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  1. inm

    Master of Malt

    Anyone ever ordered here? My Christmas bonus was a little bigger than expected, so I'm gonna splurge on some "here's to a great year" drinks, and Master is the only place I can find what I want (Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve) Just curious to know who has ordered and how the experience was.
  2. He has, but I'm pretty sure they do, he's used them before. If you could spare one that would be great.
  3. Anyone got one laying around? My buddy wants to play some GTA V with me but doesn't have gold.
  4. Red Bull and Fireball. Dr Pepper and Fireball. Redd's and Fireball. Angry Orchard and Fireball. Straight Fireball. I'm on my Fireball tonight. Mmmmm.
  5. Could a run an m3 on a 1.2k? If I wire a dual 2ohm @ 1ohm, it would be seeing 1200w. The m3 has an RMS rating of 600w and a peak of 1200w. Is it bad to run at peak? If I get a dual 4ohm, I can wire it at 2ohm, which would be about 700w. Is 100w over RMS safe?
  6. bdng

    Hey i'm interested in your skar 800 and 60.4, send me a message. I can't seem to message you. Thanks inm

  7. Thanks Rusty. I think I'm gonna go bite the bullet and grab a Level 4. Time for me to get a real sub for once..
  8. I wasn't thinking when I ordered my stuff... Would a LVL2 be okay daily on a 1.2? That's like double is RMS rating so I doubt it lol Would I be better off selling the 2 and getting a LVL3?
  9. fancy wallpaper at 5760x1080 usually looks stretched out. Plus i never like a bunch of shit on my screen, just my icons and that is it. I switch colors from time to time though Hell your the opposite of me, I hate having icons on my desktop. I always hide icons and and get a nice wallpaper. Then again, finding a decent wallpaper at 5760x1080 could be challenging lol
  10. Damn, just a straight blue desktop wallpaper on the PC? That's the only boring part of your badass shit here.
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