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  1. going to keep it for now,until i get enough money for something better.
  2. i was planning on replacing the bags after i got them,thanks for the input.
  3. i talked to him today and i got him to drop the price to less than 300$.
  4. i want to buy this setup for my 2000 chevy blazer, i want some opinions if this is a good deal. i dont know much about air bags so i need some help. http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/pts/1851498066.html
  5. yeah,where can i get a overdrive pulley for a 2000 chevy blazer or if anyone has one that i can buy from them.
  6. Iwant to buy a overdrive pulley for a 2000 chevy blazer
  7. id say 3, In My Opinion i would get two hifonics hifi 12's form ebay for 60$ and then buy the amp an make a box for the subs.
  8. the movie looks to be badass
  9. I Want To Buy A 2000 watt rms sub 15" or 18" my price range is about 300$ if anyone has any.
  10. im already in vegas im staying in the embassy hotel
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