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  1. Ah okay the thing is that people keep saying batteries start to kick in if the voltage drops at whatever the batteries voltage is 12.9 for example. So they say that they don't really help only for having the vehicle off with stereo on. UNLESS battery's help supply more current then. I have it on some skyhigh 0 gauge CCA. Welding wire for the big 3. I was looking at the 15ah lithium that supposed is 1.5x a regular agm. BUT I'll most likely go ahead and get another d3400 to see if it helps.
  2. So got it hooked up and it's banging. I don't think the 320a alt was enough for my Taramps smart 3 bass tho unless it's cause it's wired to .5 ohms. My 150a fuse hasn't even popped how does that work. Anyways I'm clipping does an extra battery help or extra batteries only good for when the vehicle is off ?
  3. When I had the Smart 3 I only had 1 12 and only had the xs battery stock alt. So I never actually fully tilted it but it never got hot me. Today i'm just waiting for the carpet for the subwoofer box for 2 12s. No subs hooked up yet. Gonna be posting on tiktok lmao I have a few videos there of my single 12. @A_F_YT_ on tiktok
  4. I appreciate it, idk if you remember but I was asking help for a taramps hd 3k i used to have lmao. I finally got my electrical right and boy I have noticed a good difference. I sold that amp got the smart 3 just sold it a few days ago and got the smart 3 bass from taramps. Added a 12 so now I have 2 12s Skar Vxf want to run them on .5 ohms.
  5. So xs recommends no more than 14.4 volts on a d3400, i recently got a high output alternator and it outs out 14.84 cold and 14.65 after a 20 minute drive. Will 14.65 destroy the battery ? Or will the computer in my f150 2002 regulate the voltage over time ? I had disconnected the battery so everything reset in the truck. If it is too much will I need to get the 16v version ?
  6. So im attempting to do my first slot port build and I want some opinions from box builders or people that have owned some vxf 12s. Skar Vxf 12 calls for 2 cubes per sub with 30 cubes for the port area The port dimensions are 4.14 x 14.50 for the inlet and the length is 29.99" Net internal vol of 4 cubes, total internal 5.48 cubes. On the website i have it tuned to 32hz My question is is the box about accurate for the subs ? I hear people say that subbox.pro isint accurate on the port and that i need to lengthen it a few inches longer. Bought my 2nd vxf 12 through the skar summer promotion lmao so now i need a box for 2 vxfs.
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