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  1. Nice and clean! I wish I knew how to do stuff like that
  2. This weather sux id rather be home watching movies......

  3. Doesn't crank or anything absolutely nothing works..... the the negative post on my bat gets hot quick even if I don't do anything to it the only thing that works is the stupid blue led from the alarm every once in a while the interior lights turn on like it's gonna work then turn off sux im gonna have to wait till I get back from work in 6 or 7 days gotta get up in a few hours and head out thanks for all the help and suggestions.......when I turn the key it makes a humming noise that's about it
  4. Yup tried everything even left it unhooked for about 30-45 minutes while I ate dinner clicked on and off acted like it was gonna work and went back to not working
  5. It has a alarm that uses the factory remote already installed when I bought it
  6. I just replaced the battery a few days ago and had been driving around fine an even turned it in to move it into the garage I unplugged the kenwood deck and plugged the factory radio in an still nothing I can get you a pic of the install but nothing is installed pulled everything out and put it back the way it was and nothin
  7. I started puto in my radio using the scosche wiring harness worked fine for the test run then my Tahoe started going nuts and won't turn on now or anything...no lights no nothing just a coupe clicks and crackles any idea what might be going on? I've put in radios for years and have never had a problem like this. I need some help bad I tried disconnecting the positive and negative and no change the neg cable was getting hot though
  8. I was going to get 26's for my Tahoe but I'm thinkin about 28's I want to order them tomorrow so I was wondering if they will fit with no modification
  9. My waifs was on labor for 30+ hours it was crazy! Once your little one is here all those nervous feelings and jitters will go away...good luck
  10. I have an 08 Tahoe and I want to start pieceing together my airbag suspension but I'm having trouble finding info on the front struts/bag setup anyone got any info on this?
  11. Ha ha if it was in the center that might have been an option but it's on the passenger side behind the airbag and the airbag cover keeps coming off
  12. I traded in my 02 dodge ram for an 08 Tahoe it runs and looks great the only flaw is a crack in the dash. How can I fix this?
  13. Thanks for the info guys, I want a package that's pit together already I work alot of hours and rarely have time to work in any projects so something that is put together already would be ideal for me.
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