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  1. Not really a recent purchase, but my mom got me a slider rig for Christmas. Super happy with it, really smooth shots.
  2. My last car was a Sonic. I always dreamed of building a wall, but never bit the bullet. Glad to see someone else is doing it lol
  3. Things have changed since my last post in here. 23 now, working a stable 9-5 for the past 2 years. Worked my way into a promotion to supervisor of my department this year, and working close with product development on new shit. I work for a PC company, building custom desktops, servers, laptops, etc. It pays the bills, lets me buy dumb shit, and leaves some left over for savings, so I can't complain. Supplementary income from my small business, where I do screen printing and vinyl plotting. Y'all need stickers? Lol I also have a third "job" if you want to call it that, beta testing games for various developers. I'm contracted out to do tests of all different sizes, ranging from indie to AAA. Brings in an extra $100ish per month.
  4. He said he has burns on his wrist, but luckily didn't fracture anything. Surprising
  5. It almost feels like it's a more common occurrence, but I guess I'm just seeing more of it online because more people are getting dashcams!
  6. Just posting a youtube video I saw on Facebook. This guy in an S2000 was driving, and was hit by a woman in a minivan who ran a redlight. The police were believing her until he showed them the footage where you can clearly see his green/yellow light and her lack of intention to stop. It was also pointed out by some people on reddit that you can clearly see she has her phone up to her face as she blows through the intersection. http://imgur.com/34RhnJm Here is the video If you weren't convinced before, maybe this will do it. I just placed my order. Less than $100 to save me from a reckless driving ticket, or paying for the $8000+ in damage out of pocket, that's all I'm saying.
  7. In response to the pics of the pitbull/dachshund mix that's been making rounds on the internet, my cousin has one. His name is Ryder, and he is the most hyper god damn dog I've ever met. His head and paws are not quite as disproportionate as the "famous one" but he is still awesome. I only have two pictures of him, but I will try to take some more next time I go over.
  8. Sold within a few minutes of posting that. Please code.
  9. 24 hour sale, $50 + $10 shipping. PayPal only.
  10. "When the gunman realizes that nobody else is armed, he will lay down his weapons and turn himself in ... that's just human nature." -Citizen dearming activist Dianne Feinstein Unfortunately to my knowledge it's real http://www.snopes.com/media/notnews/feinstein.asp
  11. My favorite part of that video is when he gets out of the truck. "You alright?" "Yeah I'm fuckin fine!"
  12. We were actually just talking about this at work. From what I understand, she was taken from her parent's custody, and the state is her "legal guardian" now, which explains how they are allowed to force her to do this. She turns 18 in a few months, so hopefully she can stick it out until then, and she'll be allowed to make her own legal decision at that point.
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