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  1. Here is my run of 0 gauge under the truck. I had some scrap alumunum laying around so I made my buss bars. I forgot to take a picture with all of the wires hooked up to it.
  2. Here is the update from this weekend. I just need to wrap the bottom of the false floor with carpet and take care of a couple other loose odds and ends. First: Here is a shot of my head unit lit up. And on to the rest of the pics.
  3. Here are some updated pics of what the truck looks like today.
  4. The blazer is good. I have had two S-10s before this. I wanted something with more cab room. I need to update the pictures of the truck. It currently sits on some 18" irocs. I've lowered it with coil overs in the front and lowered the rear. I also tinted the front Windows and got rid of the xtreme decal on the side.
  5. The dowels stick up about a half inch into the baffle. The remaining 1/4" is filled with glue. On the inside there is a ring of glue around the dowel. This is only on the top baffle. The bottom is not set in like this. It is glued in place flush, and is screwed in place. It should be plenty strong. I feel this would be stronger than simply laying the baffle on top.
  6. I decided to spray it with Flexstone. The charcoal should match the interior fairly well. The base of the false floor will be carpeted. I should have gotten better close up pictures of the texture.
  7. I would have built the box bigger but I needed a spot for my spare tire. I decided to get a slim donut spare, getting rid of the full size spare that stands up in the back. The donut spare will sit under my box in a false floor.
  8. Alrighty, Like the thread title says, here we go again. When I thought that I had something loud, I decided that I needed to make it louder. I just recently purchased a 2003 Blazer Xtreme. Here is a picture from when I bought it. It is in desperate need of some updated pictures, and I will update that soon. So here is the part list of what I have for it. 15" DC Audio LVL 5 In a 4.0 ft cubed @ 33hz Pioneer Premier DEH-690UB Head Unit Rockford T2500.1BD Rockford 300.2 Rockford T1652-S Components KnuKonceptz RCA and 0 gauge 160 amp alt (Soon to be Upgraded) 1 Optima Yellow Top (Second batt soon) Here is what I accomplished this weekend. I will hopefully get things wrapped up soon.
  9. Also, If you have any dual alt brackets I would be very interested.
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