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  1. I wish. Would be super dope.
  2. Its been awhile since I've worked on one but if I remember correctly those silverados have big ole boots that aren't too much of a struggle. My buddy has one and he had me install a system in it for him and we've already had the dash out and switched for a new one. I gotta say it's quite pleasant to work on. This buick made me throw stuff and cuss.
  3. So I went ahead and ran two runs of 12 through the door boots and used 12 for the tweets. Just because I already had it. I tell ya I'll never make that mistake again. Took hours to get both runs through the boots and then to get them to pass through the spot behind the kick panels into the cab. Next time I'm using smaller wire all around lmao. I never knew installing a amp and components could be so difficult. What I thought I would have done in a single evening has stretched out into 2 days but should be all finished up tomorrow. Or atleast I hope so we will see what happens though. Here's a pic of the amps mounted on the rack. Ive still got to mount the crossovers and LEDs on the rack would have had that done tonight but didnt have the right hardware. I know its a mess I'll have it cleaned up soon though just trying to get it done for now.
  4. I'm terrified of airbags. Not because of bass but I'm scared to accidently deploy them working on my cars. I dont have an answer to your question but just thought I'd put myself in the conversation.
  5. I figure 12 might be overkill I have 50 feet of it but may save it for installing mids and the like. I'm running 12g on the subs too going to order some 10/2 or 8/2 for the subs. Probably overkill as well but it feels lame running same size on subs as mids lol.
  6. Is it acceptable to use 18awg speaker wire for tweeters or should I go 16? I am putting xovers in trunk so it will be probably 12 feet runs or close to there. I already have 12g now but I want to save it and order some smaller wire in a different color for tweeters.
  7. Well I hope they offer you a kick ass deal and if not hope the learning curve is good to you I wish you the best no matter what you decide. Definetly keep me posted on it either way. If you dont have a build thread already it would be super dope if you post one when things get moving.
  8. This is what I found. Didnt give me motor size or enough measurements to figure it out but I can probably get closer to making an educated guess about rather or not they will work and I'm thinking they will.
  9. You got it man glass is messy af but easy to do. If you do need help though let me know I'm pretty good with glass. No pro by any means but I've been doing it for years from a pillars to enclosures and alot of stuff in between. Heres some pics of the tweeter pods im working on now they still arent done but getting there. Also I'll try downloading the manual thats a good idea.
  10. Lol yea same man I had some pioneer ones someone had given me I passed them on to my brother in law other than that the set in my car now is the first set I've had in years. I wish I could find the specs for those forgate ones online all I'm finding for them is mounting depth. I read in a review on amazon that someone said they have smaller magnets and looking at the pics I posted the motors on them do look slightly smaller but I'd hate to have to guess and end up being wrong and stuck with a second set that doesnt fit. Or hassled with having to return them. On a more positive note I am almost done with my fiberglass tweeter pods and that much closer to having enough photos to be comfortable with posting a build thread.
  11. Ah its just rear fill. I'd rather change them out than deal with hacking up the rear deck and mounting them in it to get them raised. Plus the sound isn't all that great I just think they are dope because they are old and possibly vintage. They aren't bad sounding either just not great enough to outweigh the problems that come with them. Definitely changing them out with something that fits I cant stand the rattle from third break light being pushed into the back window anymore its pretty annoying so I just leave the bass all the way down most of the time.
  12. I would have to mount them in the deck cover its a tight fit under it but 3/4 would get the clearance I need. I measured the magnets they are 5" across.
  13. Cant really tell but looks like they may be close to the same size magnets if I had the car here right now I'd measure the current by 9s Edit: Thought I would add I have tried removing the rubber surround from magnets already it makes almost no difference.
  14. Lmao thats dope maybe I need to send my wife in to do the negotiating at the dealer. There is a pretty good show called hacking the system that has a segment about negotiating with car salesmen to get the beat deal possible. If you havent seen it I think you may be able to catch the bootleg on YT and its pretty entertaining if not informative. So on the trunk strut situation its going on the back burner for now. I figured out I'll need a 6 inch strut with a 8 inch stroke. Yea those dont exist so until I figure out a better mounting method that wont take up all the trunk space I'm back to looking for new 6x9s. Also interesting tidbit I found out the trunk torsion bar removal and installation on this car requires trunk removal, rear deck removal, rear seat removal, hinge removal and in some cases removal of rear glass and from what I read online some dealerships wont even perform the repair on these buicks... Bunch of p*****s. I'll be in it like I know what I'm doing once I figure out a game plan. Anyways I think I may want to try the punch series 6×9s I'm going to see if I can figure out magnet size on them and if its acceptable I'll probably order a set. Anyone here use them?
