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  1. Howdy, long time no see. Selling my DC 1.2k. Definitely an older model, I've had it for a while. Some signs of love, but functionally perfect. Looking for $200, shipping included to USA
  2. In response to the pics of the pitbull/dachshund mix that's been making rounds on the internet, my cousin has one. His name is Ryder, and he is the most hyper god damn dog I've ever met. His head and paws are not quite as disproportionate as the "famous one" but he is still awesome. I only have two pictures of him, but I will try to take some more next time I go over.
  3. "When the gunman realizes that nobody else is armed, he will lay down his weapons and turn himself in ... that's just human nature." -Citizen dearming activist Dianne Feinstein Unfortunately to my knowledge it's real http://www.snopes.com/media/notnews/feinstein.asp
  4. My favorite part of that video is when he gets out of the truck. "You alright?" "Yeah I'm fuckin fine!"
  5. Note to self: Always fuse your shit, no matter how small of a job it is. Great start to a new year... lol
  6. inm

    Master of Malt

    Anyone ever ordered here? My Christmas bonus was a little bigger than expected, so I'm gonna splurge on some "here's to a great year" drinks, and Master is the only place I can find what I want (Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve) Just curious to know who has ordered and how the experience was.
  7. It's 2 random photos for today that didn't warrant a new thread, in my opinion.
  8. Took my Foz out for a little adventure in the woods. And then I blacked out her grill shortly after.
  9. I'm installing 3000GB of ram as we speak. You think a 2500W power supply will suffice?
  10. Just going about my normal day, doing some work, when I saw who ordered the computers I was working on. Maybe I'll leave a little surprise inside... LOL
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