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  1. So I came up with the dimensions for the box does this look good I’m just gonna tune it around 28hz instead of 23 I don’t want to blow the subs or anything subs will be up firing and port towards the front of the cab but should I put the port in the middle or on the driver or passenger side any information would help.
  2. So needing a little help with my box. I have 2 x18s Its gonna be going in a 06 Silverado crew cab my dimensions I have is 54”w 24.5H and 30”D I’m looking to tune my box around 23hz trying to get windy as possible but would still like to play up around 30-32hz. The x18s call for 112 cubic inches of port area each. And I want to keep it as a no wall build. Would like for the subs to be up and port forward.
  3. I have 06 Silverado which has the same 2 pin it’s a mechman 250 I had to order a pcm bypass module from brand x so now I charge at 15.3v. Idk if it would work but could you just get another 2 pin harness plug it into your 320 and just order a pcm bypass for it. Like I said Idk if it would work. Maybe someone else could shine some light on it bc I’m curious of doing a dual alt setup as well.
  4. I was just searching for custom built subwoofers one day and I found their website I was highly thinking about going with them but these x’s came up and for a good deal I couldn’t pass up on.
  5. Well I guess it was meant to be got a deal on these for 900 2 sundown x 18s brand new never seen power
  6. The only thing I was curious about on the psi platform 1 is how they would hold up on low frequencies and I know those pierce audio subs look bad ass I sent them a email but I haven’t got a response for the specs of their subs yet.
  7. So I’m wanting to stay at a no wall build if I do it that way I could build up to 20 cubic foot
  8. That’s what I was thinking but I just can’t find much info or reviews for them
  9. It’s going in a 06 Silverado crew cab for electrical I have a mechman 250 and 2 xs power d3400. The reason I said the sia 3500 is one of my good friends is sponsored by sundown and he said it would be a good amp for my application but I’m up to anything else thought about taramps as well
  10. So I just sold my 15s today and wanting to start a new build what would y’all recommend I wanting to play low and get windy it’s for a daily vehicle just want something good for demoing. Im gonna build my box to be tuned around 25hz and I’m running a audio apex cab 22 but plan to upgrade to maybe a sundown sia 3500 the subs I have been looking at is either 2 sundown x 18s 3 psi platform 1 18s or 2 pierce audio 1K wmd 21s im up to any other ideas my budget is anywhere from $1000-1300
  11. I’m gonna build my own probably gonna tune it around 25hz and my electrical is ok I have a mechman 250 and 2 d3400 running a audio apex cab 22 but planing on upgrading to maybe a sundown sia 3500.
  12. I have ran 3 of the nvx audio vcw 10” dual 2s for a little while they sounded good and could hit lows pretty well but for the price you could something else. The only issue I had when I ordered them from sonic electronix one of the subs dust caps came unglued but that could happen with any company. But that’s the only issue I had.
  13. No I no longer have them I ended up selling them to do a backseat delete to run 2 15s in my crew Silverado
  14. I built this box for 3 sundown sa 8s at 32hz they surprised me on how well they hit the lows
  15. Anybody going to triple fest Saturday may 14 in muscle shoals Alabama?
  16. I built my box it’s nothing special by no means it’s a little smaller then 8 cubes after displacement of port subs and bracing. Idk how I managed for the box rise not to be higher but I guess it’s true that every now and again the sun shines on a dogs a$$ lol
  17. I don’t compete any more just in it for the hobby but my good friend that is a 3x world champion in i believe db drag checked it with his termlab is where I seen the 1.2 ohm load his name is David McKay his sponsored by directronix
  18. Looks clean man. I wish I could work somewhere that was just car audio to learn more it would be a dream job for me. Keep up the hard work man you never disappoint any of us.
  19. For the time being would it help me out if I ran dual alternators and ran my stock alt for running my truck and accessories and my high output alt. For my subs and mids and highs would I see a better result jw
  20. Yeah with box rise I’m at 1.2 ohms but before box rise on my multimeter it reads anywhere for 0.7-0.9. It’s my daily so I just play normal music or some rebassed from time to time. My amp hasn’t shut off yet bc soon as I feel that it’s getting to hot to the touch I turn the bass knob back down.
  21. So if I was to stay around 3000-3500 watts rms would I be fine with my 250 alt. And 2 d3400
  22. I should have mentioned I installed a pcm bypass module from brand x so my voltage charges around 14.8 to 15 volts now
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