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  1. Where are you located in ohio? I can get you some c&d's if the guy still has them.
  2. You end up getting seats for it? Im currently building a 1986 c20 suburban, from my understanding anything from like 83-1999 from gm full size will bolt right in with little to no modifications. I bought a set of blazer seats at a junk yard, went to pick them up and decided i didnt like them so i'm working on getting some newer body style full size silverado seats.
  3. You should be fine with one run especially if the majority of the batteries are in the rear. That run from the front to the rear for the most part is going to be used for your alternator to charge the rear batteries, which in the most ideal conditions is only going to produce 260a of current. Most decent ofc cables are rated for atleast 300a. Also I have a vfl 500.1, it draws around 450a of current. One run is all I run since I have a stock alt and under load that one run isn't anywhere near its rated capability. This isn't to say that you couldn't slightly benefit from more wire, but if it were me I would invest the money elsewhere.
  4. Looking for two 12" Ti baskets. hit me up if you have some or know where to find some.
  5. Wow those are some impressive pumpkins guys. Personally haven't carved pumpkins for years. My dad would break out power tools and we would go to town carving a dozen pumpkins lol. Good times.
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