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  1. I have a 1ohm amp but using as 2ohm. amp is hifonics bg2200.1d 2200w 1ohm, 1100w 2ohm. which size wire and fuse needed at the distribution block when just at 2 ohm? recommended at 2awg trying to see if 4awg would be fine since im only using it at 2ohm loading it with 2 4ohm svc 500rms wired down to 2ohm.

  2. 1ohm amp but using as 2ohm. which size wire and fuse needed when just at 2 ohm?  amp is hifonics bg2200.1d 2200 1ohm, 1100 2ohm

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    2. _steezyse


      Hey man! going back to our ho alternator conversation. mechman is the go to but the js alternator offer a 320 Amp compare to the 240 from machaname offers for my car. i want to get the higher rated amp. js alt any good?

    3. Dafaseles


      I've heard both good and bad about JS. Just make sure, if you do get it, that if you don't like it you can send it back. If it's going to cause problems you don't want it. Though, if it works great, more amperage is more amperage 

    4. _steezyse


      Thanks again my guy! 

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