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    stereos, reptiles, biking, machining, engine modding, stuff along those lines.

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  1. sundown, dc, fi, dd, atomic, alot of companys. ive had a vr3 xtreme sub from walmart have a bolt on magnet. it depends on subwoofer line with some companys too. i have some fosgate the punch subs that are glue/ riveted together. but i know some of the other punch subs have bolted on magnets. just gotta do research.
  2. yeah id like to do 2 sets of components in the rear. they will be run off of a pioneer 2 channel amp when my sub amp comes. im gonna get the model number to get specs tomorrow.
  3. dang nice work. i dont get how the box specs could be as small of a box as you can make for it.
  4. ok thanks all of you. i can get a set of 4 re 3 way 6x9's for 125. so im thinking of doing that. yeah i have to end abit more upfront right now since there are not any tweeters up front. ill be adding some in till i can get the new speakers.
  5. what do you do exactly when testing them? like how many watts do you throw thru them?
  6. would the size of a door speaker make a difference in the performance of it? i have 6x9's up front but need to upgrade the rear again. i can put any size and amount of speakers in the rear since im mounting the speakers on a piece of mdf that ive made to pretty things up. any sugestions on size?
  7. ohhh ok. yeah that does help alotttttttttt to talk to people who are vets in a certain area.
  8. so electronics engineering is how you became an amp and woofer king?
  9. haha nice. three in a row for electrical engineering. also for electronics engineering?
  10. oh ok. i hope it gets goin. i love seeing sundown comeout with new products.
  11. im going for my electrical engineering degree right now too. thanks jacob.
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