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  1. I know it'll plug in properly but I wasn't sure if having 1 less wire would cause any issues
  2. I have a GM 4 pin plug but the plug only has 2 wires in it. My alternator has 4 pins. Will the VCM work even though my plug only has 2 wires? They are the center 2 wires
  3. I have a Sundown saz-1500 v1 for $300
  4. I personally like the way the revised panels look over the originals. Not that the originals didn't look super nice
  5. This is my BEATER. The looks are the last thing I'm worried about right now. This is what it looks like before I dialed anything in, which I'll be doing on Monday. The back needs to do lower and whatever is rubbing will get cut off. I don't care if you hate it or love it. I built my cars for me and only me This is how low the back can go. I need to install my batteries, amps, and sub/box to fine tune the rear so it's even with the front
  6. To be honest I forget which mufflers it has on it but I know it has a 3" DP and 3" pipe right to the mufflers, which I think are HKS but I could be wrong. The funny thing about this car is, it drives like it's a bone stock G35 when you're not laying on the gas
  7. Here's a video of my buddy's G35. Only oem parts in the engine are crank, and head castings. Pistons, rods, full headwork, custom intake manifold, and turbo setup. Car is only running on wastegate pressure right now so around 6-7psi. Car spins until the top of 4th gear. In my eyes, this is how EVERY built car should be treated. Don't spend $30k on a car and garage it or drive it like it's a Hyundai
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