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  1. Only thing i'd worry about is corrosion or vibration of the mounting panel, but really nice idea. I want a bunch so I can do up all our PA gear we have lol!
  2. he could ship an oversized cut-out wit them to use as a guide to router the hole with, but drilling a couple corner holes and cutting between them isnt that hard...
  3. Awesome product steve, you're turning into a mad man with that CNC lol. Be careful, you'll be getting a new one with another axis on it if you keep this up lol
  4. bike stolen in ...... Good project and good on you for doing it steve. Maybe a "stealth" system might be a better idea next time though? Could build a helmet with speakers and a sub on it (i'm already doing that actually lol, using 4 aura 3" drivers and digging around for the sub yet) or... I dunno.
  5. Over excursion and uneven loading due to port on one side. Turn up the low pass filter so you dont go below tuning so far or get surrounds that wont run out of travel.
  6. This infers one plays louder than the other, and that there is a specific reason (or reasons) why. I listed a few reasons why either may be the louder setup and Tony gave a reason as well and inferred that the topic needs further research as it is not a "simple" answer.. like number of subs or non-reactive impedance. The answer to the question is that it will depend on a list of real world factors that need to be tested and known and listed in the question if you're looking for a specific defined point and looking to maintain order. It could even be something like coil weight, field, or magnetic permeability being influenced from number of turns due to the different impedance each setup is attempting to run, or even that the coil is being influenced far futher than we think due to the nature of running a parallel or series (as mentioned in the youtube video). I think this belongs in the "fact and science have no place in car audio" thread to tell you the truth. I dont recall anyone saying anything about researching the topic further (here or other places, its not actually a new topic though it is not a popular one to discuss with intent to get anywhere for some reason) and I surely dont have the time or resources to.
  7. That wasnt what you originally asked, you inferred one is louder and asked why.
  8. ya... i dont get that..... Do you think dinosaurs are a creation of science as well? :I
  9. Possible causes of difference in loudness: - One amp can only produce 1k for burst periods - Distortion - Damping factor - Amplifier topology (A/B, D, G) - Coil and motor will react differently to different voltages - Back-EMF of driven circuit (coil configuration) - ESR (as a product of coil configuration or of amplifier based on driven frequency of supply fets and/or ouput)
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