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  1. Thank you guys for the info, I didn’t ever think about the sub being momentarily stopped!
  2. Thanks for the info, so my follow up question. So for my understanding then, when you clip I thought it was the sub bottoming out, creating a short, hence why coils would overheat. Short by bottoming out…. If it’s an electrical property, when the signal is clipped, what is it doing to the sub to make it heat up so fast?
  3. Kenwood excelon, skar spxt c6.5, skar rp 250.4AB, 2 Sundown X-10s, Orion HCCA 11000.1D, 64ah Headway

  4. So just purchased upgraded coils, the coil went from 40mm to 66mm for sundown x-10s. I also got extra spacer rights for them. With the extra length on the coil, should I be concerned that I will clip sooner and add the additional spacers to the subs?
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