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  1. Im still likeing this one zacht214 done (dont have to change my sig much then)
  2. i take it this is were i can join well my names Arron young aka arron_mk3golf from england,uk
  3. i just fort you lot like ducks and you like smd soo duck+smd=smd duck
  4. can i join i love this site im larnin so much (from this form) i would love to give something back and help out
  5. assman you dont mind me posting this do you??? i dont wont to upset people/you on here
  6. sorted the sig out is it ok now yer and you carnt say thats not a nice pic its pure sex lol
  7. soz didnt know this was like his and yer i will down size it a bit
  8. i know how much you lot like ur yellow ducks. Why dont they make a SMD DUCK what do u guys think????
  9. thanx i was gona do suming like that i like that mite be a winner glad im here to help
  10. go for it its nice looks like its bin baged to am i right??? let me now how this builds going likeing it sooo far and i like that car ^^^^^^^ how much it going for
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