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  1. 7, I'd also like some of the original black DC shirts where the DC was made up of little DCs.
  2. I did a 149.2 sealed on the dash in my Civic trunk car with 1 12" m1 xl and a rf t4000 last year at an IASCA show.
  3. 142.2 sealed on the dash, 1 12" lv3 m1 off of a RF T3002 300 watt amp. '00 civic out the trunk.
  4. I've gotten 4100 out of it ever clamped the amp? im sure that t4k wants more electrical.
  5. stock Honda alt, XS power d5100r up front, D3100 in the back and 2 runs of Shok Industries comp 1/0 wire. no big three either.
  6. no idea on tuning, just 8.5" port about 18" long, with the trunk making it a 6th order bp.
  7. it has to be stock physical size, but can be upgraded internally. Mine is stock. When you say stock SIZE, you mean it can be like, 200a H/O but has to be direct fit?
  8. some of the rules, car has to look stock, 2 runs of wire front to back, 1400 cubic inches of total battery(2 total), 240 sq inches of cone area max, stock size alt. it's a tough class.
  9. I didn't know this was here. I am trying to get some pics right now.
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