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  1. I have a extended cab and I want to face the subwoofer up and port up, do you have any experience in which way to point the sub and port ? Ima make a proper box for the sub first. Theres a seat that can be lifted individually behind the driver side. Im planning on removing that seat to place a box there, i measure about how by i want the box to be in the picture. Sub is a Skar vxf 12 calls for 2cubes port area 29 in2 at recommended 33hz. I want to make a normal rectangular ox but standing up were the seat is at in the picture. My current box is under my seat i think its about 1.5
  2. Haha yes I still want to get another 12. Right now I don't work so thats why I'm saying thats its expensive. I fix iphones as a job
  3. The only thing that I just wanna put the vol higher but then the protect lock starts to flicker with the click light on the bass notes.
  4. Flickers a couple of times, I just shaved some of the plastic around the amps power and ground ports. Cause it would make the reducers get angled and I think only the edges were touching now I got it to were it sits flatter
  5. The thing is that my amp clips at the same volume even if my truck is on. Could it be bad rcas ? Bad ground ? Bad sub wire ?
  6. Ah okay I seen video of people re wiring them too but looks too complicated lmao. I'll just focus on building a bigger box then I have a vxf 12 and I'm choking it on a small box
  7. Damn your right, but damn the alt is gonna cost more than my sub by a hair lmao.
  8. It has some good reviews I dont see any bad reviews, what's the worst case scenario ? Catch fire ? Blow up ?
  9. The alternators are so tempting tho 150 for 250a ☹ 1 year exchange
  10. Oh okay I seen some alts on ebay pretty cheap not sure if those would put out the actual amperage. What happens if I keep the same battery? Also should the alt positive cable touch the amp positive cable ? I stacked the those two on a post. I also have some left over welding wire can I use it as the ground for the alt ? While having cca for the positive wire ? Aka mixing wires
  11. I was looking at some 250 amp alts
  12. What amp alt would really push this amp (taramps hd3k) My headlights are already led. So like after volme 32 the rca voltage sky rockets up to like 7v. The thing is that the clip monitor flickers but i dont hear the sub distort or like crackle. The max headunit vol is 40 and at 32 volume it puts out little less than 4v, I had played a 45hz tone I think or a 40hz to determine the rca voltage.
  13. Hello so I'm back just finished doing the big 3 and now my lights dim even more lmao. Idk but I didnt really feel a drastic difference other than my voltage got up to 14.7. So I was also doing some rcs voltage measuring and I can only get up to 32 until it reaches 4v. These amps don't like anything over 4v so thats my max volume. I set my gains according to a equation yesterday and today when I finished the big 3 I didn't really feel a difference other than the light dimming even more. Gets me thinking now I need to save money on a high output alt
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