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  1. Ah okay makes sense now. It was reading 2 ohms sometimes 2.1. Thanks that clarifies my confusion
  2. I'll check the coils individually another day the sub is too heavy lol. How do I check the resistance in the multimeter leads ?
  3. How do I chek resistance in the dmm leads ? My touching them together and putting it in ohm setting ? If that's the case it reads 1 ohm. I think that's why it shows 2 ohms?
  4. Hello got a Skar DDX-10 Dual 2 ohm sub. I wired it to 1 ohm, but the multimeter reads like 2 ohms. I checked the wiring and the wiring is good, the sub doesn't seem to be cooked. Still works as it should. Wired in parralel any clues ?
  5. Ah okay, well i was working on mine yesterday and i have it sticking out by like 10 inches 6/7/2020 Tested the system out with the 6 inch port and there is a HUGE difference ! The 4 inch PVC i had on it was restricting it by A LOT !
  6. The high/low pass on the taramps amps are like reversed. play a test tone and adjust the high pass.
  7. Tried doing what the guy in the video did and cant get my multi meter to read anything. I was using the same multi meter as in the video.
  8. Why not 35hz ? Does it have to be at 40hz ? Since I mostly play low hz songs
  9. Dang so I would need it to be 30 inches !??! I dont think my box is that long for it to fit.
  10. Thanks man you've been so much help !!! I want to tune it to 35hz, but now how do you determine the length of the tube ? So if i get the 6 inch pvc pipe how long would it have to be if my box is around 1.9 1.8 cubes.
  11. AH okay, cause i did some simple calculation 80 amp fuse x Lets say 13.4 volts theoretically i should be getting below 1.1k watts. And theres no way this sub heats up at 1.1k watts. I've heard other people with the same sub put down 1500 watts rms on it (skar ddx 10 inch wired to 1 OHM). My amp is a Taramps HD3k 1 ohm Version. ( abit more than halfway) Headunit: Pioneer AVH-4100NEX, I can get to 25 volume and it will play good, once i get to like 30 35 volume ( i play decaf songs) the sub starts to work hard major flex. I had the gain on the amp turned down so i could actually get to 30 35 volume easy and stay there but door speakers at that volume are too loud for me . Stock electricals, and im prob gonna get screamed at, im running a 4 gauge on the amp. Tommorow im installing a 150amp fuse. I dont think its a good idea too much amperage for the cable but please let me know. I dont want to put down all 3k watts on the sub just want to get like 2k tops for now.
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