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  1. Paid quick and was easy to deal with, good communication!
  2. 55w HID's would be the brightest I'd say bro. These were plenty bright for me, prolly 50% brighter than my Silver Star ultra's and those were pretty good to begin with.
  3. 9005 and 9006 HID Kits - 35W - 8K - SOLD Gonna miss these but the new whip has stock HID's Here's what they looked like in my van: Low Beam High Beam All prices are OBO and plus S&H.
  4. Works Great, Includes remote, harness, and iPod cable, plus the RCA input dongle. - $250 As you can see, there are some scratches on the screen. They're very hard to see and it doesn't affect the performance at all, this HU sounds awesome period, especially when running the active crossover Price is OBO and plus S&H.
  5. Digital Designs DDC6.5's I have these in my van and they sound quite good, I've used DD over and over and they have always done well for me They are around 100 a pair from your local DD dealer
  6. Are you looking for components or coaxials? What are you looking to spend?
  7. I've spent over 5k+ on Sundown gear, used their equipment in my own builds and other friends builds, and never had a single problem with any of it, weather it was used or new. And even if I did have any problem, I know that Jacob (owner of Sundown) would help me out with any problem I had personally. Hope that helps your decision a little. I am in no way payed/obligated to say this, just wanna help out one of my favorite audio brands
  8. http://www.caraudioclassifieds.org/forum/showthread.php?t=36357
  9. 24 12's = 2714.4 Sq. In. of Cone Area 8 18's = 2035.74 Sq. In. of Cone Area Plus there are a lot more reasons to use 12's over 18's Number one being pure sexyness
  10. That box is a incredible beast, I was surprised at SBN when there were 8 more woofa's than I expected
  11. Sounds like a plan I'm poor so I don't usually have loads of MDF just sitting around just waiting for me to cut it up
  12. Sounds close, I would make the outside a little exaggerated, if its to big you can cut it down but if its too small you are screwed. What I would do? Measure both before I cut, that may not be a option for you right now but it's the best way to go if you don't wanna waste wood.
  13. is headed out to install his HID's

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