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  1. no scars for me...but im a master pogoer now...i can pogo with no hands, 1 hand, 1 foot, i can spin the stick in air, and i can pogo over 1000 consecutive jumps...proved it over and over, cant do a back flip though
  2. i dunno but i want one haha....and ill prolly kill myself. i almost did with a REGULAR one... lesson learned never pogo in the winter...i hit some ice and the bottom shot out and i NAILED my head on the concrete...
  3. http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...deoid=965362548 [glow=red,2,300] I WANT ONE!!![/glow]
  4. over on teh RF forum....im laughin my ASS off over thurrr...not trying to bring that over hurr because this is one of the most laid back forum ive ever been on and i LOVE it but GOD DAMN that shit got outta hand over there and ive been doing NOTHING but laughin....meade keep on kickin some ass :^
  5. i can hook up to my 50 inch Samsung HDTV....but im running on my HP laptop 17" widescreen HDand i have a 17 inch LCD on my other computer
  6. well i actualy didnt go to work today...too much rain. so i couldnt cut. i pretty much sat on my ass and chatted online all day and now im in school. waiting to take a test im burnin up time on the forums
  7. yo yo yo b rab herrrrrrrre in da bulden` sup shawwty WORD
  8. its kinda funny how e-40 is just "comming back" like he is. definitely a big hit though!!!
  9. that is a hott song....VERY catchy!!!! ;D i love the "let it rain...then clear it out..."
  10. BITCH this is MY FORUM.....haha j/p i love this forum!!!
  11. x2...its a good idea and kool for show but if im having a bike its for doin wheelies down the street!!!
  12. he may think he have but he missed the hole and was screwin the sheets. no wonder he rather stand there and look at an amp hahahaha ;D
  13. HAHA =V^ to me HAHAHAHAHA actualy i gotta go work IN THE RAIN this morning then go to 2 classes take 2 tests and end the night in a LONG ass poker game so i wont be home from 7 30 in the morning til around midnight. sounds like a day to me
  14. do some research...i was here on the FIRST DAY...im OG!!!! :-[ hahaha oh yea im 18
  15. lets look at post count...you have WAY more than me...looks like someone else needs to look for a job hahaha
  16. Yo man youre just too much OFMF i get told that a lot...im known for being the perv on the forums hahaha
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