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  1. this is like picking a favorite child..... there are some companies that i like the amps, others for the mids, highs and so on, its not too often that you can just say i like this brand and they have it all!
  2. oh i got ya, so you could come up with some design for a mini amp rack on top of it! or are you trying to keep it less visible?
  3. ahh i see. what way do the subs fire? have any pics it might help....
  4. yeah i might look arround for some experiments to try it out on! i need some worthy components though! lol
  5. right, i figure if i can build a swamp buggy i can do a recone but yeah good luck!
  6. yeah that would be sweet! i am becomming more and more interested in learning and trying to do this myself. just havent found the donor parts or courage to try it yet.....
  7. yeah for sure! are you gonna do the recone on them? if so keep us updated with some pics!
  8. damn, if you dont mind me askin how much is the motor and basket gonna cost ya?
  9. oh damn.... im sorry to hear that kind of stuff. lost my grand father to cancer my aunt and now a close friend is having a bad battle.
  10. hell yeah it would be and maybe get a second one!!!! WHAT!!!!
  11. wonder if he still has any parts for these things.....
  12. been a fan of luda's for a good while. he always makes music that has decent beat to it!
  13. there was some one else that i looked at their post last night and they used them and said splitting was very minimal! looked good to me!
  14. imo, i really dont think it has the motor ability to move as much as you might think. i could be wrong, but the motor structure looks a tad small for all that overwhelming foam surround!!!! i still vote kicker l7's but keep me posted for sure.
  15. are they something you are going to hang onto once you get your real setup? or are you going to sell them? i think the kickers might have a better resale value, but im not sure. just a thought
  16. i dont remember what the wrms per sub is for either really. but i would say kicker. i was pretty happy with the output of my little 10" L5's. so thats my vote.
  17. then it comes down to power requirements and what you have or what you can find for cheap.
  18. hahahaha yeah i have been driving myself nuts too! my grand cherokee needs a complete update. i took my "temp system" and put it in the wifes car for some decent sound cus she is not a total bass head like me! and gutted the wiring and back part of the grand. i found the door speakers are now trash and i had a temp h/u ever since my clarion 7" touch screen took a dump! that pissed me off 1200 bucks and just after a year it craps out. no more warrantee. lol. so yeah i have been driving arround going crazy too. I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!!!
  19. i agree with that too!!!! keep the cash and buy what you really want! my temp system is just stuff i had in the garage until i can do a total overhaul again with all of the gear i want.
  20. well the math would say do the 2 15's for more cone area thus moving more air. but do you have the power requirements to do 2 subs? there are a few things to think about when doing this. cost (as its a temp setup)ohm loads for single or dual subs and power available.
  21. yeah, i guess you can tell i have kicked arround a similar idea myself, lol. glad i could help, keep me posted on everything!
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