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  1. v v v no whats happening in ufc fights?

  2. well dude the motivation is all on you!!!!! from your 2 posts it just sounds like you dont have the personal desire to get off your ass and train! some people have it and some dont! i can understand things happen and whatever. trust me, i went from never being able to break 200 lbs in h.s. and benching 315 to 260 lbs and overweight!!!!! 4 kids 10 years of being married and complacancy!!!!! well in the last week alone i have dropped 5 lbs of fat and am going to try to get back down arround the 220 mark as i do have a large muscle build to me. and if i do then i will proceed to add the weight back on but in lean muscle mass!!!!! i dont mind being 250 or 260 but i do mind being fat!!!!! its all what you make it!!!!! if you really want help with the beer belly send a pm if not then dont complain!!!!!
  3. hahahaha good deal, Im not sure what is first with me bodybuilding or mobile electronics!!!!!!
  4. yeah the hardgainer was me in highschool! but now its opposite for me! i have to watch everything i eat! i have tons of books on nutrition for when i went to school to be a personal trainer. everyone is different, we all have different chemical makeups what works for one will not always work for another! good post neo!!!!
  5. p90x is a fat burning workout! if you are not over weight you can still stay in great shape with it! if you want to add mass get on a good suplement program with creatine and maybe a good protien shake. I would suggest bsn, out of all of the stuff I have tried I have to say it is the best!!!!! there is a lean mass gainer they have also if you want to add lean mass to your frame!!!! but with all suplements make sure you drink plenty of water and work hard to achieve your fitness goals! if you have any more ?'s just send a pm.
  6. ahhhh jesus man! what the fawk happened here????? oh and to the underaged kid sure you can start to use that man law of more holes than poles as you have just been given another man law! one of many I hope you learn along the way young grasshopper!!!!! So from now on you cant have or be at any parties that dont follow that rule!!! now back to the scolding of the OP! what the FAWK!!!!!! lol Get that freak into the sac with you and the wife by any means possible! play a few good drinking games and get em hammered fast!!!!! that will do it!!!!!
  7. i thought you worked for your dad? did you get canned after you wrecked? I dont like hondas i say keep the truck! my burb has almost 300k on it. its all in maint. if you keep it up it will last if you beat on it and dont car it will die!!!! doesnt matter what it is!!!!!!
  8. that would make for a great night for me as my wife likes chicks just as much as i do!!!! you my friend have deff. stayed well in the specs of the man law by having more holes than poles at your party!!!!!! congrats!!!!
  9. wait.... are you designing a setup just to do hair tricks? i say 4 15's but im not sure about the rockford subs anymore EDIT: and most of it is in the box design, port tune and all of that stuff. im sure you can still do it with sealed setups but idk
  10. Why do you have to hate on the down south peeps? I myself think that just throwin paint on and having to lift your car to fit big wheels is stupid! but its not just a "down south" thing! EDIT: on another note, looks like the hoe is comming together just fine steve!
  11. Steve, you are spot on man. It doesnt matter what anyone thinks as long as you like your ride! But it is nice to know that bitch is off the chain!!! And there will always be those people that dont like something, and that my friend is why its called an opinion! Good job as always, and keep up the great work that continues to impress people everywhere.
  12. roughly. these subs love power!!!!! if you can keep it in the 2500-3000 rms range it will be fine!
  13. yeah i got some time off for helping a guy deffend his thread against some idiot. myself and the idiot got time off, but there were a total of six people in this issue and atleast one of the other people had made threats and agreed to meet said moron somewhere to throwdown. And he didnt get a boot. mean while i never made any threats but got tossed for 3 days. but its whatever, I just surf arround and avoid that crap if I can now.
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