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  1. I would rather you get a STI Staccato XL or Staccato R, Nighthawk, Dan Wesson.... If I couldnt have any of these I'd like to get a Detonic Street Master....but I have yet to see one for sale (5" Slide/CombatMaster Grip series)
  2. We dont have issues like that in my neighborhood (as of right now) fortunately, but I wouldnt do it anywhere else. Moderate size town in center Vermont, very little crime aside from widespread suboxone use and "regular" drunks. We also have Consritutional carry and everyone carries here. People only recently started locking their homes/cars at night. The cops are pretty cool here as well, aside from one that is about to retire. I may remove the "Audio" part of each sticker just to keep a lower profile for noise complaints, I have yet to see a single person with another system that isnt sold at walmart. I have big plans for this vehicle, the sticker and sound wont be the only reason it catches attention in the next few weeks but thank you for your concern and suggestions.
  3. I started out with the "EVL Bass package", Subs/Box/Rp-2000.1D/Wire. I've slowly been upgrading everything and I've got it where Im pretty happy, but of course...I'd like to continue upgrading. I have swapped out all wiring that came with the package to 1/0 OFC dual runs (at every point) as well as dual inputs Swapped out the wire in the EVL box for 8g welding cable and went with SS Bolt/Nuts instead of the spring loaded terminals Added a Northstar NSB-AGM31 and a JS 250A Alt Swapped out the RP2000 for a SKv2-3500.1d Now here's my question, if I purchased some VXF-12's and stuck them in the EVL box, would the sound decrease at all or would I gain from it? The VXF can handle more power, and the EVL's are on the edge of being overpowered with the 3500, would the VXF's need more power to get as loud as the EVL's are now - would I see any benefits at all? The VXF's are listed with the same space requirements as the EVL subs but the other specs are what interest me. I heard they play lower frequencies better, is this true? I have plans for the ZVX series in the future, but I'd like to get as much from what I have at my disposal before I build a new box. Would the SKv2-3500 do well for 2 VXF's like it does for the EVL's? Also, where can I get a BIG ASS Skar rear window decal? I bought he 20" off ebay....I'd like something twice its size....
  4. Sorry to bother you but after looking through many enclosure threads and seeing your replies II thought I would ask, if you could design an enclosure for 2  Skar Zvx15v2's (powered by a SKv2-3500.1D) for a 2011 Jetta SE?

    I dont fully comprehend port dynamics....this is why I wanted to reach out. I am in no rush as I have a box/subs for now, but it is something I do plan on doing in the next few months.

    I have measurements that will allow me to fit a box through my trunk and have the airspace the subs require, but the distance between each sub, port, and other factors I cannot plan for with the resources I am using. I dont mind running subs up and port back or any other deal as long as I can either have the port flow into the cabin or the subs atleast facing the cabin through the rear seats. My original plan looks much like the Skar EVL Box with the 2 subs with the port in the center facing into the cabin but I doubt that will be possible with the 15" subs...


    Height: 17" (anything taller wont fit through trunk opening)

    Width: 35"

    Depth (top): 28"

    Depth (Bottom): 38"

    (Pics below of available area)


    I would like to use Birch or 1" MDF, have a decent amount of bracing and what ever amount of baffling you would think is necessary. If you have any suggestions or comments I would love to hear them. I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you.





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