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  1. Don't have a amp for the door speakers yet and I'm using the factory radio usually replace that thing but there's no kit for my car yet and I'll be using the dd-1+ and the cc-1 to set everything
  2. Need advice on setting gains without being able to disconnect door speakers
  3. Just trying to figure out what works best with these newer gm's charging cause when my battery's are charged I only see like 13.6 or so and wouldn't I get more power at 14.4
  4. @Dafaseleshave you heard anything about this pcm module that us alternators has
  5. Are you tapped in before or after the factory amp
  6. Alt just got here can't wait to get it installed that'll be the beginning of my build I researched the rvc and it looks like you can only do a big 2 so that's where I'm at with that gonna keep factory wires in the sensor and jam a 1/0 threw it too
  7. You can add me I'm in Kalamazoo MI I got a dd1+ and a cc1 and some extra knowledge
  8. Yea I always buy a new deck I don't like the factory 1 but the piece for my car is like $300
  9. Idk I'm gonna keep looking but for now I'm gonna be keeping the factory radio and I know I have to tap into the rear speakers but should I do it before the factory amp or after
  10. Ok I'm gonna have to check it out after work and then figure out how much 2/0 I'm gonna have 2 buy and I looked into the battery thing I'll be ok my car doesn't do that
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