  15. Just an old beater that I'm sprucing up for my wife trying to make sure its reliable for long road trips. I dont even have a car right now but I'm in the process of trying to get a newish Silverado just sold my expedition. Kinda nervous this will be my first time ever buying a vehicle that I couldn't just pay cash for out right. I hate the idea of having payments and possibility of repo hanging over my head.
  16. Maybe. Idk it was a process getting those 6x9s in took over half the day. Well getting the package tray is what took so much time I finally learned that I had to have the trunk open to get the tray back in because with it ahut it was moving the 6x9s and sheet metal around them making the fitment impossible. Its very tight fitment. I'm going to get the measurements today for the struts then go to parts store and see what they have or if i have to order. I also got a new intake in today so im going to be swapping that then I have to order engine mounts again I think hard shifting of the tranny caused the first set I replaced to go bad but now that I've fixed tranny I'm hoping they will be ok.
  17. I have they have tons of videos. All about replacing and installing new ones where they already exist. It's not a very common mod if people do it at all lol. I found a couple threads about the mod in some honda forums but seems like they have the same problems I'm trying to avoid one guy said his struts were way too powerful and he couldn't keep hia trunk all the way closed another said it takes some finessimg to make sure you drill in the right spot. According to what I read online you need to know the weight of the panel as well as some other parameters to get correct strength of struts then I need to know length I need not only extemded but also compressed. Since I am probably the first to ever do this mod on a older buick lesabre I will have to just wing it. Do the ole trial and error method. Maybe tomorrow I'll have my wife shut me in the trunk with a flashlight and tape measure. Bet my neighbors will get a kick out of that.
  18. The only thing that has kept me from doing the trunk strut install is I have no idea how to figure out what size of struts I need. I'm a little scared of butchering it. Too long or mount in wrong spot trunk wont close. Too short and I'm guessing trunk wont open all the way. I can get in my head and overthink things too much sometimes. Thats whats really keeping me from doing the job.
  19. I'm looking for suggestions on a decent set of 6x9s for rear fill. I have 3 requirements. 1. I am looking for something capable of some decent midbass. 2. Magnet size cant be too big. I replaced the factory 6x9s with a set of pretty dope off brand/vintage 6x9s I found marked down in a radio shack that was like a portal into the past. Only problem when you close trunk the torsion springs hit the larger magnets and flexes the rear deck/package tray upwards causing a bunch of hideous sounding vibration when bass hits. I'm going to upgrade to gas shocks for trunk eventually and remove torsion springs but for now I need a different set of rear mids. 3. My budget is tight I have a hundred dollar bill I can blow on these. Maybe 120 max if I skip a meal or 2 and walk to work a couple days in a row. The amp I will be using to power them is a rockford fosgate punch p600x4 which puts out about 75 watts rms per channel. So maybe that will come into consideration in the final decision making... Maybe not Any and all suggestions appreciated friends.✌
  20. I'll probably start one once I get a few more pics built up. The other night I had the pan off the tranny was putting in a transgo shift kit and a new filter in and sliced my finger open on something had to find a ride and get to the hospital to get stiched up so progress will probably be slow until I heal a little more I already busted one stitch putting tranny back together after I got back from the hospital. Going to start a new thread for 6x9 suggestions if you wanna move on over to that thread D lol.
  21. I'm sure the positive influence it has on her will last forever even if she doesnt remember. Those crescendo amps are dope how much did that set ya back? I found a amazon renewed p600x4 for 300 I'm going to grab it next check. I'm weary of it since its refurbished but its supposed to be like new, completely cleaned and thoroughly tested. Amazon renewed products have a pretty good reputation according to what I've read and it comes with a 90 day warranty. Dont think I'd risk it if amazon wast behind it but they are reliable as far as customer service and returns. I'm going to take the chance unless someone talks me out of it. I'm going to grab a $70 set of components to try out. Recoil brand rose gold series I think they were called. They are relatively new I'm thinking as they have no reviews yet. I used their amp wiring kit and thought it was a great value. I'm hoping these speakers have some decent midbass capabilities. I need the new amp to finish up the fiberglass amp rack, I'm getting close to being done with the center console build just need to order purple leds magnets and USB ports. Ive got 140 sq ft of 80mil butyl sound deadener waiting to be installed(doubt I'll use that much) and I'm waiting until I get a set of components to make the fiberglass tweeter pods. Then I gotta get the new to me wheels rebalanced get the old tint off and put new tint on. Then I can start shaving handles and getting body work done so I can paint the car. I should probably start a build log with some pics instead of just ranting about it here but doubt it will happen
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