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  1. I do volume and tuning calculations on the computer then back to graph paper to design the box.
  2. http://www.michelinman.com/US/en/tires/products/premier-ltx.html 60k mile tire, cant go wrong, I run 70k michelins and have nothing to complain about, wet/dry, noise, snow/ice....all good.
  3. Summary, you need more space to tune the box where you want it an have an effective ported enclosure. If you are stuck with the specs you have you may need to downgrade the driver size. You will still need room for port, smaller boxes naturally need more port volume to tune lower - or you end with a bunch of port noise and inefficiencies.
  4. 14v(alt) system is 12v batteries. 16v(alt) system is 14v batteries. 18v(alt) system is 16v batteries. So what you need are 14v batteries and set your alts to 16.7 ish
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