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  1. Just add the wire to the alternator bracket and ground it to the frame U can never have enough ground
  2. If u wanna drive 2 Michigan we can drop that battery on the charger as soon as u get here
  3. Good cause I feel like this 3500 isn't doing everything they can handle
  4. You can't do vs stuff your gonna have your thread ended
  5. Whatever 1's u like and can handle the power u put to them
  6. Makes since your wired down to far u could have stayed with the 12 tho and just got the 4 ohm 1's
  7. Thanks for clearing that up I forgot to mention he didn't need that if he adds a new amp I was talking about if the kept the factory
  8. Adding a different amp yes you will have to disable that but with your factory amp no
  9. Give it a shot worse comes to worse might have to get a little amp to power it the have little amps with small footprints that u can add to it and hide and keep all your space
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