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  1. Yea I was looking in to both of those or a salt 4k just wanted some opinions
  2. My sia is good for Sq I'm going for loud
  3. Hook'em both up and see which 1 u like better let me know the results if more wattage is better than being built right lol
  4. Don't get me wrong they definitely hit for the price but it could be better quality maybe a little price hike if that's what it would take I know they can do better
  5. I have a 160a alt and like 130ah of battery and when I go from 14.6 to 13.8 my amp sees clipping and this is at volume 34 and I set the gain with a dd-1+ at volume 38 with just 5db of overlap
  6. What subs have u had hooked up 2 this and does it live up to what it says it does
  7. I've had Korean and I've had full bridge amps the full bridge amps don't like any voltage drop at all 1v is a lot 2 those amps and there not really built well not to sure on my ohms after box rise been 2 cold to do anything that involves standing outside lol but I'm wired at 1 ohm box is like 6.88 cu before displacement around 4cu after
  8. I have the sia 3500 it doesn't seem to do what I want maybe it's the Brazilian build idk but it's not for me so going Korean and suggestions
  9. Fuck it let it slam I'm about 2 tourcher test my sia 3500 see if I can blow it up time for a new amp anyways it doesn't push 2 u series like I thought it would don't get me wrong my vision be blurry and my ears pop but it's just not enough lmao
  10. Well do the big 3 no matter what I'm running 3500 rms or so and I have a 160a alt and 2 agm batteries with around 160ah and I only drop down to 13.7 on a song with real bass
  11. Just add the wire to the alternator bracket and ground it to the frame U can never have enough ground
  12. If u wanna drive 2 Michigan we can drop that battery on the charger as soon as u get here
  13. Good cause I feel like this 3500 isn't doing everything they can handle
  14. You can't do vs stuff your gonna have your thread ended
  15. Whatever 1's u like and can handle the power u put to them
  16. Makes since your wired down to far u could have stayed with the 12 tho and just got the 4 ohm 1's
  17. Thanks for clearing that up I forgot to mention he didn't need that if he adds a new amp I was talking about if the kept the factory
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