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  1. No I no longer have them I ended up selling them to do a backseat delete to run 2 15s in my crew Silverado
  2. I built this box for 3 sundown sa 8s at 32hz they surprised me on how well they hit the lows
  3. Anybody going to triple fest Saturday may 14 in muscle shoals Alabama?
  4. I built my box it’s nothing special by no means it’s a little smaller then 8 cubes after displacement of port subs and bracing. Idk how I managed for the box rise not to be higher but I guess it’s true that every now and again the sun shines on a dogs a$$ lol
  5. I don’t compete any more just in it for the hobby but my good friend that is a 3x world champion in i believe db drag checked it with his termlab is where I seen the 1.2 ohm load his name is David McKay his sponsored by directronix
  6. Looks clean man. I wish I could work somewhere that was just car audio to learn more it would be a dream job for me. Keep up the hard work man you never disappoint any of us.
  7. For the time being would it help me out if I ran dual alternators and ran my stock alt for running my truck and accessories and my high output alt. For my subs and mids and highs would I see a better result jw
  8. Yeah with box rise I’m at 1.2 ohms but before box rise on my multimeter it reads anywhere for 0.7-0.9. It’s my daily so I just play normal music or some rebassed from time to time. My amp hasn’t shut off yet bc soon as I feel that it’s getting to hot to the touch I turn the bass knob back down.
  9. So if I was to stay around 3000-3500 watts rms would I be fine with my 250 alt. And 2 d3400
  10. I should have mentioned I installed a pcm bypass module from brand x so my voltage charges around 14.8 to 15 volts now
  11. Can anyone help me out I finally installed my system in my truck and I need suggestions for batteries. I’m running a audio apex cab 22 on 2 custom built 15s from the lord of bass I have a mechman 250 amp alt. And a xs power d3400 under the hood. I’m wanting to upgraded to around 4500-5000 watts so should I just get another d3400 or just do a battery delete and just run a 6 pack of the yinglong power cells I’m still learning about power cells,agms,and lithium which would be better. My system is in a 06 Silverado crew cab and I metered it the other day and it’s doing a 145.7 at 35hz with 1000w at the windshield with no clipping but my amp gets so hot after just a few mins of playing and the subs are at 1.2ohms after box rise. Can some please help
  12. I’m not sure yet on how big my port is gonna be yet I haven’t start to do any number crunching yet but I was thinking of doing the port basically the whole width of the box kinda like this box that I built for a Tahoe awhile back
  13. So I’m fixing to start building my box this week and was wondering how I should do my port and sub placement. I’m doing a no wall and trying to get windy I was thinking of doing my subs up and port facing towards the front or should I do subs up and port up which do y’all think I should do. It’s gonna be 8 cubes after displacement of port and I’m gonna be tuning around 28hz
  14. They weigh about 60 pounds and Jorge at lord of bass said they are 1000rms but it’s a conservative rating said they could take 2500 rms so I may upgrade my amp later in the future
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