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  1. Im still likeing this one zacht214 done (dont have to change my sig much then)
  2. i take it this is were i can join well my names Arron young aka arron_mk3golf from england,uk
  3. can i join i love this site im larnin so much (from this form) i would love to give something back and help out
  4. thanx i was gona do suming like that i like that mite be a winner glad im here to help
  5. Steve im gona have to get my self 2 12" ones of them would that be posable???? gota stat reping SMD in the uk and is there a charce i could get a free smd hat when i buy the subs ???? could be a good deal for people gets the smd name out there more
  6. that line driver u got isit good i like the look and the output it gives mite get 1 my self ???
  7. i dont know much iv jus started wiv car audio. but could you tri a diffrent type off port that might help with the air displacement. let me no if this has helped
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