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  1. Not sure if this question has been asked before. Is there any chance dc comes out with a component set or mids and highs For those that may want a complete dc system
  2. I just finished going over my wiring. I noticed that car off my battery is 12.17 volts. But when running at idle its 11.99 volts at when I step on the gas its 14.7 all day until I let off the gas.
  3. I just wondering is it something I did wrong or is there an issue wit the alt
  4. I don't believe iin bashing people on here that's all
  5. I have a positive wire going from alternator to battery+ and I have a neg. Going from alternator negative to battery negative.
  6. I just installed my high output alternator and noticed when I im at idle my voltage is 11.5. This is after I charged my optima red top . While driving my voltage is 14.7 buts drops to 11.5. Is this a battery issue or a alternator issue. please help.
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