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  1. LOL if you buy from importers over here, you will need to pay in arms and legs lol. it's a joke over here. So before you come bring heaps of high end audio gear lol. and don't listen to james. All the HONEST score's are set in Brisbane hahaha
  2. Nah sorry mate not selling the 99 motor .. Im a hoarder LOL . I keep my gear unless it's dodgy then i sell it haha.. Yeah well it's gonna be my first wall. So im just going small to start off with.. The subs are only rated at 800rms each. But can easily handle 1000rms daily. So im just gonna use 1 amp for now. Then whether or not i got 10 subs il use another amp. If i only use 9 subs, well then im stuck with using 1 amp LOL
  3. Well a BIG change to my Plans. Decided to wall the car. Only way i see to go ... Im using 9 maybe 10 OA pro series subs running off either 1 or 2 DD Z2hv's ... I haven't heard of a walled commodore in Australia yet ??? but people can confirm if this is true or not. Anyway plan is to wall them.. Tunning the wall to high 30's... Here are some pics of the goodies
  4. Yeah these alpines are the 500rms ones lol.
  5. the ones in Australia are all the new ones. We only have 1 type.. Ive seen heaps and i mean heaps of people feed atleast 800rms to 1200rms lol
  6. You can feed a clean 1000rms into a type-R and they can handle it daily. day in and day out.
  7. BUMP people. need some ASAP
  8. Sounds good I'll be watching this build. The discussion on LS1gto.com was that the gas tank in the not US spec cars was where my spare tire well is. Where are your spare tire and gas tank located? I know what your saying about that the Holdens/GTOs seem to do that well my car with weight in the trunk is tucking on stock 17s. I'm going to coilovers when I have this build finished and my summer job is started. I knew the commodore was a 4 door version its looking good. I wish that color came on the GTO. I think I may dump my spare for battery space and my box is going to be bolted over it anyway. Yeah man i got big plans for this . It's something different. You see to many people with there SUV's or wagons and coupes. My spare tyre is in the middle of the boot and my fuel tank sits about the diff, if you get what i mean ?.. Haha everyone says that about the colour, it's a pretty rare colour to get when these came out. Hyper yellow i think the name is. I was gonna colour code the interior lol but then i got lazy haha
  9. Just acquired 2 of these bad boys . 2 18" Eclipse sw9182 Quad 1.3ohm 3000rms a piece. They are beasty and got them for quite a good price .. So keep your eye's peeled for this space i may be using these in place of the 9515's gonna wire them both to .65ohm on the amp so they will be seeing around 4000rms a piece. Hopefully then il get loud lol..
  10. haha james i swear you spell my name a different time every time you write it lol i can get the yellow top D31 for $379 brand new Well im only running a 12v system lol. Trying to track down a 18v alt lol Any alt will do 18, you just need regulator to do that and 16v battery oh really ? haha i did not know that. Just take it to a auto elec or somthing ?
  11. haha nah spare tyre is still in there never know when i might need it haha. But seriously i forgot about that lol lucky you mentioned it. The car is already tucking the stock 16" rims with no suspension mods at all .. Thank's it's something different compaired to all the builds over here. I wanna go with bigger and better subs, But it's hard to get them cheap over here lol Here is a pic of what the whole car looks like, Similar to your's GTOguy but a 4 door version with different bumper's
  12. As topic states im after 2 18" subs. These are going into a groundpounder setup. Must be able to handle atleast 3000rms daily. I live in australia, so if you want to ship them to me then hit me up. ALl brands are welcome. Im after one's that are working to and nothing that needs a re-cone. I don't have a price range as im just looking to see what i get offered
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