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  1. 1 run can run roughly 350 amps so do the math your gonna need at least 4 runs
  2. You still not done yet and yea I've been procrastinating onit I sound deadened everything ran all the wire now all I have 2 do is find a spot for the second battery hook up the amp and eventually build a new box
  3. Buy a agm battery it'll help with your lights plus do like @Dafaselessaid and stop guessing on your gains
  4. Glad to see your still working on it can't wait 2 see the finished product I'm starting over the charger took a shit so I have a equinox now and I'm just throwing the charger stuff in it for now till I can build something that fits this car
  5. Upgrade battery + to alt + upgrade battery - threw rvc sensor (can fit 1/0) to alt bolt, run + and - from front battery to back battery if u unplug the pigtail mechman makes a bypass which will turn off the battery light
  6. No but the rvc (regulated voltage control) sensor does and the ecm that's connected to it does which reads the amps running threw it (only the ground wires go threw it)
  7. Like which 1's I haven't dealt with or seen anybody around here have them
  8. It's not the power wire that senses the amperage It's the ground wire and I'm sure he didn't run the ground threw the rvc (regulated voltage control) sensor if you have a second battery your supposed the run power and ground from the front battery all the way to the back
  9. Yea I'm still researching it to sometimes I charge at 12.4 if you figure anything out about it let me know
  10. The ecm will drop charge to save on gas or whatever when the battery is charged
  11. No it's a new chevy thing is your ground wire going threw the ground sensor and if u unplug the pigtail it'll charge at 14 or whatever but you will have a battery light on
  12. I'll definitely look into it and ye that's why my choices are the salt 4 or the jp43
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