see a single person with another system that isnt so
  12. I started out with the "EVL Bass package", Subs/Box/Rp-2000.1D/Wire. I've slowly been upgrading everything and I've got it where Im pretty happy, but of course...I'd like to continue upgrading. I have swapped out all wiring that came with the package to 1/0 OFC dual runs (at every point) as well as dual inputs Swapped out the wire in the EVL box for 8g welding cable and went with SS Bolt/Nuts instead of the spring loaded terminals Added a Northstar NSB-AGM31 and a JS 250A Alt Swapped out the RP2000 for a SKv2-3500.1d Now here's my question, if I pur
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