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  1. Hey Joe I have a Chevy Express 1500 van so rooms no problem I have a DC Level 4m3 15 inch sub on a Rockford bdcp 1801rms what's a good sub box design I seen your design for 2 subs can u do it for 1 sub I really would  appreciate it if u can thanks!

  2. Hey Joe x I have a Chevy van so size don't matter I have one level 4 dc 15 on a Rockford bdcp 1800rms can you help with a design thanks
  3. What up guys,I have a Rockford 1500bdcp its 1801rms and I'm useing a DC Audio m3 level 4 15..It's going in my Chevy Express 1500 work van so size is not an issue. I don't know what would sound best sub up port back ect has anyone got a idea thanks!
  4. I have a Rockford bdcp 1500..The birth sheet rms is 1799...I caint decide what sub to get dc level 4 12 or the sundown I forgot the exact model or dose someone have a recommendation?The second question is i see the level 4 dc 12 and 15 have the same rms I thought the 15 would handle more watts what's your thoughts on that ..Thanks for the help
  5. Did you ever figure out how to wire it I'm haveing the same problem maybe you can help
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