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  1. man i need help on an burp box for sa-8 for an 2000 yukon and i like to burp @ 50 or higher hz can you help me on this of so p.m. me

  2. Ay boss, im got a audio pipe amp and I want a couple stickers also. How do I get some stickers mail to my House?

  3. When the saz-4500d was released it was the only amplifier in the US using that board design.
  4. The car belongs to my brother Robert aka BangBus on the forums. His name should be up there instead of mine.
  5. 1987 Nissan Sentra 2 Sundown Audio Zv2 12"s 1 Sundown audio saz-4500d NSPL Trunk 0-1800 record holder - 149.0 off 1,324 watts clamped power. NSPL Trunk Hardcore record holder - 154.3 off 3kw clamped power. (mic in the kick, vehicle sealed) Hit a 151.5 legal off 3kw clamped power. Vid of 151.5 run. We threw in a pair of Hifonics HiFi 12s & an Audiopipe 1kw mini for the $150 spl challenge. Hit a 144 legal and 146.7 outlaw off 800w clamped power. Vid
  6. The Extech calculates power (watts) automatically without separate voltage & current readings. It is a very nice and accurate meter.
  7. Big 158.2db on a meter that was 0.5-2db down from the TL for most of us. I see a 159 very soon and a 160 before too much longer.
  8. Also massive issues with the dB Drag lanes as well as the TL having a new software update that made bass race waaaaayyyyyy different. Seems like common sense to let competitors know about a big update with a serious big change BEFORE we show up to world finals.
  9. We didn't get done with eliminations til 12:30am. Had to re-run the entire 139.9 bracket over again cause Wayne accidently deleted TMH Dee from qualifying so he wasn't included in brackets. Then because he wouldn't print out brackets or even verbally tell us what they were it wasn't caught til the final round.
  10. Derrick824

    SBN 2011

    Almost ready for SBN.
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