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  1. With my saz-3500d @ 1ohm I didn't see any gain with dual inputs. With it wired to 0.25-0.33 adding dual inputs gained a consistent 0.4db.
  2. man i need help on an burp box for sa-8 for an 2000 yukon and i like to burp @ 50 or higher hz can you help me on this of so p.m. me

  3. Ay boss, im got a audio pipe amp and I want a couple stickers also. How do I get some stickers mail to my House?

  4. When the saz-4500d was released it was the only amplifier in the US using that board design.
  5. The Extech calculates power (watts) automatically without separate voltage & current readings. It is a very nice and accurate meter.
  6. dB Drag http://www.termpro.com/asp/officialevent.asp?EventID=11925&Method=11 Bass Race http://www.termpro.com/asp/officialevent.asp?EventID=11925&Method=12
  7. Big 158.2db on a meter that was 0.5-2db down from the TL for most of us. I see a 159 very soon and a 160 before too much longer.
  8. Thanks everybody. You forgot SBN Champ too. 139.9 class was full of world class competitors. I don't know yet how many total people qualified. There were 7 perfect qualifying scores & I believe 5 139.8s tied for 8th spot. All 8 competitors in elimination brackets were all World Finalists and extremely tough competitors. Every single match-up went for 3-6 ties. Technically Pure Pressure - Jim & myself tied with perfect scores for Nationals but since we both advanced to World anyways there wasn't any need for a tie breaker.
  9. Good stuff. Definitely keep us posted on how everything turns out.
  10. I ran the proto in 2.5ft for a while. It'll work and sound alright but not optimal. Less than 3ft ported and it noticeably starts losing bottom end.
  11. There are lots of very loud systems in the Carolinas. All of Team Nemesis lives in North & South Carolina. Most of the NC guys are over in Wilmington. Scott DJ Robert Jared Justin Steve
  12. A public forum isn't the place to discuss bulk orders.
  13. Two 6" ports is all you need for a single 18".
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