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  1. If it's sealed how is it tuned to 34hz and there's lpf hpf or subsonic on the amp itself
  2. I get it now I own a dd1+ tho so I just needed to add that to my knowledge bank
  3. What if it's 1ohm cause 800×2 that way is 40v but 800×1 is only 28.28 doesn't seem like logic
  4. So if your running 800 rms at 2 ohm it'll be 1600 the square root of 1600 is 40 your voltage would be 40
  5. All I have time for today only thing left is cutting the sub and port holes and the brace holes and gluing and screwing
  6. Getting some work done all that's left to cut is top bottom back and 2 baffles oh yea and a couple 45's
  7. The port is gonna be as tall as your box by 2.5in wide and 46.5in long if that's what winsld calculated it should be good I thing it should graph your air speed and everything
  8. Yea your not measuring your voltage right either u have to measure the speaker terminal on the amp
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