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  1. Only thing i'd worry about is corrosion or vibration of the mounting panel, but really nice idea. I want a bunch so I can do up all our PA gear we have lol!
  2. he could ship an oversized cut-out wit them to use as a guide to router the hole with, but drilling a couple corner holes and cutting between them isnt that hard...
  3. Awesome product steve, you're turning into a mad man with that CNC lol. Be careful, you'll be getting a new one with another axis on it if you keep this up lol
  4. bike stolen in ...... Good project and good on you for doing it steve. Maybe a "stealth" system might be a better idea next time though? Could build a helmet with speakers and a sub on it (i'm already doing that actually lol, using 4 aura 3" drivers and digging around for the sub yet) or... I dunno.
  5. Over excursion and uneven loading due to port on one side. Turn up the low pass filter so you dont go below tuning so far or get surrounds that wont run out of travel.
  6. Guys, distortion isnt clipping. Its just a difference in the audio signal to what was intended. Distortion could blow your stuff if it flattened out the sine wave to square blocks or something, but its not very likely..
  7. Thats when you call them noobs for using an o-scope to detect distortion. You use a distortion meter to detect distortion.
  8. So.. any bets on how long until someone makes a carmageddon protesters mod?
  9. 980's are pretty pointless, 780Ti matches them clock for clock give or take a couple fps here and there. If you're moving off 600 series cards they're ok upgrades, but 970's are a way better buy..
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