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  1. -Where to buy extra "acorn nuts" for SMD Fuse Blocks?? (without having to buy additional products such as plexiglass cover) -And what is the thread size of SMD fuse blocks? 1/4"-20?? (So I can see about locating 1/2" wide hex head acorn nuts that will fit those threads. WHY? Because I own 3 SMD fuse blocks and counting (2 quads, 1 dual) but am down to 6 acorn nuts.. =/ meaning I have lost 6 therefore only have 2 nuts per fuse block. Not that anything is wrong with only having 2 nuts. ;-]
  2. Where to buy more replacement acorn nuts for SMD fuse blocks? (Without having to purchase additional items)
  3. I'm currently on my fourth build of the year (because I can't get enough bass!)

    In 2020 I went from.. (I enjoy the planning and building more than the listening)

    -1 Kicker 12" Solo Baric L7S on 1K

    -2 Kicker 12" L7S on 2K

    -2 Skar VXF 15" on 5K

    -1 Skar DNR 15" on 8K, 390 amp JS alt, 2/0 Certified Basshead OFC, LC7i, D3400 battery.


    -2 Team Fi 15" on 16K w/ 10K clamp goal (Fi subs take approx 8 weeks to be hand-built) https://ficaraudio.com/product/team-4-series/

    390 amp JS alternator (stock was 150a),

    dual runs of 2/0 SHCA OFC (which is more like 4/0!),

    "Big 4" upgrade,

    2 x Taramps Bass 8Ks, 

    AudioControl LC7i LOC w/ AccuBass, 

    XS Power SB1500-75 (1500 farad good for 12K),

    XS Power D3400 (AGM good for 4K) under-the-hood which will be replacing with XS Power Lithium Titan8+ PWR S6 Direct BCI Fit 6500 w/ integrated Bluetooth Battery Management,

    stock 8" touchscreen "Sync" headunit,

    Skar 400.4,

    4 x Skar 5.25" in doors which I'm upgrading to Deaf Bonce, 


    Photos are in order of first to most recent (smallest to biggest)







    image 1.jpg



  4. I greatly appreciate it, I did find it does allow me to use a socket on the backside to hold the head of the stud (or stud's feet depending on perspective) so I can get by. I shared a video slooowly explaining the issue (6 mins) of the ANL fuses not fitting if interested in seeing it rather than just reading about it. I suggest watching it using 1.25x speed, haha, it was recorded at the end of a very long day. I'm good at finding workarounds so thanks again for your assistance, I'm good, just need to reach out to SMD and explain these two issues and see what they say because something is not r
  5. BTW, I made a video regarding the ANL fuses not fitting and showing my work around. I uploaded it to YouTube to be able to share it with whomever may be interested in investigating.
  6. I installed it without taking a photo and have dreaded disconnecting the wires in order to unscrew it from my enclosure but I did it (outside in 30 degree weather) just to share the photo with you of what I've been left with after one of the round glass things that are on the backside broke into a hundred pieces (not the plexiglass cover). I removed the stud after it broke to ensure I don't try using the useless stud (and have it never tighten by it continuously spinning). Thanks.
  7. Sorry for any confusion, I edited my post to clear it up because when I refer to nuts spinning, I'm referring to the nuts on the backside of the fuse block, the nuts that are encased in glass. Not referring to the plexiglass cover or acorn nuts. Thanks for trying to help.
  8. In simple terms, typical ANL fuses do NOT properly fit in between SHCA 2/0 Tinned Copper Lugs end-to-end (same run, I'm not referring to side-by-side, or anything about acorn nuts)
  9. I already owned a 5 pack of 500 amp ANL fuses from when I was using only SHCA fuse blocks. Photo shows how lug doesn't line up with hole due to SMD washer being in the way. I took video and several other photos if interested. I had to use 2 aluminum washers to get lug to fit onto block.
  10. Anyone using an SMD Fuse Block with Sky High Car Audio 2/0 lugs?? I just bought 3 SMD fuse blocks (1 - dual, 2 quads Heavy Duty XL) and my SHCA 2/0 lugs DON'T FIT with my 500 amp SHCA ANL fuses longways. I had to add thick aluminum washers to the studs to raise the fuses up above the wire lugs because otherwise they will not fit. Yes I bought the XL versions. What is going on here??! Secondly, when I tighten the nuts (NOT acorn nuts) down onto the studs to secure the 2/0 lugs and fuses, the round clear glass on the BACKSIDE of the fuse block CRACKED (one completely shattered and fell apart/ou
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