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  1. Mine is some what on a budget I haven’t actually has a loud system in about 8 years my last one I had was 2 psi platform 3 18s with 2 audio pipe apsm 2000d one on each sub I was doing 154.7 at the headrest with the vehicle sealed had to sell it had a son on the way then I got me a death penalty 21 then I hit a deer totaled my suv so I had to sell the 21 and just had small little systems since but it’s about to change lol
  2. I think he said they would be 1000 rms or 2000 I can’t remember but it’s going In a 06 Silverado crew cab no wall build back seat has be deleted
  3. Yeah the subs that are being built will have a 400oz motor ti 6 spoke frame that every one loves lol and they will be 1000 rms conservative rating lol I fixing to start a new build topic in a few days I still gotta build my box
  4. Ok that’s what I was thinking just wanted to make sure that it wasnt gonna be below 1 ohm thank you. I’m ready to get this build going
  5. Ok thank you so if I wire both subs in series then wire them both together I’ll have 1.4 ohms
  6. So I have never owned any subs that are lower then a dual 2 ohm.so I having some subs built by the lord of bass and the only voice coils they have right now are dual 1.4 my question is will these be fine to run in series.my amp is a audio apex cab 22 what would be my final ohm load. Thank you
  7. What is a good software to build speaker box on I have always used box tune calculator on android but was just curious if there is anything out there that I can see graphs on how a box will perform and see 3D models. Thank you and have a nice day.
  8. They are refurbished by directronix they do a good job on recones I have 3 sa rev 3 8s right now but they will be sold next week just trying to figure what would be a good for my new build
  9. May just go with 3 sa rev2 15s I can get a deal on all 3 550 plus shipping
  10. That’s what I was thinking the second one looks thrown together and I don’t know the specs of the other he didn’t send it to me I know he uses a lot of different coils like single 1 ohm single 2 ohm quad 4s quad 2 ohms that I have seen any his videos on YouTube
  11. More cone area is key that’s what I have always heard
  12. These are the 18”s that robot sent me that’s he has this one is $444 shipped
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